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    Our Staff Team is very excited to announce to you the release of MassiveVillagers! This plugin brings both Villagers, Pillagers, and Pillager Raids to our server!

    Villagers can be traded with, with some trades requiring regals. In addition, bands of Pillagers can be found wandering the wilderness, who, if they find your faction, will kill your villagers. So be careful where your villagers wander! Remember to name your villagers with a nametag to prevent them from despawning! We will not refund any unnamed Villagers.

    Brand New Features:

    • Find Villagers wandering the wilderness and bring them to your faction!

    • Convert Zombie Villagers back to normal villagers. They will be eternally grateful!

    • Breed Villagers by making a village for them!

    • Villagers will take on jobs based on available workstations!

    • Trade with Villagers for vanilla minecraft materials and regals!

    • Fight dangerous Pillagers patrolling the wilderness!

    MassiveVillagers is planned to debut this weekend, July 10-11! Our System Admin, CS_Birb, is busy with real-life agendas, so while he plans to activate MassiveVillagers this weekend, conflicts may arise and delay the date. Be sure to be on the lookout for everyone’s favorite big-nosed cavemen over the next few days to start up a village and get to trading!

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