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Discussion in 'Server' started by Conflee, Feb 18, 2023.

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    Make it so that Iron Bars, Fences, and Chains are tagged "climbable".


    A while back a more robust tag system was added to Minecraft's datapacks, letting you change the properties of blocks more easily. One of these tags, is the "climbable" tag.

    This tag makes it so that, as long as the center of the player's hitbox can overlap with the block's hitbox, the block can be climbed like a vine or ladder. This means that blocks like Iron Bars, Fences, and Chains can be made climbable and function.

    These are the blocks that logically make sense to be able to be climbed, their design lends themselves to it. I'm especially interested in their possible use in Regalia to open up more fluid immersive navigation like the /crawl command did.

    I'm unsure if it would really have any impact on balancing in Survival, but my mind tells me probably not, so it should be allowed there too I think.


    There are other tags that are very useful for opening up decorating without block update weirdness, so I'll list them here too
    • big_dripleaf_placeable - Expand to include stones etc for decorating use
    • dead_bush_may_place_on - Expand to include stones etc for decorating use
    • small_dripleaf_placeable - Expand to include stones etc for decorating use
    • crystal_sound_blocks - When hit or walked on, they make the amazing chimey sounds. Idk what blocks to add this to but I WANT PLZ more chimmy chimey sounds.
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    Suggestions these days are usually handled via ticket or in the Idea Discussion category in the Survival Discord if it pertains to that game mode. You may have better luck there.

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