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    That’s right folks. The fable is here. The myth is real! The legend has come to life! MassiveMagic is soon making its debut on Massive and I am more than happy to announce its existence after years of rumors and whispers. With MassiveMagic will come many new features and things to do, building on everything we already have. After over a year of work and months of testing, with pleasure I bring you a glance at,


    A plugin loaded with content and thousands upon thousands of magic combinations, MassiveMagic is almost a game entirely of its own. With over three hundred spell components and almost no limit to how you can combine them, experimenting is a paramount pillar when trying to teach it to yourself. As the name would lead you to believe, this plugin isn’t just magic. With it will come a brand new crafting system, completely separate from the pre-existing vanilla one. With it you will be able to create custom wands, weapons, and items all with their own lore and function, unobtainable through any other means. This will add a giant new pool of lore items to collect, craft, and use! This is just the tip of the iceberg though, MassiveMagic has plenty more to bring to the table but this is all we will be sharing for now.

    To get a little bit more insight into the plugin, I interviewed Ulumulu1510, the mastermind and creator behind MassiveMagic. After hundreds of hours of work slaving over a hot computer, here he talks about the finer details and intimacies of working with and creating the plugin we’ve so long waited for. Here he explains how he became a wizard.

    How did you get started on MassiveMagic?
    I saw a document with a draft of a magic system for MassiveCraft. I refined the idea, talked to Cayorion and started working on it. The start was a lot of experimenting and getting the core parts working. More and more MassiveMagic began to take shape and become what it is today.

    How long have you been working on it?
    I started way back in December 2015 and I managed to work on it on and off after my job and next to other MassiveCraft projects. I had to stop temporarily, January to March 2016 to focus on MassiveLock and exams. But now I have been actively developing on it again. :)

    It was and still is an act of balance between other, necessary work for MassiveCraft and MassiveMagic.

    How many hours have you put into MassiveMagic?

    I have lost count. A good estimation might be 400 - 500 hours of work. 45 hours only in the month of January, where I was only mildly active since I had exams again. I hope to gather more data with Cayorion’s new tool for estimating work hours in the tech department and will share the numbers when we release.

    What was the hardest part about creating it?

    The hardest to figure out was the transitioning system, a spell going to the next Word and creating a seamless experience.
    The hardest to code was the very recent additions of “magical” recipes.

    There are so many components and modules in this plugin that I surely would have more than these two to talk about though. Maybe we can talk about them more in the future.

    Do you have favorite spells?

    I have actually a name for it^^. It’s called Prometheus (Greek mythology, bringer of fire). It shoots a fireball, ignites the place it lands, splits up into more projectiles flying up and igniting more land later.

    I really liked that once I showed this spell to my staff friends, they took parts of it, replaced some functionality and make their own version of the spell. I can’t say too much, but one involved loads and loads of exploding chickens.

    What do you hope players do with Magic?

    Most certainly have fun! I have had the joy of presenting it to staff and many of them had a blast testing it.
    It will hopefully bring you all the same joy as it brought Cayorion and the team.

    Besides that - I hope you really dive into all the different aspects of what MassiveMagic has to offer.

    Do you foresee Magic changing PvP?
    Very likely, magic has of course ways to use it in PvP. I think that a well trained magician can change siege situations upside down and make a raid more interesting.

    All sort of magical classes we know from other MMORPGs can be achieved by learning and using the right type of magic. Pvp will certainly gain a whole new aspect to explore.

    As you can see there’s depth farther than we can see in MassiveMagic. Other the next month or two we will be giving further insight into MassiveMagic and what it will be bringing. Expect hours and hours of endless fun on this MassiveCraft exclusive plugin. In the comments feel free to ask questions pointed @ulumulu1510. Keep in mind he may not be able to answer everything. We gotta keep some things under wraps to surprise you all with! For those of you who want something a bit more cryptic and want to see the work being done, check this out. This worklog is detailing much of the work done on MassiveMagic. Thanks for reading, I hope you guys are as excited as me!

    Have a Massively Magic day!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Kaezir, Feb 3, 2017.

    1. Alj23
      Are there any spells that a player can use and directly target another player? Example: targeted healing spells? Aura spells?

      Are there any flight/levitation spells?

