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    Turns out we'd neglected to upload one of the many internal staff update versions of the texture packs which circulated among some staff as beta's to tinker with the colors and textures of some of the newer blocks. In preparation of 1.13 being worked on, a quick middle-version was made before the next big update to cover some terracotta updates that were badly needed, as well as some general color enhancements.

    The file is currently only accessible on Dropbox, but will soon be uploaded to the website and the server's /rpack command when tech is able to get their hands on it. This thread will remain up with a Dropbox download link in the meantime so that we can start making use of the blocks in new Regalian builds.

    Version 27 Hotfit released, click link below.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, May 7, 2019.

    1. Conflee
      Most of it looks great but the wool really needs re-energized in the 1.13 version. Its way too drab and dull atm.
    2. CS_Birb
    3. BogeyBanshee
    4. VonZane
      Really can't tell the difference between v20 and this one lol
    5. Conflee

      Top is old, bottom is new. Thats most of what I can find. The glazed terracotta got a repaint, and some connected texture stuff got reworked to add gravel variants and some other small stuff. Its hard to spot just walking around but I imagine the Gray Terracotta especially will become obvious in the future since its literal Tudor.
    6. Conflee
      Some suggestions/missing things from the pack:
      • Current pack has no Guide Book texture for the crafting guide in the inventory.
      • Still no Iron Nugget texture.
      • Pumpkin Blur has like, missile guidance markers in it for some ungodly reason.
      • The White and Cyan begs are scifi themed which looks just kind of odd.
      • Shield Banner textures dont match Banner textures so designs dont translate back and forth at all.
      • A biome-specific fence texture (like Netherbrick fence in the End) to make a rope-looking fence would be awesome. This was temporarily a thing back in like V19 and it looked fantastic. Could use this to make wells with rope-held buckets, and since Netherbrick fences dont connect to other fences it would let Worldies do really small wells without fence connections buggering it to hell.
    7. MonMarty
      I picked up a couple of these in the V27 hotfix. Turns out I left a horrible lightmap in place that makes savannah look black.

      I don't understand how to handle biome sensitive textures though. If you have any tutorials or links I could use, or could explain it simply, that would be helpful.
    8. MonMarty
      Version 27 which fixes a lot of errors in the WIP 26 has been released, download here:

      Link to Dropbox

      /rpack and the website will be updated in the course of the day.
    9. FireFan96
      that unionist eye banner model that was always off by a pixel. I just remembered it

      edit: not sure if you want to add the conquest files for alternate weapons and shields. I know the latest 1.12.2 version of conquest has everything, but idk if you would want to wait for 1.13 for that move.
    10. Conflee
      A few minor quirks, Crafting tables are used all over so it looks a bit odd now. Idk if its possible to make that biome specific or something but it makes the streets of Old Town look funky. Also the Altgravel doesnt seem to work, even when I change the properties file to block13 which is the older formatting style so idk whats up there.

      other than those oddities, I love the new blending and stuff. I feel bad cause I fell like im nitpicking a little but w/e it can get fixed in 1.13 if at all who cares lol
    11. indyfan98

      Red sand blends like this with coarse dirt, dirt, podzol, and gravel. Not a major issue, so it could probably wait.
    12. VonZane
      Daaang, thanks for putting that together lmao. Ngl, didn't even notice the changes until you pointed them out, thanks!
    13. Conflee
      If its possible, making it so that the overlays cant cover some blocks (like wool) would make some things look better. The picnic blankets in some areas that mix wool blocks and carpets for a more depth-y look have grass splotched over them currently.

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