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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! MassiveCraft is proud to present its yearly Secret Santa! A time for cheer, gift-giving, and all-around joy that we may give to each other!​

    Anyone can sign up! Please fill out this form below if you wish to participate!​
    • In-game Username:​
    • 3 Wishlist items: (These items MUST be items you can get in-game such as building blocks, lore items, crate keys, etc.)​
    • Additional Wishlist (Pick 1 of the following: Regals, Art, Premium, Supremium, Skin, etc.)​
    Signups will stay open until Thursday, December 9th with Secret Santa names being given out the day immediately after! Another post will go up instructing players on what to do!

    If you are permanently banned during this event (or otherwise unable to gift items), you will be disqualified from participation. And remember that you don't have to get people the additional wishlist item if you are unable to, so don't feel guilty if you are only able to get your person-in-game items!

    Everyone who fully participates will receive a special event item.

    Remember, if you enter, this means you will be giving a gift to someone as well!
    This isn't a one-way freebie!

    Sign up in the comments below, and happy gifting!

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    1. MrScafuto
      • diCardinale
      • Any and all crate keys, but especially the LoveCrate and the lore items from the crate keys.
      • Art of my gal Torhilde
    2. HeyoBiggums
      • In-game Username: HeyoBiggums
      • 3 Wishlist Items: Old Roleplay Guard Armor (Hammers, Vigilant Shield, Bluesteel, Bronze Halberds etc), Maraya-Themed Lore, perhaps something that references South Park?
      • Additional Wishlist: Make me smile, have fun with this one. I like surprises.
    3. Annie_Short
      • In-game Username: Annie_Short
      • 3 Wishlist items: An item signed by a few staff members (or some crate keys :) )
      • Additional Wishlist: Art, Skin, or something I would enjoy (I love a lot of things so that is easy)
    4. Count_Funk
      • In-game Username: Count_Funk
      • 3 Wishlist items: Unique yellow lore sword or axe, player written books, unique player lore items
      • Additional Wishlist (Pick 1 of the following: Regals, Art, Premium, Supremium, Skin, etc.) Any medieval-style art would be cool (I need a pfp for this)
    5. MyCatBubbles
      IGN: MyCatBubbles
      Wishlist: Lored weapons/armour, god gear
      Additional Wishlist: Skin!
    6. MoistWhenWet
      In-game Username: BlueChaos
      3 Wishlist items: Beacons, Beacons, Beacons!
      Additional Wishlist: Art of BlueChaos with his hoard of Beacons.
    7. FourThirteen
      • In-game Username: FourThirteen/413
      • 3 Wishlist items: Honestly, just something/anything funny
      • Additional Wishlist: Dank memes
    8. Raajo
      • In-game Username: Raajo
      • 3 Wishlist Items: Yanar lore ; Other plant, medicinal, cooking/baking lore or decoheads ; Holiday/winter-themed decoheads
      • Additional Wishlist: Something cute :^)
    9. Oblivaify
      • In-game Username: Oblivaify
      • 3 Wishlist items: Rare Crate Lore Items, Netherrite, God Gear
      • Additional Wishlist: Art & Skins!
    10. PumpQueenEllie
      In game name: PumpQueenEllie
      3 Wishlist Items: Enchantment books for tools and weapons, potion materials, yeah :)
      Additional Wishlist: Regals :)
    11. CelestialBoba
      • In-game Username: NightlyBlues
      • 3 Wishlist items: Lore items.
      • Additional Wishlist: Regals.
    12. SneakyLinguine
      In-game Username: SneakyLinguine
      3 Wishlist items: Book & Quills, Banners, Wacky Lore items
      Additional Wishlist: Art of my gal
    13. Cipherition
      • In-game Username: Cipherition
      • 3 Wishlist items: Ender Pearls, Elytra, or Book and Quills
      • Additional Wishlist: Art of Xi or Outfit Skin.
    14. Simslp
      • In-game Username: Simslp
      • 3 Wishlist items: Empty book and quills (A lot), signs and lore objects useable for rp (Perhaps things associated with Nessrassian or Dragon worship)
      • Additional Wishlist: Art of my Ailor boy or my Slizzar
    15. Hutydan
      • In-game Username: Kamamie
      • 3 Wishlist items: Flowers (any), or flowerpots (any amount)
      • Additional Wishlist: regals OR art of one of my characters (can provide refs, there are some refs in their respective pages, all of which are linked in my signature), neither are required though
      Last edited: Dec 8, 2021
    16. The_Fluorspar
      • In-game Username: Brown_Wool
      • 3 Wishlist items: Copies of player written books, lore items, Laura Redblocks compass
      • Additional Wishlist: Art
    17. FireFan96
      • In-game Username: FireFan96
      • 3 Wishlist items: netherite, pre reset lore items, brown concrete
      • Additional Wishlist: skins
    18. Acosmism
      • In-game Username: Acosmism
      • 3 Wishlist items: Decoheads, glazed terracotta, lanterns >:3c
      • Additional Wishlist: Premium/Supremium so I can use walk-speed ;pensive;
    19. BitCatalyst
      • In-game Username: BitCatalyst
      • 3 Wishlist items: Diamond Blocks, Player-written books can be cool, lore-items that can be used to enhance rp.
      • Additional Wishlist: Art of Theo would be really cool. I can supply references if needed!
    20. seoulmate
      • In-game Username: seoulmate
      • 3 Wishlist items: alchemy lore items, deco-heads, flowers/bushes
      • Additional Wishlist: art of either of my chars!
    21. DuchBargollo
      • In-game Username: DuchyWuchySpooks
      • 3 Wishlist items: Empty books & quils. Flowers! Random Lore item.
      • Additional Wishlist: Art of Calibur Ashford.
    22. Lazzulai
      • In-game Username: Lazzulai
      • 3 Wishlist items: Lore items, Flowers or Crate keys
      • Additional Wishlist: A skin
    23. FutureTeller
      • In-game Username: FutureTeller
      • 3 Wishlist items: Quartz. All sorts of logs I guess. Crate keys.
      • Additional Wishlist: Art. I guess.
      I mostly want to give something away tbh. Let me skeeeennn or do aaart I guesssss sgahgahahgwhbxhgshjxub.
    24. WildSages
      In-game Username: Wildsages
      3 Wishlist items: empty book and quills, uh keys?, uh lore items too
      Additional Wishlist: Supremium, premium or regals!
    25. Modeux
      • In-game Username: Modeux
      • 3 Wishlist items: Anything cute and special. Something not many have?
      • Additional Wishlist: Art of my character Clélie Chéraux, it doesn’t have to be good
      I am here to give ☺️
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