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    McMMO Fishing Overhaul

    McMMO fishing is one of the skills that has been left out from being updated up until this point in time. While other skills have had balance updates, fishing has been left in the dark so to speak with no updates with it up until this point. I introduce to you the fishing overhaul update to McMMO Fishing.

    Special thanks to Volkovv for the item ideas, SenpaiCookie for the Lobster item idea.

    Just to make something perfectly clear. This isn't the end of the fishing update. There will be more to come later on. For example, We will be implementing more items into the drop tables, as well as implementing a way of fishing up mobs from the water (traps). ~Jayce_p’s Idea.

    Here is a change log below on what has been changed inside the Fishing of Massivecraft.

    • Magic Treasure has been enabled - Allows you to fish up items with enchants on them.
    • The loot table has been changed for fishing entirely.
    • Soggy Chestplate has been fixed, so now it will be able to be fished up.
    • Fishing up items rates have been changed. (This is an ongoing change)
    • Each fishing rarity now has a lore item colour behind it. (Common - white, uncommon - light blue, rare - green, epic - yellow, legendary (not used as of right now), record - CD’s, Trap (Currently not available)).
    • XP has been changed for each item. Depending on the rarity of what you fish up depends on what XP you get for that item.
    • Custom fish was all white fish. After some discussion, I’ve decided to make some of the fish light blue, white and green variants. There are also some fish which are yellow as well.
    We had 2 different layouts in which we could use. The first layout which I did actually do was to put all these items into 2 different rarities (Epic & Rare). The other layout was to actually put in the different rarities as shown above in the table and lay out all the lore items into their own categories. I went with the second layout as fishing were to expand in the future, then it would be more better overall to change the fish up chances, than doing it for the other layout.

    Onto the lore items being fished up. There is a large variety of items in which you can fish up from your local water source. Down below is some of the items which you can fish up using McMMO Fishing.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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