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    We will be hosting this tourney on Saturday, July 27th at 4 PM EDT/9 PM BST.

    The tournament will be a 2v2 team based even. Players will be required to provide their own gear and item drops will be on. MCMMO will be enabled.

    The tournament will be held at Arthas and teams will face off in double-elimination brackets.

    If you are missing a team partner you can still apply for the tournament and will be assigned to another player accordingly.



    1. No God Apples
    2. No GoGo Juice
    3. No Debuff Potions
    4. No Knockback Weapons


    The teams in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, will earn medals for their representing faction for the Massive Olympics.

    Both players on the winning team will earn custom yellow lore items


    Sign-ups for full teams will end on July 25th, so please register before that date down in the comments of this post with the following information included please.

    Format for Teams:

    Usernames of Team Members:
    Representing Faction:

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