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    ⚔️ The Games Are Here! ⚔️

    The time has finally come, Massivecrafters. Weeks of hard work and testing have finally paid off. After a long wait, we are proud to finally announce that we have finally completed the Hunger Games map. In this pvp event, players will drop into the arena and start with nothing. Each player will have to fight tooth and nail to get the upper hand--with the goal of being the last one standing!


    ⚔️ Extra Details ⚔️

    There are over 40 “crates” scattered and hidden across the map to gift you with items which will hopefully allow you to gain the upper hand. Additionally, players will find that mcmmo will not work in this event which will give an even playing field and to provide more of a challenge for the participants of each event. Those who hope to win must rely on their prowess in combat and ability to spot the hidden crate-quests all around the map.

    Expect the first games to be hosted

    Saturday March 23rd 5pm EDT.

    Be very excited everyone.

    May the odds be ever in your favor, MassiveCrafters!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Anarchizm, Mar 18, 2019.

    1. Jalapeno690
      Thank you cnoc for the mature response, I’m all for giving this a try, if I’m in the area later, however if I’m not I hope it’s a success
    2. aprader1
      You can critique something if you played it YEARS ago. This reasoning doesn’t really work because I’m sure everyone has played hunger games before and unless this experience is vastly different, I’m perfectly just in criticizing it. Is there anything different about it then normal hunger games?
    3. CnocBride
      Yes, hunger games has been done before but I see no harm in adding it to the server. My viewpoint is simply, 'why not?'. It does not detract from the server experience of the server. Overdone, maybe, but it is an addition that we are currently capable of making. This is something that the Game Department is able to do independently, without Tech Department assistance who are well caught up with other projects - which do involve some gameplay implementations.

      Anyway, my main concern with your comment is not your critique (I aren't going to stop you from doing that) but a false statement: " Every time someone points these things out it’s the same generic response that blames the player and takes all the blame away from staff." We have never attempted to blame players for inadequacies in staff productivity, such a thing would be a ridiculous abuse of power. Staff have admitted countless times that we take blame for the chokehold on Tech that existed over the past few years and while we do have a living and breathing Tech Department, the priority is 1.13 and systems maintenance. The latter being taken of by Birb and the former by Geek. Our more junior Tech staff are also working on their little side projects which we are looking forward to present to you guys whenever that maybe.
    4. Mojaven
      Was a lot of fun, died multiple times butoverall teaming killed me. GG everyone
    5. Violettee
      I'm not a student... I work.
    6. ZiHAMMER
      No, you don't.
    7. Winterless
      No, you don't.
    8. ZiHAMMER
      No shite.
    9. Winterless
      No shite.
    10. Jalapeno690

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