Massivecraft Policy On Player To Player Paypal Purchases

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    Paypal is a great tool that allows players to buy things online with as little hassle as possible, at least on the UI end. MassiveCraft is a verified tax paying business account, and so payments on our end always go great and without a hitch. We've had maybe one or two accounts that were limited not making a payment for a few days, but we arranged solutions for all of them. On a more personal level, I as an artist use Paypal's powerful invoice system to neatly invoice my customers and get the payments on time and in the way I want to receive them. However. The concept of Paypal purchases has been a subject of debate as of recent, and has aggressively taken more to the forefront now that digital purchases on Massivecraft between players become more acceptable norm. I wanted to write out a piece to inform players on my stance about player to player purchases, as well as our rules regarding Paypal scams. Again, this does not cover Massivecraft's own sales. My account is business verified and 100% safe, but I am sharing my knowledge from when I was a non verified paypal paid artist before my business account became a thing.

    A quick Fact Sheet
    • You should, as a rule of fist, always use your own Paypal account.
    • You should, as a rule of fist, always connect a debit card to a Paypal account.
    • You can use a Credit card, but should only do so when it's your Credit/Bank Debit Card.
    • MassiveCraft will not reimburse lost IRL currency from Paypal purchases between Players.
    • You will not outsmart Paypal if you try to avoid surcharges or fees.
    The last point is particularly important. When Paypal purchases become a matter of discussion, we find that in most cases, the problem is just one side being dumb, or even worse, both sides being stupid. Paypal is not complicated, but when one or both sides try to limit the amount of surcharges to their account, the process becomes more complicated and more things can go wrong. What I mean with "wrong" is that Paypal can start behaving out of norm or expectation. Delayed payments, confusing messages and limited options to protect yourself and your money.

    Paypal Doesn't like being Cheated

    • Paypal doesn't like new accounts and adds limitations to them.
    • Paypal doesn't like non-debit bank accounts and adds limitations to them.
    • Paypal doesn't like non-verified accounts and adds limitations to them.
    • Paypal doesn't like peer to peer transfers without taxability, and adds limitations to them.
    • Paypal doesn't like accounts that transfer over 1,800 USD per year without business status.
    • Paypal doesn't like accounts that have complaints against them and adds limitations to them.
    • Paypal doesn't like customers trying to avoid payment fees, and complicates the process.
    In some of the worst cases of the above, accounts can be so laden with limitations that it can take payments 3 weeks to be cleared. That is 21 days of not receiving the money. At a base line, Paypal is a straightforward payment procedure where you pay a button and the money goes, and everyone sort of expects this service to be free. It should come as no surprise that nothing in this world is free, and Paypal also needs to make a living, so they use payment fees. Users think they are smart by using personal transactions or non verified business transactions to limit these fees, but it's in fact the opposite of smart, because you get caught in a net of fraud protection set up by Paypal, as well as a complication process designed to discourage you from using this feature often to avoid fees or limit them.

    Paypal Fees how does that work

    Generally speaking, the fees for Paypal purchases is 2.9% of the total purchase, plus 30 cents on top. If you're paying 100 USD for an art commission, the receiver will be charged 100*0.029+0.30= 3.20 USD. This means the commissioner will receive 96.80 USD, not the 100 USD the customer paid. You should not try to avoid this, accept it instead, and accommodate for it. As an artist or seller, you should verify to your customer that you charge fees on top of the payment. These are easily calculated by just doing Price times 1.029 plus 0.30. It's that simple. Remember that Paypal is a business offering you a service. Don't expect to use for free.

    Every seller should always calculate these fees into their sales. I have been doing this forever, and no customer of mine has ever complained, as long as you make it clear before the customer agrees to a settled price, that you will ask for 2.9%+0.30 transaction fees on top of the price, since transaction fees are always deduced from the seller.

