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    For a long time, traits have had several issues. Balancing and lack of diversity have been the main complaints. The following are five important changes that will be made live on the 11th of August’s automatic restart:

    1st. Change for activation changes for strikes and revenges.

    • Strikes and Revenge traits’ melee activation chances have changed to 10% and archery chances have changed to 20%.

    • To compensate for this, all Strikes and Revenges’ effects have been lowered by half i.e.: Healstrike heals 1 heart instead of 2 and Slowstrike results in 5 seconds of slow instead of 10.

    • The change in activation chance should lower the luck factor in PvP, as all traits are more consistent.

    • Archery was nerfed due to the sheer amount of damage it deals, even without traits.

    2nd. Re-enabling old traits.

    • HealSunlight, HealLava, HealMeditation, HealAlways (but at +100 instead of +40), HealLight, HealVegetation, HealWater, HealDarkness, FeedLava, FeedSunlight, FeedVegetation, FeedWater, FeedStrike and FeedRevenge (but at +50 instead of +30), FeedLight, FeedMeditation, FeedDarkness, WaterDrinker and StoneEater are all re-enabled and combat enabled.

    3rd. Combat-enabling current traits.

    • Speed, Speed2, Jump, Jump2 and Haste2 have been combat enabled. This change is mostly for quality of life improvements, builders can more easily escape raiders with this.

    4th. Traits cost changes.

    • PoisonImmune, WitherImmune, FireImmune, StealImmune have all been changed to +20 to stay in line with HarmImmune and ArmorpenImmune.

    5th. The disabling of current traits.

    • AxeResistant and SwordResistant have been disabled as these were a must take in PvP. Disabling these will provide more variety in PvP trait builds. To compensate for this, Swords and Axes damage has been lowered by 15%.

    All these changes are highly configurable and we hope to hear your feedback over the coming days! Enjoy the rest of the weekend Massivecrafters!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Anarchizm, Aug 10, 2019.

    1. ZiHAMMER
      141iqImmune when
    2. Zacatero
      It's possible it was just forgotten, but is feedalways also on the list?
    3. Doraiaky
      FeedAlways has not been re-enabled.
    4. Violettee
      Still nothing on fireball :(
    5. Zacatero
    6. Doraiaky
      What's up with Fireball?
      Also, these changes were simply config changes, no extensive tech-work was required.
    7. Huinkoch
      Remember that fireball can proc strikes.
    8. Violettee
      They travel slow, they have a cool down, and they cost 100 points to run.
      Was hoping they'd be a bit cheaper at least.

      I know but still, 100points for that, plus any strikes. Easier to just hit with a sword and pack more in traits for that amount.
    9. Zacatero
      Are they still limited to premium?
    10. Violettee
      .....? Since when???
    11. RejectedNerd74
    12. Zacatero
      Fireball used to be limited to premium like forever ago. Idk if it's still that way
      *insert happy reaction by MDJ*

      Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2019
    14. Doraiaky
      The FireImmune change and proc chances are a buff to fireball. If it is a weak trait still, we can easily edit it, let's get these changes trialed first though.

      We are taking it slow by only adding HealAlways. Perhaps in the future it will be re-enabled.
    15. Violettee
      What? like in 2013? I've been using fireball ona nd off for years and never had to be concerned about premium. It's 100% not a premium feature.
    16. Zacatero
      LOL I never noticed it became open.
    17. Huinkoch
      This stuff
      is how you know this dude doesn't play the game xd xd xd xd
    18. Zacatero
      I play the game LOL just not used fireball LOL
    19. Violettee
      It was probably never a premium feature even in 2013, and if it was, it doesn't belong in this conversation. You're bringing up stuff you obviously know nothing about. A quick /t a fireball would have answered your question. I see you argue about pvp changes and mechanics but your words hold no weight because you're quite obviously out of touch with most things you pipe up about.
    20. Knyxo
      It was a premium feature at one point, along with a few others like healthboost2 if I recall. Regardless, it hasn't been for the past 3 years at least, ever since Massive went EULA compliant. Can't have game changing features like that behind a pay wall. This isn't exactly a recent change by any means.
    21. Violettee
      Thank you
    22. hardname12
      Thought they would fuck it up but it doesn't sound too bad. Obviously it'll probably be pretty unbalanced at first but that's expected since its something new. Definitley like it though.
      My name is Givemedome and I approve this message.
    23. JDgoldvox
      What about adding invisiblealways?
    24. Zacatero
      So the ones that were added were already programmed in to the plugin. They had existed before but was just turned off. This required zero techstaff work. So any new traits would take more work and most likely wouldn't happen for a while
    25. grizenator
      He was making a joke...
    26. Shaneski101
      don't let this distract you from wannag losing a best 2 out 3 against yoloorange
    27. Doraiaky
      Actually that has been seriously suggested.

      But yes, no new traits, just enabling some that were disabled for a while.
    28. Pulledover
      I like this, im sure I can work out a nice trait build to test.

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