Military Recruitment Day

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    Ever wanted to serve your empire? Have the skills needed to change the tide of war? Ever wanted to travel the oceans to find greatness under the command of the realm's best generals and admirals?

    Well look no further, the Generals and Admiral of the Regalian Marshalry Cabinet are looking for skilled men and women to serve under them. On June 3rd, a recruiting event will be held for you to approach all of them and make your case on why you should join their retinues.

    What are we looking for?

    Glad you asked, we are looking for fighters, scouts, generals, captains, admirals, and medics. If you have more skills that you wish to showcase, come and show us, as with a bit of creativity all can serve the cause.

    Unable to make it?
    No problem, please forward a letter to the following Generals and Admirals directly:

    Field Marshal Ino-Femunn @Athelois

    General Nil'hund @Tsar_Maple

    General Falkenreich @ChapterDeath

    Field Marshal Harhold @Jonificus

    General Mac Conall @Farly108

    General Wulfmacht @YoitsKing

    Division Admiral Petrou @festiveCorvid

    Wing Admiral Black @darkarely

    Wing Admiral Avalleia @Follower

    Location: Greygate Prison’s Grand Hall
    Time and Date: June 3, 6 pm CST
    Who can come: Anyone can come ( even criminal if you don’t get caught)
    Why?: Expand your roleplay
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