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    Attention all survivalists! We have a change regarding McMMO that is pertinent to all players, but especially our survival and PvP players!

    We have decreased the successful McMMO repair rate from 100% at 1000 repair level, to 99.5%. This means that your item has a 0.5% rate of disenchanting (losing enchantments upon repair).

    The Game Department wants to ensure that god items and valuables eventually leave the economy and prevent over-saturation of these high level items, which was a rampant issue on the legacy MassiveCraft survival server.

    We hope these changes will prove to be helpful additions in improving the economy of the server. We welcome your feedback to these and any additional suggestions - leave them below!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Sephite, May 12, 2019.

    1. Lyee
      I love it.
    2. 65jes89
    3. DrewRat24
    4. MyCatBubbles
      this'll make for awkward moments when you pay someone to fix ur crap only for it to be destroyed infront of you
    5. Imagiinary
      It should be 1% destroy rate if u want the economy to be better in my opinion. But, this change should positively affect the economy, even if peoples items get destroyed.
    6. Sephite
      Please note that this happens anytime you hit the McMMO anvil (iron block) with the item. Therefore the chance to disenchant your item when completely repairing it, is at about 3% to 4% (0.995 ^ 8 - assuming the average times you need to hit the anvil to completely repair an item is 8 times).
    7. ZiHAMMER
      And back to retarded.
    8. Zacatero
      This is why you pay after
    9. indyfan98
      Wait, what about regular Minecraft anvil? Couldn't people just use those?
    10. Zacatero
      Yeah but you don't keep enchants iirc
    11. Winterless
      Yea but they suck
    12. Chappers65
    13. VonZane
      Can almost guarantee I'll be getting that .5% chance of unsuccessful repair every time lmao
    14. FireFan96
      I'm mixed on this. I agree that god armor needs a way to leave the server and ultimately it's for the better, but it does feel disheartening when you spent 4 weeks grinding repair for 100% only for you to have a notable percentage of failure. A minor complaint, but I had to say my peace even if it has little bearing on survival decisions.
    15. Emkaloua
    16. 65jes89
      i like you
    17. Oblivaify
      Grinding repair to 1k does not take that long. It took 20 hours of grinding to go from 0 to 1000, while @Dragonn_ did it in much less time.
    18. 65jes89
      yea, it's mostly afk too. literally just watch 2 seasons of the office and you have 1k repair lol
    19. FireFan96
      When the server was new, money was scarce, resources scarcer, chainmail wasn't known about, and other things to invest time in, it took 4 weeks for me. Nowadays it's easier since factions have established themselves and the resources are cheaper, and everyone knows the most efficient way. Either way, not every player had the same experience in terms of repair and likewise have a different opinion on the change. I mentioned my opinion had little bearing on survival decisions, but I wanted to say it anyways.
    20. SirePyro
      This seems like a terrible idea IMO. While oversaturation is certainly an issue that should be prevented, it should not be used to justify whatever methods staff want. Staff could say "We're going to destroy 10 god tools/weps/armor pieces in chests or on players around the server at random intervals", and it would also work to solve oversaturation, but I doubt anyone would call it reasonable. This is a similar issue. This doesn't hurt god gear(not much, anyways), it hurts *master* gear. God gear costs xp and diamonds, and not even diamonds when you just lose the enchants and re-enchant. Master gear, however, cannot be repaired in an anvil without losing it's special title, and now has a chance of being ruined forever when using the only alternative. "Oversaturation" is thrown around a lot. too much IMO. Like "Balance", or "Fair". People might argue that a .5 drop isn't that bad, to which I say 1)as Sephite pointed out earlier in the thread, it's closer to 4%, and 2) the problem isn't the number difference, it's that it's no longer a guaranteed safety. This, to me, just means that I can no longer use master gear and I'm going to need to shelve it if I want to keep it. Hard disagree on this, it should be reverted ASAP
    21. 65jes89
      Master gear never should have existed in the first place, it was only created in the first place due to staff members who had a poor understanding of PvP and the economy. It's absurd to balance the entire economy around a singular type of gear which is no longer obtainable anyways.
    22. RockBottom
      People who previously didn’t do anything involving enchanting will not be forced to enchant or spend a lot of money enchanting. Things like excavation, fishing feel irrelevant rn. Darkrooming also seems less effective because what profit will you be making if you have to buy a brand new set of gear every few hours?

      I wanted to grind mcmmo, but now I’m scared to even use tools because I don’t want to lose money doing something that won’t really give me money back and is just fun to grind.

      Guess that’s the name of the game tho. Can’t be sitting on my biscuit never willing to risk it.
    23. SirePyro
      Except Master gear is not and never was special beyond being a lore item, and it being unobtainable makes it even more valuable(at least to a lore collector like me). Sure, people could do 4Alls and that was a little silly, but as you're all quick to point out, you can bang out a new set of god gear every couple hours of DRing. This will not change that. It will only hurt people who want to use armor with a special yellow tag and an antique feel. This isn't a balancing issue, this will not touch the oversaturation on any real level, it will only hurt armor that cannot be replaced(ie Master armor). Regular maximum enchanted armor can be replaced relatively easy. This will have very little impact on that IMO.
    24. 65jes89
      Master armor has impossible to get enchant combinations with protection + projectile prot, which has been a big part of why archery is hard to balance. And nobody is going to balance the game around your ability to feel “special” because you wear yellow lore.

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