    The Power of Invoices

    Invoices are the preferred method of payment for Paypal accounts. I have used Paypal Invoices since forever, even before I became a business account, and so I know you can do it with a personal account as well. You may need to verify your identity to get access to it, I'm not sure about that, but this process is really straight forward. Paypal accepts multiple ways of verifying identity (passport, identity card, drivers licence, etc.) Every person generally should have some mode of personal identification, and if you don't know how, ask your parents. in this day and age, everyone frankly should have a passport, even if you're not going to fly abroad any time soon. It's just a good and inexpensive investment to have since it helps you with a lot of online legal stuff, I would say it's practically a must you invest in a passport or ID card with your local government institution as a seller. If all goes well, you will be making back the money anyway.

    Invoices are both easy to find, and incredibly powerful. They have fees included, so Paypal is happy, and they have a whole host of functions that allow for easy payment and easy money tracking. Most important of all, Seller protection is available for Paypal Invoices, which is so, so important, for scamming cases on MassiveCraft. It's really crucial that a seller and buyer transfer money through an invoice for our scamming regulations. It's in fact so important that by this post going live, Scamming cases that are the result of Paypal users not making use of the Invoice system, will be rejected out of hand. We are not going to get involved with your money issues when you as a buyer, or you as a seller, make your own life difficult by not using simple and powerful tools to protect your money. Finished your work? Send your buyer an invoice and wait for them to pay. Is your seller asking you to deposit the money directly? Ask them kindly to send you an Invoice, and if they don't know how, send them to this thread. The process is explained below.

    Invoices are only ever made by the seller. As a buyer, you should request the seller use an invoice to charge you to avoid problems. This is a really simple process as I will describe below.

    Step One: Find the Invoice. A straightforward follow the picture.
    Step Two: Click that Invoice Button
    Step Three: Make the Invoice
    Note: The above picture does say ensure USD is the currency. Generally speaking, the USDollar is the most stable coin that doesn't suffer too many value debasing. The GBP for example is suffering hard because of Brexit and the Yen is also tanking due to economic slowdown in Japan. The Euro fluctuates a lot due to economic instability in Europe, and the Norwegian Krone is subject to oil pricing. I live in Norway and have a Euro Bank account, but charge in USD. Even though Paypal charges you again for converting the currency, it's generally safer to do everything in USD since it's a stable valuta.

    Invoices are the way to go

    Anyway, as soon as you've clicked send, the buyer will receive an email (it doesn't even need to be on their paypal email) where they can pay the invoice in whatever way they like (whether by Paypal or direct Credit Card). The reason why this is so good, is because it gives:

    1. Clear indicators on the status of the payment on the receiving and sending end.
    2. Gives seller protection so you can issue a complaint on your end.
    3. Gives the buyer extra restrictions in how far you can pull the money back and scam.
    4. Gives the seller the means to protect themselves further with Terms of Service.
    5. This is the only process that MassiveCraft protects against Scamming.
    If a player can prove that they sent an invoice that has yet to be paid by the customer while they have received what they needed to pay for, this is super easily proven with a screenshot of the due invoice in the invoice listing. On the buyer end, they can also easily prove that an invoice has been paid, and there should be limited hold up for these payments. I've only once encountered a problem with a buyer paying an invoice and the payment being delayed, but Paypal was very upfront about why, and when it was expected to be resolved, and it was.

    A grand summary in conclusion

    • When selling, make sure your Paypal is in order, for real.
    • When selling, make sure to use the Invoice system. If buying, ask for invoices to be used.
    • When selling, ensure you do not give the buyer the final product until the payment is made.
    • If unsure, ask questions on this thread. I have done selling for 10 years+.
    • MassiveCraft does not handle scamming cases unless Invoices were used!
    • MassiveCraft does not issue heavy punishment to scamming cases anymore!
    • You have the means to protect your own money, as buyer or seller. Use them!
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    My passport is finna expire thanks for the advice mr server owner
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