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    The Minecraft Builder Showcase section exists for you to post screenshots of video's of your Minecraft builds for feedback or just for fun. As per usual, there are some regulations to keep this section functional and fun for everyone involved, which can be found below. There are other rules to be found in the Rules forum which count for the whole MassiveCraft Forum.

    Comprehensive list of rules as of November 15th 2015
    • If you are going to provide feedback to a build, do so constructively. Just saying "This build sucks" is counted as trolling and will be punished.
    • You may post multiple builds on the same thread.
    • You may post builds from different servers as long as you do not provide any visual or written reference to said server.
    • You may only post your own builds, and if you've collaborated with someone, you need their permission as well.
    • You may not under any circumstance post builds that are not yours or post references to for example Planet Minecraft.
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