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    Hello and Good Afternoon, Massive! Some recent events have occurred in my personal life that will be affecting my time on Massive in the near future. Long story short: We got a house, and will be moving within the next few months! I'm very excited for this adventure, but it's going to be a high-stress time period and I will need to keep my focus on that. On top of work and taking classes, there's just... a lot going on. Lol.

    So, for your own personal reference, here's my (very roughly estimated,) schedule for the next few months.

    The Remainder of January:

    Pretty much the same as it is now, aside from this week (The 13th-20th.) Now is high crunch time for house stuff, getting an inspection, etc. I also start my online classes this week. Yay.


    Mostly focusing on work and doing some minor tidying around the apartment, school stuff, etc. Will probably have some time to pop on Massive in the evenings, as usual.

    Our closing is at the end of the month, and the owners have a set amount of time to get their stuff and move out if they haven't by then. This is HIGH KEY crunch time where we really work on packing our stuff up.


    We will probably still rent our apartment one last month, just in case the owners are still there 'round the beginning of the month. Pay our utilities one last time there, and have them switched over to the new place. Internet service WILL be canceled but I'll possibly be able to use my cell data until we get it at the new place. March is going to be a bit of a blur of a month. Not exactly sure what will happen, but hopefully by the end of the month we'll be settled in with wifi.

    I will still be on discord (yay mobile,) from time to time, along with the forums, but my time on the server will almost completely drop after a certain point. Specifically when we ditch our internet provider for the move. Sadly I can't take time off, otherwise I'd just. Get. Everything. Done. At. Once. But I don't have Vacation Days until April (RIP timing) and my personal time is very limited right now.

    Anyhow, if you're looking for me and you can't find me right now-- this is why! I've got some plans coming up for when I return (hopefully fresh before my favorite season cough cough,) and I'll be open to RP on discord and the forums during my free time, (of course if you don't mind me being uber slow.)

    Until then, however, I'll see you all around! :D
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