Midnight Shipment

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    OOC note: It's been quite some time since I've written a lore story. I had a bad case of writer's block and let's face it, 2020 was a flaming garbage barge of a year with everything that happened. I plan to do two more stories after this one in regards to the sudden absence of my character.

    Midnight Shipment

    It was a long day, and Connak was sitting at his desk writing a few notes to a few friends of his. The notes would be short and simple at best. Once he signed the notes, he’d send them off and began to pack things into a beaten up rucksack. Out of the things he’d stuff into it, some of the items would be clothes, a few beaten up journals, a journal that wasn’t as beat up as the other ones he packed up and an old blanket that he had for a very long time.

    “He asked if he could be blunt with me, and he wasn’t as blunt as he could’ve been. But he’s right. I need a break from the city, and I need to go see my family. After the last letter I sent their way, they might not believe me when I say that Regalia is safe. Hell, maybe they wanted me to go to them. Teh, Yansa, you are one for such dramatic actions sometimes.” He would think to himself as he packed everything up.

    He’d take up his rucksack, glanced around in case he was forgetting anything. After confirming that he didn’t, he’d move toward the candle on his desk and blew out the flame that was lit. Step by step, Connak would move toward the door that led into his home. He’d open the door and paused for a moment in which he’d look back at the house he was going to be leaving for a while. He’d draw in a breath and let it out as a sigh before shutting the door behind him. He’d start his walk to the docks and did so at a pedestrian pace.

    On his way to the docks, he’d look around at all the places that he passed on a daily basis and thought about the things that were splitting his mind like a log. The main thing that was bothering him was how much time he has spent away from his family. Much like an animal missing its owner, Connak missed his wife and kids all too much. The constant worry that his family could be in danger was one of many things that caused him to worry so much about them. To Connak, they were his world, and he’d do anything to keep them safe. After beating himself up with worry, he would push all of those thoughts to the back of his mind and focused on the long trip ahead of him. Eventually, at about sunset, he would reach the docks.

    At the docks, the air was filled with the damp, salty sea and the waves clashed against the wall of the docks. A lone Suvial would have a beaten up rucksack hanging off one of his shoulders as he stood on the walk of the docks lit by a faint candle and the faintest of daylight as nightfall slowly encompassed Regalia. He’d be looking out toward the open seas before him. He’d glance back over his rucksack to the Regalian streets he walked just a moment ago. He’d draw a breath from the cold, damp, salty air as he turned back out to the sea.

    “It’s been so long since I’ve taken a vacation. I hope nothing much has changed back home.” Connak would mutter to himself as he turned his gaze down toward the wood that made up the docks.

    As time passed, whatever daylight was present faded and the Suvial sat against a barrel full of gods know what. He’d have one of his many journals open and spent his time waiting for the ship to arrive. Out of the many entries of his life, he’d read one that reminded him of simpler times. Time spent in his beloved home city with his family and old friends. Each page he read, he’d begin to grow more and more homesick which eventually led him to sigh.

    “Back then it was so much easier. Less responsibilities and less problems to worry about.” He’d again mutter as he looked up from his rather beaten up journal.

    The ship he was waiting for began it’s approach into the harbor and eventually docked after careful maneuvers performed by her captain and crew. The crew would begin removing any cargo that was on the deck of the ship. Connak would get onto his feet and picked up his rucksack as he made his way toward the captain who just lit his pipe.

    “Cheers mate, mind if I ask where this ship is going next?” Connak would ask the captain.

    “She’s on her way to Hallonq after we load up some cargo that needs to be delivered. Why do you ask?” The captain would ask in reply.

    “Well, I need a way back home. Figured there’d be a ship heading to the city I wanted to go to.”

    The captain would nod a bit before speaking. “Tell you what, I’ll bring you to Hallonq. All you have to do is not to be as rowdy as my crew after a few tankards of ale." He'd say to the Suvial.

    "You got yourself a deal, capitán. Also, it might be pleasant to hear that I won't partake in the drinking." The Suvial would say with a slight, tired and drained smile.

    "It is. Means that I have one less soul to worry about stumbling overboard. Just to warn you, you'll be bunking with the crew. They do get rowdy below deck and my first hand is sort of a numbskull after a few drinks. Other than that, welcome aboard butch." The captain would say with a welcoming smile.

    Connak would nod to the captain in thanks before boarding the ship. He'd move out of the way as the crew began to load cargo heading to Hallonq. Connak would take a spot by the mast and climbed up a little bit so he had a little perch. He'd grab onto the ropes with one hand and held onto his rucksack with the other. After the last of the cargo was loaded and all the crew was on board. The ship would begin to make its voyage to Hallonq by leaving the docks of Regalia. Connak would look over his shoulder to watch Regalia slowly move further away. Once it was out of sight, he'd look out to the dark midnight that had encompassed the ship.

    "Dellraek, Domri, Grandmother, Yansa. I'm coming home."
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