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    We’re proud to announce that the Kingdoms addon, Sieges, is in early development stages. We have decided on base functions for the plugin, though the plan is to make all values configurable by Game Staff without any tech work, so adjustments can easily be made at any time if needed. Please note that no details regarding Sieges are finalized and everything, especially numeric values, are subject to change. We also have no information regarding when this plugin will be released. Track our development team’s progress in the sieges-updates channel in the survival discord.

    Sieges is an addition to our own Kingdoms plugin that is adapted from Towny Sieges. Essentially the plugin is a way of providing a high stakes PvP/War mechanic to the survival worlds. Kingdoms and factions will be able to siege one another to expand their kingdom’s population or wealth.

    When outside of an enemy faction, as a member of a kingdom with the required perms, you will be able to run the command /siege here. This will show you what the siege zone would look like if you were to confirm its location. Confirm it and it will begin. The siege zone will always make itself as large as possible up to 7x7 chunks, with an equidistant space between the faction you’re sieging and the opposite end. The outer edge of the siege has to border the faction being sieged. It will cost money to begin a siege based on the amount of chunks owned by the defending faction. This money will be placed in a pot which the winner of the siege will take home. The area inside the generated siege zone is restored to its original state for the duration of the siege. Building will be disabled in the siege zone.

    With the release of sieges will come a special kingdom rank called “knights”. You can assign knights to members of your kingdom if you wish for them to be able to enter siege zones and earn/lose points for your side. During the course of a siege, knights on opposing sides can kill one another to earn points at any time if they wish to.

    At set times, intermittently throughout the day, a “clash” will begin in all siege zones. During this time, the center of a siege zone will become the “capture zone”. When a player enters the capture zone, they will get a glowing effect for 10 minutes. When the effect runs out, they will take control of the banner and start gaining points for their side. Any number of players can be added to the banner for the duration of the clash. If a player from the opposite side takes control, any players on the banner will be removed and replaced by controllers from the opposing team. This works similarly to a domination mode in Call of Duty. During a clash, points from kills will be increased as well. The clashes are the only time of day where it will be vital for opposing sides to be on and to try to gain points. We will attempt to spread them across all time zones so players from any part of the world will have at least one or two they could participate in.

    If the defending side wins the siege, they take the pot money and call it a day. If the attacking side wins, they have two choices. They can either conquer the faction, causing them to be forced into their kingdom for an extended period of time without taking money. Or, they can choose to pillage it, taking a regal value based on the number of members in the defending faction, as well as forcing them into their kingdom for a short period of time. If a defending faction does not have the funds to pay the pillage, they will be conquered for an even longer period of time.

    Kingdoms will be able to create a line of succession in the event that their capital is sieged.
    Third parties will not be able to fight in sieges. They will receive a sickness effect upon entering the siege zone that makes it impossible for them to fight.
    Allied knights can attend a siege to fight. If they are allied to both sides they will be treated as a third party.


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