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    • Full Name: Miztli Satie
    • Race / Culture: Half-Maquixtl (Recessive Qadir)
    • Culture: Age: 22 (Young Adult)
    • Gender: Female
    • Pronouns: She/Her
    • Occult: None

    Core Concept: After being left in the alleyways of Regalia following the event of her parents being taken away by the Lothar, Miztli has led a life of minor crime as a teenager. After spending the next three years in and out of jail, Miztli decides that she should do something better with her life.
    Appearance Information: Miztli strides through the streets with her middle chest length auburn hair, which has little to none crimson red highlights, while peering over the crowd with her 5'3" height. The sunlight reflects off her golden brown skin alongside her bluish-brown eyes.

    Languages: Saan and Common
    Strength: 2

    • Building Scale
    • Unarmed Expert
    Constitution: 0
    Wisdom: 5

    • Tech Barrier
    • Tech Armory
    • Tech Antimagi
    • Hook Shot
    Dexterity: 3
    • Cutthroat Evasion Pack
    • Dagger Expert Pack
    • Soft Landing
    Magic: 0

    Faith: 0
    Life Story / Plot Hooks:

    • Miztli is a forgivingish person, though she tends to hold grudges from time to time from being on the streets.
    • Miztli learned everything she knows from various people, mostly her parents which started at the ripe age of 13.
    • Although her mother's philosophy was to hate magic, Miztli has grown to embrace and admire it from her father alongside Tech.
    • While Miztli doesn't pay much attention to religion, she has an interest in the Goddess Amondi after hearing a sermon.
    • Before the age of 14, Miztli often tended to people in return for money, which allowed her to stay afloat for eight more years.
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