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    With the devolving situation in the Empire, the Imperial Court and the Kade family are first to act. The Kade family dedicates a near self-crippling 60% of their income to the state to stop the hemorrhaging, while Marceau Delmotte spends 40,000 Regals from the Royal Bank to prop up financial districts, and another 50,000 Regals as a direct donation to the state to delay the bankruptcy. Marceau Delmotte also clears out his entire personal bank, donating every Regal to the Imperial Court, thus nullifying his own wages. House Delmotte further declares House Ombre criminal in Basta & Irvelle, and states they will be arrested and imprisoned upon entering the region. 3,000 Regals are spent on a Quartertek Pureshot, and another 10,000 Regals are invested in Micelle in an attempt to undo the Ombre damage, but with very little result. Other House Kade members are oblivious to the ongoings of the Empire, spending 7,000 Regals extra in getting a bigger Palace.

    The Heartland District Manager invests 10,000 in the local economy, while also lowering the Church budget by 33%. Another 10,000 Regals are spent on sending out notices for tax increases, but this tax increase has the opposite effect: The East Dragh and Rourke Barons quickly proclaim that the central government is punishing them for winning a war against Harhold, as Harhold is not being taxed, but they are, despite their economic destruction in the area. As a result, both Dragenthal Baronlands reduce their taxes to 15%, while all other regions refuse to pay the tax increase over jealousy of other regions not having to increase their taxes.

    The Royal Financial District Director tries to convince the ill paying states to pay their dues, however the political situation continues to degrade further, resulting in none giving heed to the Harhold requests, eventually just taking satisfaction with a minor economy investment of 10,000 Regals.

    Deredda’s Mercenaries show up in Avalorn while House Avalorn is in the Altalar lands. They engage in some minor trade, but eventually uncover some documents after scouring some archives in old libraries that imply a noble connection with House Deredda in the local lands. When inspected by some scribes however, they conclude the following: Were it any fabrication in other lands, it might have caused some concern, however due to the “unique” (without specifying what unique means) circumstances of the lineage of nobility in Avalorn, a Silven or indeed any ancestor of a Silven could never have been a claimant, since Silvenism is an affliction not possible among the Avalornae Nobility. Even if some lineage existed, the local tradition and culture prohibits clear Void and Exist related entities from being anywhere near a modicum of power in Avalorn’s lands.

    Fristadvlom pays 27,500 Regals to House du Briërust, who pays 25,000 Regals to recruit new troops and send 5,000 of them to du Briërust. House du Briërust also makes a 20,000 Regal investment in the political stability of their realm to success, while Fristadvlom also spends another 2,000 Regals to spend more time training with their Cavalry.

    The Synod makes a mission to Anglia, inquiring why they remain disloyal. The Reverends of Anglia indicate that since the majority of them follow the Anglian Sect, their beliefs contradict the freedom of the Synod to declare bulls without the Supreme Reverend’s approval. Essentially: They are of the opinion that the Synod is a hollow entity as long as they do not have the personal approval of the Supreme Reverend, who still sits in conclave in the Thousand Blades Monastery in Axford.

    The Synod also makes a mission to the Reverends in the Anahera lands, inquiring why they are disloyal. For the Anaheras however, it is simply a case of regional loyalty to the Anahera hand that feeds them, and active resistance against the Vultarin Hegemony, which champions the Vultarin Supremoclasty church, their archnemesis. Another mission is also sent to the Archrevery of the Order, in tandem with a meeting with the Herebrand Order Monastic leadership, where the High Reverend discovers they are identical. In the process of talking, the Herebrand Order leadership indicates that the Reverends are disloyal because the Herebrand region is dominated by extreme conservatives and religious jingoists who think the High Reverend is too young and inexperienced and liberal leaning to support. In the process of their communication however, news is revealed of the Drixaggher lords mobilizing to defend themselves against the Chancellor’s attack. This news is brought forward by the High Reverend who intercepted a letter from the Zastorzy Duke, which is immediately used by the Herebrand Order to launch a preemptive attack against their archnemesis, the Zavorian County.

    House Reinard makes a 10,000 Regal investment in their local economy, and spends another 15,000 in trying to establish genealogical ties with major houses in the region. This fails however, as the majority of the houses targeted are extremely central aristocratic with extensive familial lines that do not match up with Reinard, no matter where they are tried to be meshed with.

    House Black donates 10,000 Regals to the Rourke Barons, who are already wavering fairly given the situation the State put them in. House Black promises another 10,000 Regals next week, and an open call for the Rourke Barons to ask any additional assistance they need. Local Black-Loyalists among the Barons as well as economic cooperatives start pitching the idea of trying to sway the local political compass, however they ask for an exorbitant amount of money: 90,000 Regals. Another 10,000 Regals is spent on improving the political stability of Worthing, to some success.

