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    MassiveCraft Night Sky <Link to Download!

    A Resource Pack by indyfan98 (Wan_Xia)

    (WAN-XIA the Science Guy!)​

    Since the dawn of time (Every Philosophy students’ favorite way to start an essay!), we’ve looked up at the night sky and wondered a lot about our place in the universe. MassiveCraft is in a very special universe, with unique celestial bodies. These bodies are not currently visible in the night sky of the MassiveCraft resource pack. However, I’m seeking to fix that! Enjoy this resource pack that adds a bit of MassiveCraft lore to our night skies in Regalia. Also, as a bonus, stars should always be visible at night time, so long as the weather is clear.

    This pack requires Optifine, much like MassiveBound, due to adding a custom night sky. Just download the pack and put it on top of your load order. This pack adds little beyond the planets mentioned in the recently revived (yet very outdated!) astronomy wiki page. Here’s some information on the different bodies you’ll see:



    Oxoron has always been seen with suspicion or feared respect, since its nature and subtle maliciousness has always been a source of discomfort among the Alorian astronomers. The celestial body gives off a slight purple hue and even has some strange properties that have failed to be explained by even the most talented of astrologists. The Ch’ien-Ji have attempted to explain the reasons for these occurrences and characteristics, but have fallen short in that regard as they ended up writing confusing calculations simply to trick their common people into thinking the truth was only understandable by experts. Large use of technical jargon and straight-up nonsense has come into use here in failed attempts to explain the mystical body that is Oxoron. Though it is nearly invisible to the naked eye, it can be occasionally seen emitting a dull purple light in the night sky. It varies in the intensity of its light; some nights it may be glowing more than usual, when other nights it may be invisible entirely. Some astrologists have assumed that Oxoron literally disappears on the nights where it cannot be seen, while others have theorized that the body is hiding from a higher being in those nights, which allows for quite a few scary tales. At the end of the day, simply not enough is known about Oxoron to draw any meaningful conclusions, but the undeniable facts are these: it glows in differing levels of intensity on different nights without any set pattern and it is certainly purple when viewed with a telescope.

    • Cultural Symbol of the Ellatrii Sihndar



    Daggoron is a pair of celestial bodies that orbit each other, though one of them could be called a moon of the larger one because of the size difference. Astrologists originally only

    saw one body since the larger one was acting as a sort of shield for the smaller one, thereby blocking the view As such, they gave it a singular name. When they realized that it was really two bodies, they had already published too much about it to retract the name and give it a plural one. The body is completely invisible with the naked eye, and can only be seen with a decent telescope. The smaller version sometimes disappears entirely because of the shadow casted by the other one. It was because of this occurrence that resulted in the confusion about the actual number of the bodies. The two celestial bodies orbit each other, so when they are viewed at the correct time with a telescope, the pair can be seen as if they are only a few hundred miles apart. Some astrologists have been bold enough to predict a collision between the two in the near future, but no concrete evidence has been provided for this claim.



    Haggoron is the companion body to Daggoron, or also known as the second half of Daggoron. Having originally been hidden by Daggoron’s large shadow, it was assumed non-existent until it finally reared its head after a short while of refuge behind Daggoron. When it was finally discovered that Haggoron orbited around Daggoron, it was already too late to come up with a pair for the two, as the public referred to them both as Daggoron despite the astrologists best efforts. As time passed, Haggoron finally managed to gain its own name, though instead of referring to both of the planets as a pair, most common people just say “Daggoron” as a blanket name for them both. Just like Daggoron, it cannot be seen with the naked eye, but sometimes it cannot be seen even with a telescope because it takes refuge behind its larger self a few times a month. It all depends on the angle the the telescope gets on them, but sometimes it simply cannot be helped.

    • When Haggoron is high in the sky, the Morvali feel especially bold and take greater satisfaction from feeding.



    Meida is a celestial body with a large amount of pride and sentiment attached to it, largely due to its large size and brightness. The body itself is a pale-yellow color, but a hazy fog surrounds it and prevents advanced inspection of its surface with a telescope. This body is favored by Unionists because of its brightness and constant presence in the Alorian night sky. Some even theorize it to be the eye of the Imperial Spirit, always keeping watch over its people. The body is so large that sometimes it is mistaken for the moon, and is always visible with the naked eye just as the moon is.

    • Cultural Symbol of the Maelii Sihndar


    Gladrin is a celestial body that is so dark, the only way to know it’s there is because of the blacking out of stars behind it. Ch’ien-Ji astrologists as a whole have even denied its existence because it is such a faint outline and is only faintly visible with a telescope. Mystery surrounds this body’s existence, and controversy over it has spawned hundreds of astronomical discussions and arguments among experts. Originally discovered by Elves, the Altalar race raises it as one of their greatest astronomical discoveries. However, the feeling of victory is bittersweet since their proudest contribution to astronomy is in direct controversy on whether it actually exists. The Ch’ien-Ji, daft as always, believe that Gladrin was a publicity stunt by the Altalar to gain fame and notoriety in the astronomy scene.

    • Cultural Symbol of the Gladrii Sihndar

    All information on the bodies’ descriptions is out-of-date, and likely not lore-compliant anymore. The fun facts beneath are still modern lore, but are subject to change in future lore releases. Also, keep in mind, this pack is made by me, but is not official. It is merely for fun. All art is by MonMarty, and is taken off the wiki.

    Anyways, leave comments below asking for new features to potentially be added. Till then, happy stargazing!
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