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    MassiveCraft Staff is recruiting!

    Massivecraft is proud to be the home of many staff members who volunteer everyday to make the server a better place! Whether it be from moderating chats, building a fancy new castle, or even making sure that our name is out there and heard, Massivecraft offers opportunities for individuals to be able to get involved with the community!

    This post is showing that Game staff, Tech staff, and World staff are ALL recruiting!

    What does this mean for you? A chance to become staff of course! Before signing up though be sure to ask yourself a few questions:
    • Am I 16 years or older?
    • Do I have a relatively clean history on the server?
    • Am I willing to work as a team with other staff members?
    If your answers to these questions are all ‘yes’ then sign up today! But first, let’s get into what each recruiting department deals with and does for the server!

    Game staff are your everyday moderators. They’re the people who check to see whether or not players old and new are hacking, behaving nicely in the correct channels, and are using the forums for their intended purpose.
    Game staff also include some of our most active Factions and Survival players and all new ideas for these areas of the server are spearheaded by our Game staff!
    Game staff involves themselves deeply with the Factions and Survival world and make sure when there are complaints that they heard.

    Tech staff are our behind the scenes guys, but the people who keep this place running smoothly and master the upgrades to the server. When the forums/wiki/server go down they are the ones who go in and make sure that the problems are fixed in a quick manner!
    Tech staff also deal with all of our updates and plugins. Updating the server to 1.13 and making sure that each and every plugin runs smoothly for that update is Tech’s job.
    As well as making sure things run smoothly they also test and run ideas or even code new ones in.
    If you have a passion for Tech and know information on coding, this is the place for you!

    World Staff is split into two different sections: The Factions team and the Regalian Team. The Factions team are the ones who build all of the arenas for PVP/PVE tournaments and are also the ones who update and build in Essalonia, an example of this would be the Essalonian spawn. The Factions builders are also the ones who oversee building for dungeons and Quests.
    The Regalian Team are the people who build all that you see within the RP world of Regalia. From houses, taverns, to country estates and castles, these are the ones who will build those!
    Alongside these builders world staff also looks for people who have a keen eye for interior decorating! People who can make a boring home fill with life once they are done with it!
    While there are different areas of World Staff that doesn’t mean that you won’t get to be involved in both! There are plenty of opportunities to build in Factions AND Regalia!

    If any of these interest you don’t hesitate to apply here! We look forward to seeing those who apply and hope to welcome many of you on-board with us on the Staff team!

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