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    Hello everyone!
    I am happy to bring you another poll this month and more rewards! This month’s theme is PvP. Now, everyone should participate, even if you’ve never PvP'd before! You will find the poll,


    Be honest, tell your friends, and let’s hit those reward tiers! I guess you’re asking now, what are the reward tiers? Well we have designed three tiers, just for you, based off how many answers we get. Here they are-

    Tier 1: An NPC in Regalia unlocks with a one time quest with a large gift of regals. To unlock, we must have 50 responses in total.

    Tier 2: An NPC in Regalia unlocks with a one time quest with a unique, one time released lore tool/weapon. To unlock, we must have 100 responses in total.

    Tier 3: An NPC in Regalia unlocks with a one time quest with a unique, one time released lore item. To unlock, we must have 150 responses in total.

    These NPC’s will unlock a day or two after we hit each total and will stay unlocked till the next poll is released at the end of May. So let’s get going, I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers. I can’t stress how helpful and insightful the last poll was. It gave us a good starting point to move forward from. These will be even more so!

    As always from your friendly neighborhood Lunatic,

    Have a Massive day!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Kaezir, May 2, 2017.

    1. HeartAched
    2. Korgex12
      I think that "Attack Helicopter" should be a gender choice.
    3. PosidonX7
      That is why they give you the 'other' option. ;3
    4. Beetletoes
    5. Gabauchi
      love the money
    6. jes_
      remove pvp pls I'm being oppressed
    7. Viscar
      +informative rating
    8. Zacatero
      Reading this is way more funny if you imagine his avatar saying it.
    9. cpt_manta_ray
      "anything you would like to see change about the warfare rules"
      "Make peace not war"
    10. Beetletoes
      lmao defending factions should fight back
    11. Korgex12
      *rates agree*
    12. MrFluffyBun
      I love being able to share my ideas! ^^ I hope what I said helps!
    13. MrFluffyBun
      Yay! A picture! Time to play Where's GetHelp!

      Two hours later...
      I still can't find him. Is he even there? ;-;
    14. _NotEnder
      Give us more negative traits!!!
    15. MrFluffyBun
      I said the same thing ;-;
    16. Viscar
      That doesn't affect PvP anymore so why are you bringing it up on a PvP poll!!!
    17. HeartAched
      He's just suggesting it. It'd be great to have more than 3 traits without your game play being affected by cancer.
    18. Zacatero
      It would since the most recent other negative were the XVulnerable and XInept traits
    19. HeartAched
      It still doesn't effect it at all, traits are disabled during PvP anyways.
    20. kniferharm
      Tons of PvPers are inactive and are not aware of this. Lots want to come back because they are friends with other PvPers but there is so little going on in the survival worlds.
    21. McSqueezy
      Pacifism is a legitimate response. That doesn't change just because you don't like it.
    22. McSqueezy
      In general I think that the server should better reflect and appreciate the fact that a growing number of players want more of an SMP/MMO experience and a less chaotic PvP element. I don't think PvP should go away altogether but people who poke sticks at peaceful facs a lot should realize that they get something different out of the server than you do.
    23. Kaezir
      Empires and the possible server war once approved.
    24. Viscar
      Doubt it but is there any ETA yet for the factions plugin expansion/Empires? I for one am quite excited for it
    25. Kaezir
      Not currently.
    26. Thorjl
      I want to help you. But. There's no incentive to come out to fight.

      You want kills. I just want you to go away. Right?

      Make unclaimed raid portals a thing again. If I can find and pop your portal to stop you from easily teleporting back to bother me again I certainly will come do my best to make a play to blow up your portal and then try to kill you.

      So you go away. <Incentive ftw

      And this gives you as many opportunities to kill me as I give you while I try to stop the flow of raiders through the portal.

      Coders may even be able to give portals a durability boost.

      Give the defender an objective and they'll come out from their fortifications to give you the fight you want.

      Like knights charging out of a castle to destroy a trebuchet.

      True story.
      Last edited: May 19, 2017
    27. Typhenon
      I'm actually down, that sounds kinda cool
    28. MrFluffyBun
      It's been 19 days now... and I still can't find GetHelp ;-;

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