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    An autumn breeze rolled through Meereburg and carried in with it a terrible curse.

    The town’s lord had gone quiet ever since the Empire’s famine. He had lost his family, the only thing he ever truly cared about. His grief was well known and his self-isolation in his manor from the town kept anyone from truly reaching out to him.

    Then one late afternoon a woman who arrived in town toting herself as a world renowned alchemist showed up at his doorstep. She knew of his woeful torment and longing to see his family once again and offered her services. Supposedly she held an old alchemical secret to restoring life in what was once dead!

    The man, not in his right senses, accepted the woman's offer, free of charge. Consumed by wanting to see his long gone family, he figured, why not? And thus he let her get to work, wanting his son to be revived first.

    Agreeing to the experiment, she required a sample from the Lord, but it was far too late for him to realize that the experiment she conducted was meant for him. And him alone.

    Strapped to the table in his basement, the Lord stared at the woman with wide eyes as she explained herself. All was wrong, the experiment wasn’t for himself, she would not be resurrecting his family or to help the townsfolk.

    Removing a syringe filled to the brim with a glowing orange tonic, she admitted that all she needed was a quiet town such as Meereburg to experiment with. As she injected Lord Jack, he screamed and howled, pulling against the restraints to no avail as he felt the sinister concoction rush through his veins and soon he was lost to it.

    A dark cloud looms over the manor, the Alchemist’s base of operation. The crops turned first, pumpkins animating to life dripping the very same glowing orange blight from them. And the Lord Jack, now but an experiment himself, ravaging the town in raids on the back of his reanimated horse, kidnapping people of the town one by one to be experimented on as well.

    What does this mean for the townsfolk of Meereburg? Will the town be saved from the evils of Lord Jack and his minions of terror? Or will all hope be lost as the town is ravaged.


    MassiveCraft Harvest Festival is about to be in full swing!
    Come see the opening of the island on October 24th at 6:00pm EST 11:00pm GMT!
    The finale event will be held on Halloween, the 31st, at 4:00pm EST/ 9:00pm GMT!

    The island is now live and you can go there through /tp HarvestVillage

    Multiple quests and roleplay events will take place during the duration of the Harvest festival as well as events from other departments and our annual Staff Trick or Treat!

    We’d like to remind players that any items given out during the events will follow the tier listing here:

    This event will have Enchanted, Uncommons, Rares, and even a Glorious item to acquire, so be sure to show up and be on the lookout for the full schedule of events that will be hosted! And watch out for Lord Jack… He will be sure to make his appearances.

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