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    These are all opinions and observations, so take everything I say with a brief grain of salt.

    The further into massive I find myself is the further I find some of the deeper aspects of it to be more suited to some sort of business, which it is really.
    I made my way into noble roleplay expecting soap opera drama and the subtle underhanded back and forth of aristocratic characters. I'd think some at length discussions would happen, maybe some political talk on occasion just to tie in with progressions which some of the houses are attached to, but I thought foremost they'd relish in the actual writing aspect of it. What I was met with was an atmosphere concerned with just continued activity than any sort of quality.
    Don't get me wrong I met many friends and I enjoy many of their character concepts, but the roleplay felt like a stifling small talk simulator at best, and that I wasn't fast enough to keep pace with it all in long descriptions.
    I moved on to playing an undead, and the special permissions was probably the most baffling of all to me. Due to some part of the ecosystem of the server getting special permissions was desired by most anyone just to make character concepts neat in some odd regard, or feel more special, when the actual act of keeping up to pace with it was almost like a second job.
    The entire concept of a special permission was just getting access to some aesthetic or mechanical aspect to add to a character in exchange for you confirming you'll make more activity on the server. Mine demanded little of me and it was likely what I was going to do anyway, but somehow it was more discouraging in that it was some sort of responsibility. I can't think of what people like actual mages or larger permissions would have to keep pace at on a regular basis.
    In less of a story scenario I ought to bring up things like Clandestine raids, where rather than the actual act of combat roleplay for people, which it is mostly jumbled by overlapping emotes and lack of people using things like mutter emote distance to make it easier, it felt like it was for some kind of 'winning' aspect, as if them doing so would make them more likely for something special like perms or bases, when it simply wasn't the biased kind of case.
    Ultimately I wouldn't have changed my going onto the server, I met new faces which many I will still keep in contact with even after the fact. my only true want with all of this in mind is that the player and staff base might consider these things and apply them to each other, and potentially make it more enjoyable for more people.

    Have a Massive Day, from Sanguine.
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