    House von Drachenburg donates 10,000 Regals to the Synod, as well as buying another 2 Quarter Puretek from the Belliard Guild with Drachenburg Crests. As a result, the Belliard Guild opens up a local chapterhouse in the capital of Drachenburg, from where they start hosting more and more purist movement meetings.

    House Typhonus invests 10,000 Regals in the Highland region economy, which leads to some results, while 25,000 Regals are also spent on dragging another 5,000 troops into the army. Finally, 10,000 Regals are invested to investigate potential rumors in Calemberg. The rumor that appears is that House Typhonus might be able to cause a large political support increase if they pay 20,000 Regals to build a large palace in Lutherstadt, though this is posed as a potentially risky investment.

    House Avalorn opens up a massive and very pricey (50,000 Regals costing) dialogue with the Altalar Princes. The whole parade is hugely successful with skilled diplomats and a well thought out process to convince the Princes to speak, but ultimately falls flat. While the Princes have re-opened a dialogue box with the Empire, the Prince of Precaëlle in particular indicates that he is not so stupid to make deals with a government that might fall next week, and thus stalls the negotiations until there is a stable government in the Empire and he has some guarantees that whatever deal is struck, won’t be renegged on by a new Chancellor.

    House Viduggla orders the construction of a huge Old Gods / Oldt Fayth compatible religious complex costing an exorbitant 100,000 Regals. A huge set of structures, temples, holy grounds and a religious city-within-a-city is built near the capital of Northland, a building with such splendor it immediately wipes out the Atheist movement in all of Drixagh due to the large religious expression of providence and splendor, far outclassing the Imperial Cathedrals in Calemberg and Regalia even. Viduggla also sends Kaya Viduggla with a total of 25,000 Regals down to the Groswald Commune to work with the local Noble. Sure enough, the Noble takes the money, overthrows the Commune, and declares his loyalty to House Viduggla instead of House Typhonus who worked against him. Another 3,000 Regals are also spent on trying to improve relations with House Kerwolf, but Kerwolf is disinterested in listening, as Harhold had been proven to betray an ally before, and if even allies were not safe, no one is.

    The Chancellor’s orders however cause the largest controversial moves. The Chancellor’s first move is to deny Atolia their slavery rights, and to give House Lampero a Carte-Blanche to invade Atolia. In fact, the Chancellor specifically gives Lampero the explicit right to invade any non-tax-paying state without any repercussions or State involvement. Naturally, House Lampero immediately mobilizes a massive army and pushes it across the border with the Anahera Cabal, declaring war on the Anahera State. The Anahera State in return declares the Regalian Government rogue and a cannibal of its own suzerain states, while also denouncing the state as traitors to agreements. As a result, all of Girobalda and Bragacao rebel against the Regalian Empire, declaring libertatem-quin-caesar (the term used to declare rebellion against the civilian government, not the Emperor). The Anahera shipyards start mass producing navy equipment again, and the ships that were never re-taken after the Anaheras confiscated them during the last struggle with Catherine Tyrannian are launched and attack Regalian cargo. In Daenshore, the Anahera agitators announce a complete embargo of all State services and particularly pro-state goods, causing all trade of all nations to suffer who still pay taxes to the Government.

    Atolia in return, having been told they will effectively be next, declares open rebellion also, which is quickly joined by Ragulia, Akedon, Etno and Morvinia, all states who fear the iron fist of Lampero and quickly scramble their armies together to try and prevent a Lampero invasion. Rakkai and Theos remain loyal for now, if only because they are too small and poor to risk mobilizing, albeit not scared enough to pay their taxes. In the middle, the priests of Mount Athos continue to pray, not bothered by the worldly issues around them. The combination of the Chancellor declaring a carte-blanche for Vultaro to declare war on non-tax-payers, along with the Herebrand invasion of Zavoria convinces the entire Drixagh region that the State is out to annihilate them once and for all. All Drixagh states save for Groswald, Upplanda and Northland declare open rebellion against both the Empire and the Emperor, and call upon House Viduggla to join them in creating a greater Drixagh that is free of the Empire’s punitive peace settlements after the Skagger Wars.

    The Chancellor further recognizes King Florent’s rule over Ithania, declaring the Sovereigns claims null and void, in exchange for a request of 20,000 Regals weekly. The Ithanian Sovereign, while not compelled, still acquiesces, and has a second formal coronation done in Bijoux-Plus-Vert, the capital of Ithania with government representatives present to verify. Immediately after his coronation, the King Florent executes the previous Sovereign of Ithania on some false trumped up charges of planning a rebellion against him, though political spectators comment that this is quite natural during usurpation processes where the previous ruler has lost their bargaining value. As a result, the Ithanian city states in Regalia denounce the Chancellor, proclaiming her guilty of the blood of their Sovereign, and cancel their support for the state, all the way from Rivellia to Micelle.