    2. Samfari
    3. OliverOnly
    4. CinnamonPlease
    5. Zacatero
      Thanks @ulumulu1510

      this plugin looks amazing! i cant wait to try it when it comes our way!
    6. soapboxstage
    7. soapboxstage
      when Is it coming out?
    8. soapboxstage
      will the magics be based off of massivecraft lore and will antimagic exist? @ulumulu1510
    9. YouDontKnowJack
    10. Shibani
      these can be used in rp too right? but without destruction.
    11. ulumulu1510
      Direct target not confirmed yet.

      Aura spells are possible to create. Controlled flight is a no and levitation is a maybe.

      No, not lore compliant. You can create spells that feel similar to some magic you can find in lore though.
    12. PosidonX7
      Do we have a timeline for when MassiveMagic will be released? @ulumulu1510
    13. ulumulu1510
      There are loads of spell components who do not involve destruction.
    14. Beetletoes
    15. Shibani
      SAME but idk if we can use it yet..
    16. BeetrootSalad
    17. Gabauchi
      @ulumulu1510 to what degree can spells interact with the environment? is it possible to use it to power ships/build castles?
    18. kudzzy
      My computer is currently out of commission so I probably won't be on till march.It's like half life three coming out only to find out your laptop got stolen...
    19. midsummerkid
    20. 65jes89
      Any chance the pvp community will be able to look at it and give suggestions to balancing it before release?
      Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
    21. kudzzy
      Keep yer rp pvp divide outta this.We've AALLLL wanted this and I don't need you spoiling this glorious moment with a flame war
    22. FireFan96
      how is this related to RP at all? It's not related to the lore, just a fancy new gizmo to play with.

      Though @jes_ I don't event know if a sneak peak would change anything since there's a lot of spells and such. Might be best to try it when it comes out and see how it behaves.
    23. Ninja124r
      A spell where your put in a 2 blocks of ice and be invincible for like 1 or 2 seconds for a cryomancer :o ex de #Let'sRuinPvp
    24. sadgalli
    25. Alj23
      As evidenced by this quote:
      It'll probably end up like MassiveTraits did. Due to a large amount of combinations, the super overpowered combos won't be realized until someone stumbles upon them and it spreads around prompting a change.
    26. SouthernComfort_
    27. KrakenLord01
      Would players be able to use this in RP?
    28. Celeras
      How will spells be cast? Through commands or are they bound to items or something else?
      Also are there schools of magic? (like fire, ice, void, holy, etc)

      This is a good question. Being able to incorporate magic into builds would be awesome.
    29. Kaezir
      Imma pull this one from Ulu. He can go more in depth if he feels like. We probably won't have beta testing for players. But Gethelp, along from me, and a few others will work on balancing at the end stretch once we get the bulk of testing done. We will then probably rely on input from the PvPers and try and make changes accordingly.
    30. Ninja124r
      Will this be a Premium feature? and how game changing will this be for ex spawning in blocks for a second or 2 for a spell?
    31. soapboxstage
    32. 65jes89
      With all due respect, I feel this is a mistake. The same type of thing happened with MassiveTraits and AAC, two of the biggest failures in Massive's history, in the eyes of the PvP community. Make us sign waivers or whatever about not giving out information about the plugin, but I really feel there should be at least a little bit of input by the more prominent members of the PvP community on the plugin before it's released, at the very least.
    33. 65jes89
      That has nothing to do with anything, so kindly keep your false assumptions away. Thanks.
    34. Ninja124r
    35. midsummerkid
      Is there anything close to Evergrowth in there? Or any kind of nature spells? @ulumulu1510
    36. soapboxstage
      ANTI-MAGIC? @ulumulu1510
      Also, I feel like this is going to increase the flow of horribly incompliant roleplayers into regalia. People see "vampire plugin" and "roleplay server" and just think, "O, i'll go become a vampire without reading any lore whatsoever and just jump right in there making all incorrect assumptions possible" I would be ok with this if the vampire plugin was compliant, but most people think that the vampire plugin just gives you a vampire character. I think the exact same thing will happen with massivemagic and we will have a regalia flooded with "vampire tigrans with gliders on their backs wearing tuxedos" @Kaezir
    37. soapboxstage
      I really feel like this will be a BIG issue with the plugin
    38. 65jes89
      So basically you want all the survival plugins to be lore compliant so you don't have to deal with the occasional new player who needs things explained to them.
    39. soapboxstage
      not precisely, there are other ways. Maybe just encouraging rpers to read the vampirism and magic pages before jumping into roleplay.

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