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    Endermen, end stone, and floating islands over the great abyss?
    There can only be one thing we’re talking about.

    The End is going to be coming to MassiveCraft, but not in the typical Vanilla Minecraft style you may first imagine when we mention anything about The End. For instance, there will not be any End Cities or Shulker Boxes and the End Dragon will be left away from the world.

    However, despite those choices already being predetermined, there are several things that have not been decided by us, and ultimately, are up for you to vote on! We would love to hear your feedback on what characteristics The End should and shouldn’t have.

    Take this poll to let us know your thoughts!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by pixYcandi, Jul 21, 2019.

    1. Ndfeb
      doraiaky end when
    3. Doraiaky
    4. Jalapeno690
      Wtf no dragon???? The dragon and it’s killing is fun game play
    5. Zacatero
      So when will Shulker boxes be released? They've been around as a minecraft element since 1.11 (2016)
    6. Dragonn_
      im right here??? wtf??
    7. Huinkoch
      hopefully never
    8. Zacatero
      Lol why not
    9. 4tv
      Prepare for death.
    10. 4tv
      Mega dislike.
    11. ZiHAMMER
      You ain't to dislike anything here.
    12. Jalapeno690
    13. Doraiaky
      Most certainly never.
      They are game breaking in lots of aspects. Two examples would be: Carrying a /bp full of shulker boxes for infinte backpack storage; Players placing a lot of them in the same area to cause lag.
    14. aprader1
      Shulker boxes can’t be placed inside eachother. That code can be ripped and used for backpack or backpack can be re ID as a shulker box. Either would work and be pretty easy. As far as lag Iv never heard of them cause lag anymore than chests do.
    15. Doraiaky
      Shulker boxes are entities and do in fact cause lag.
      Even if you can't put shulker boxes in the backpack, you can fill your inventory with them and just carry an imense amount of items around.

      It's not going to happen, guys.
    16. Jalapeno690
      Only on the oldest faction server in minecraft, 2 massive 2 craft
    17. Beetletoes
      dragons should spawn like normal mobs and also there should be massivemob versions of dragons
    18. Zacatero
      Quite honestly, I would like them more as how they look and less about their function. Could it be possible to program shulker boxes to perhaps act like regular chests? No actual shulker box abilities. That way it's just essentially a cooler looking regular chest?
    19. Doraiaky
      That requires tech.
      Anything that requires tech right now besides what we're already working on is a big no.
    20. aprader1
      Ya uh so are chests. And furnaces. And hoppers. All are entities. And the entire point of shulker boxes is to carry items. So what if you can carry a ton of items. You don’t have an argument here.
    21. 65jes89
      Abusable in pvp, discourages storages and interaction with factions since you can just carry around all your items.
    22. Doraiaky
      I mean I literally gave you examples and reasons.

      They cause lag in high quantities.
      We're not going to allow players to carry enormous amounts of items around. Jes was kind enough to explain to you why this would be an issue.

      I'm sure I could come up with other reasons if I thought about it harder, those are simply examples.

      It has been decided for a very long time that shulkers will never happen. You can accept the reasoning or choose to debate it, but you will not change the team's decision on the matter.
    23. Huinkoch
      good idea but that's not how that works

      but idk why we're arguing over this on a annoucement for the End, if you wanna push for shulker boxes, feel free to ask a blue for access to the facs disc xd xd
    24. uwugalli
      Perhaps Shulker boxes could be implemented by limiting the allowable number per player to one, but I think that would then defeat the purpose of the backpack, perhaps a backpack upgrade to a double chest could be implemented for around 1,ooo regals, but then that would defeat the purpose of premium. However I would like to see shulker boxes implemented in survival due to their appearances in the Massive pack, but I don't know if it would be worth it considering lag, or how tech heavy any of this is.

      @Jalapeno690 We cannot have an Ender Dragon fight here because that will make Dragonn sad and I do not want Pico to scratch out Saelathil's eyes.
    25. Jalapeno690
    26. CnocBride
      That has been discussed in the past but for the forseeable future, shulker boxes will not be coming to MassiveCraft. I think players can get by with their BP and static storage rooms well enough. Like, shulker boxes are discretionary item that we don't need. There's not much loss in not having them.
      Never, shulkerboxes ruin pvp
    28. Jalapeno690
      Easily duped also

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