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    Within this mercenary decree, laws and changes for mercenaries have been changed, removed, and applied.​


    A. All mercenary permits approved prior to 22 May 309 AC will be revoked within 1 month following the edict. All mercenaries who have existed before these current changes are welcome to apply once more. Meetings will commence in the coming weeks to reinstate mercenary licenses. Veteran mercenaries will be allowed to request a higher rank.

    B. The Mercenary Executive’s office recognizes the companies currently present but does not consider them legal due to the revocation of permits pertinent to the current system’s implementation. 1 month from the enactment of this decree will be provided for any mercenary company to obtain at least one Rank II mercenary - whereupon the company will be considered legal.

    Section 1 - Mercenary Rankings

    A. Mercenary Ranks have been deliberated upon ranging from Rank I to Rank IV. Moving up in ranks grants additional rights to the mercenary. A mercenary who rises in rank will retain any previous rights that do not undercut that which they are bestowed.

    Rank I - Novice Adventurer

    • May openly carry any weapon, but only while actively fulfilling an active contract.
    • May undertake any mercenary contracts.
    • While on contract, a mercenary or their contractor may detain the guilty party and subsequently hand them over to the City Guard.

    Rank II - Intermediate Hunter

    • A rank II mercenary may wear up to half-plate without a helmet, but only when fulfilling a contract.
    • May legally form a mercenary party of no more than three members. Each member must be at least a Rank I mercenary.
    • While on contract, a mercenary or their contractor may keep the guilty party on their premises or at the Mercenary Keep for up to 48 hours as long as they have capable detainment rooms for questioning and beating before they must be handed over to the City Guard.
    Rank III - Veteran Mercernary
    • May carry any weapon, and must conceal said weapon within a scabbard or holster - pertinent to Regalian Weapon and Armor Permit law [1]. Usable strictly in self-defense when not fulfilling contracts.
    • May wear armor up to half-plate without a helmet at any time - pertinent to Regalian Weapon and Armor Permit law.
    • May form and lead a legal mercenary company.
    • May take any legal bounty or contract - even that which exceeds one thousand regals in worth.

    Rank IV - Field Captain

    • The right to wear any form of armor, so long as the Rank Badge is present and the mercenary is identifiable.
    • May openly carry arms in public, but must conceal inside buildings.
    • Independent Rank IV mercenaries are allotted a small personal battalion of 500 units at their disposal. (OOC : to partake in progression orders/etc).

    Different ranks are distinguished between their crests and badges which will be issued by the Mercenary Executive.

    Rank I - Crest of a dagger.
    Rank II - Crest of a longsword.
    Rank III - Crest of crossed longswords.
    Rank IV - Crest of longswords crossed over a bow.

    B. To reiterate, the additional rights bestowed are pertinent to pertinent to Regalian Weapon and Armor Permit law [1].

    C. Public records on mercenary rankings can be requested at the Mercenary Keep.

    Section 2 - Mercenary Organisations And Group Rights

    A. Mercenary companies which produce exemplary results will be recognized as an official organization and afforded additional mercenary organization rights by this edict.

    B. Added Organization Rights:

    i. Organized mercenaries will be favored for bounties and contracts of great importance.
    ii. Members of the Mercenary Organization can form Mercenary groups regardless of rank.
    iii. All members of the approved Mercenary Organizations will be given favour in applying for licenses. However, they are required to be publicly listed as non-mercenary members under their charter to be given this favour before application.

    C. Any member acting in their capacity as a mercenary will have their actions treated as the actions of the organisation.

    D. Within Mercenary groups, all individuals can share a status when forming groups to fulfill a contract. No more than three individuals composing a group may share afforded rights.

    i. The Rank of the member leading the group takes priority in afforded rights.
    ii. Additional rights afforded can be no greater than that of a Rank III mercenary.
    iii. The leader of the Mercenary Group’s rank and status are held accountable for any wrongdoings of its members.


    Section 3 - Mercenary Expectations/Miscellaneous

    A. The Mercenary contract procedure and other protocols detailed in the Mercenary Reformation Act 309 AC which have not been expressly rectified remain upheld [1].

    B. The Crown Isle Mercenary Registry [2] is abolished.

    1. Records of each licensed mercenary will be kept alongside rankings mentioned in Section 1 (B).
    C. There is an expectation for all mercenaries to uphold themselves to be effective and well within the behavior.
    • A typical mercenary may easily rise to Rank II, but without proper coordination and effort placed into procedures above the standards of prior charters, they will only ever remain as such - a second-grade mercenary.
    • Those with licenses are expected to work regularly as the license provides, whether that be on ordinary bounties or established contracts. Performing regular mercenary work counts towards an increase in rank, however, they will be graded on qualities mentioned above.
    • Participation within notable events can also boost rankings: succeeding in tournaments / examinations / other activities set out by the Mercenary Executive are all conducive to one’s standing.
    D. An individual of legal aberrancy can apply to become a mercenary. Their abilities are not to be utilized unless provided permission by the office of the Occult Ministry - pertinent to the First Declaration of the Occult Ministry as seen below in the cited category. [3]

    E. The use of aberrant abilities will be inspected with intense scrutiny. The failure of any aberrant mercenary to report any instance wherein their powers are legally used within the operation of a contract will result in immediate termination from the system and a report made to the Occult Ministry.

    F. The powers bestowed to the positions of Mercenary Steward are expanded as follows:

    • The Mercenary steward may submit complaints concerning mercenaries under Rank III to the Mercenary Executive.
    • The Mercenary steward may submit to the Mercenary Executive for temporary suspension of any Rank I mercenary license.
    • The Mercenary steward may communicate with the Violet Order for information concerning criminal records pertinent to the hiring of mercenaries, maintenance of the system, or for bounties to be put in place.
    • All of these actions are subject to the Mercenary’s Executive’s veto.
    [1] Lord Falkenreich’s Mercenary Contract Decree -

    [2] The Crown Isle Mercenary Registry -

    [3] Occult Ministry Decree -

    Regalian law - wiki
    (OOC Tldr : Something for mercenary characters to look forward to, and if they play their cards right, be rewarded for it - just like the noble system. Otherwise, official open contracts will be made soon to provide RP for mercenary and non-mercenary characters alike.

    Fun RP all around.

    Also no more letter RP applications. Ping on discord or shoot an IC letter over the forum PMs to arrange a meeting. I will be frequently stationing Fulgore at the Mercenary Keep for interviews.)
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