    The Chancellor approaches multiple banks in the Empire, but travelling for her becomes increasingly difficult by the degrading political support and outright hostility to her tenure. By far her most disastrous political act is to declare Mateo Silva, Mathias Terro and Edward Carwell menaces of the Empire, and giving a Pagan judiciary the right to judge them in a foreign land. This has a number of results. Firstly, in the Veer, the Veer Barons start causing a lot of unrest with the other minor Anglian states, exclaiming that the Government has gone too far raising the life of a worthless group of pagan aliens over that of righteous Unionist warriors who do their duty to state and law. The three Mercenaries in question are declared local martyrs of government corruption and two-faced-ness by the Barons, in defiance of the Empire's declaration of their menace status Furthermore, protests and walk-outs occur all across the Judiciary in the Empire. High ranking Judicial members proclaim that the Mercenaries were legally papered by the Official Regalian register, and that they were legalized under the Chancellor’s own laws. They furthermore proclaim that they were acting within the framework of mercenary duty to expel foreign entities, acted in self defense of Pagan attacks, and were indirectly even hired by the Synod, who gave the Farland Archrevery the money and support to hire these mercenaries. They declare the Chancellor as undermining the conservatives, the Unionist zealots, the Synod, the Judiciary, and the laws put in place by herself. House Howlester does not overtly state anything, but there is a clear distancing from the government by this sovereign house. Finally, what the Judiciary said sounded true: To raise the right and value of Pagans over that of good Unionists, and in doing so undermining one’s own laws falls extremely poorly with the conservative lobbies. The Genevaud Cantons, Bluchner and Chetznitz Counties, as well as the regions of Regens and Alexanderburgh declare their malcontent with the state by pulling back their finances, signalling that the government has lost the support of the conservatives.

    With all said and done, the only nations that remain loyal in the south are the now fanatically warring Vultarins who increase their taxes voluntarily by 10% and are greedily acting as the watchdog of the Empire’s tax coffers by invading the nations around them, along with Lorhauser, Brissiaud and Basta and Vixhall. In the Heartlands, only Barlowe, Narlas, Worthing, Drachenwald, Treppewitz and Calderliga remain. In the High lands, only Duerrstein and Calemberg remain, shrinking the conservative lobby. In the Royal Lands, only Kade and Howlester and Harhold remain, with all other nations having declared malcontent. In the North, only Northland and Upplanda remain, while Groswald has a questionable status. 30% of the Archipelago’s population is now in open revolt against the Empire while another 20% refuses to acknowledge the government, and armies are starting to move in all directions while even neutral nations are mobilizing their troops to secure their own interests.


    Despite the rebellions however, the State Deficit went down by nearly half, but Kade panick spending is not sustainable and the Imperial Coffers are not endless either.​
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    The Carwell offered a Sigg to his two compatriots as he stood dumbstruck within a thick crowd of riled up Unionists.

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    The Altalar man couldn't help but let out a low, genuine laugh as he turned to face the Carwell, accepting the sigg "We never even had to do anything and we won. Regalian politics is too damn easy..."
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    Somewhere out at sea, off of the coast of Farah’deen, news reached a vessel bearing the flags of Narlas. One stunned sentence, muttered in reply, said it all: “Well then...”.
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    A tall Leutz scanned the information, going to toss the parchment to the side with a minor sigh. Clearing his throat turning to his husband "Kind of glad I'm out of that noble mess now."
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    Bert Improved.png


    ~~~~~~~~~Music ~~~~~~~~

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    A carriage halted in the Ithanian district, allowing several members of the district to step out and find the warmth and comfort of their homes. The night had been fun for the group, the opera was amazing, a display of pure grace.

    However something wasn't right. Several residents were already standing in front of their houses, speaking together, the lavish music which normally echoed through the district deep into the night had been silenced.

    It didn't take long for the news to spread to the few that had just arrived, some didn't seem to bother that much, they left Ithania after all, they made their lives here, others agreed to the measures taken, in support of d'Gosselin and again others stood baffled, silenced and crippled.

    The last group formed together, all be in in silence. The cold air of the night didn't bother them at all, they were numb. Slowly the numbers of the last group dwindled, only leaving Sophia, standing there in the cold, with a thin fur pelt covering the top half of her body.

    ''Spirit Protect Her.''

    Bert Improved.png

    ((To the tune of: Don't cry for me Argentina. Chorus, Last Stanza, Chorus))

    Don't cry for her Ithania,
    The truth is she'll never leave us,
    All through our hard days,
    Our long existence,
    She's with you, I promise,
    Don't create a distance.

    She has done enough,
    There is nothing more, we expected from you,
    Yet all one has to do, Is remember her to know,
    Her Sovereign Power is True.

    Don't cry for her Ithania,
    We'll rebuild with the help of her glory,
    Unite the masses,
    And raise our banners,
    Lets keep our promise,
    Defend her wishes.

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