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Should i make more massive music?

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  1. NightLight12

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    Nov 10, 2017
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    Hey yall its been awhile since ive been active in forums but time to do it again!

    Im here to tell that ill be /Trying/ to make music for massivecraft, as much as you guys know that music is a passion i have for a long time. (If you didnt know that, well now you do give yourself a pat in the back)

    Anyway most of these musics will be uploaded on soundcloud and ill provide the link to it, its not going to be public only private because i use soundcloud to promote my own music as well.
    Here is the first one i made for massive craft, its not a request by anyone i just want to do it myself
    You can also check out my lo fi album in my soundcloud and my other songs in my youtube channel

    Opinions and feed back are always nice!
    If you wish to make music and collab as well, im down to the ground
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