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    Attention all MassiveCraft Merchants!

    The Game Department is pleased to present a return of the market to the server. We have spent several weeks assessing the pros and cons of the present Auction House plugin and have decided to scrap it in favour of a return to a similar system on the ‘legacy’ MassiveCraft.

    Players will soon be able to once again rent their own stalls at /tp Market and we hope this will give a more authentic feel to trade on MassiveCraft. Auctions can still take place on the forums and through the in-game trade chat, which can be accessed using the prefix ‘t:’ or the command, /c join t.

    The new Market will be released at the following date/time:
    5:00 PM PDT Saturday April 27th
    8:00 PM EDT Saturday April 27th
    12:00 AM GMT Sunday April 28th
    1:00 AM BST Sunday April 28th

    Each Market stall will cost only 100 regals per 30 days.

    Now is the chance to review the shop lock commands which you can view here:
    It is encouraged to turn off lock particles before teleporting to the market world to reduce FPS lag from all the chests which will be in the area. You can do this with the command /lock visualize off

    Below are some housekeeping guidelines for the market:
    • Only one shop per player.
    • The use of alts to bypass this restriction falls under alternate account abuse and will result in punishment accordingly.
    • Using your stall purely for storage or any other purpose other than to sell items is not allowed and may lead to eviction and forfeiture of your items.
    • Shop owners will be messaged if they consistently fail to restock their shop after a few weeks. Failure to restock will have your shop unrented.
    • No Portals, beds, item frames, or excessive use of banners or armor stands (this is to help lag!)
    • If a player is evicted from their shop due to failure to comply with these Market Rules, there will be no refunds for the items lost in the eviction nor for the area shop rental cost.
    More information will be released later on how the Auction House Plugin will be removed. For now, start gathering up all your items to sell them with your new shop!

    *NEW* The process for removing the AH plugin will begin on the same day as the Market's release. At that time, players will no longer be able to add new auctions. All auctions will gradually expire, and the plugin will be removed once all auctions have done so. Be sure to reclaim your items from the AH before it is removed!

    Oh--And one last thing!
    You may want to remove your FlyWater, FlyLava, and FlyWeb traits before visiting...

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by CnocBride, Apr 25, 2019.

    1. Gumee
    2. Mazukii
    3. CaptainDoju
      All EU players will have access at 2:00 AM in the morning or even past that, seems a bit unfair. All the elite shops will be taken by the time we come online the next day. Maybe a part of the market should be opened on EU time?
    4. CnocBride
      I cannot forsee all of the front of house shops being taken so quickly, I am European and I'm staying up.
    5. Mojavens
      These gonna cost regals?
    6. Zacatero
      @Sephite @CnocBride If /ah is being removed, can we revisit upgrading the /trade distance? Market reintroduction is great, but a lot of people used /ah to mitigate the fact that /trade is only good within 50 blocks iirc
    7. ZiHAMMER
    8. Goldifish
      What have you done now?
    9. Sephite
      @Zacatero /trade with a limit of just 50 blocks was misused to see if raiders are nearby, thus that has been changed already.

      @Goldifish just... remove it before you go there..

      @CaptainDoju I'm European as well and will stay up. That's why we do this on the weekend, to try and allow as many players as possible to be there when it happens. But as @CnocBride already mentioned, there are plenty of shops available to rent.
    10. abberants
    11. Zacatero
      Wow that is some clever shit right there.
    12. MyCatBubbles
      yeah good thing i made my money when i could, too much effort to pay rent and upkeep a shop
    13. Moonflower
      This layout looks fantastic, I'm happy all the shops have a front view and it'll only depend on how high the buyer feels like climbing. I'm not sure if I'll be opening a shop myself or not (at least for the time being) but I'm excited to be able to meander around a market again. Thank you for all your hard work @staff members
    14. derpadillo
      It's a real shame that the /ah plugin is going to be disabled when this comes out. It made Essalonia special because you have to go there to use it. It gave new players a way to participate in the sales-side economy. Also, it gives poor or slow players a way to participate too. You can't sell stuff in-game as easily as /ah if you can't get a good spot in the market. The /ah plugin, don't call it auction house because it doesn't do auctions, is like 7 big chests where anyone can sell anything they want without having to pay a monthly rent. It's much more conducive to a free and open economy than a slowly moving market that will have around 5540 chests in the inner ring. Who liked running around to all the shops to find the one thing you needed or the best price on some item? Who liked finding empty chests when stuff sold out? Who liked when players rentals stagnated? None of that happens with /ah. This change is going to concentrate wealth into fewer hands and that's not good for anyone.
    15. FireFan96
      I'd prefer if the auction house ran in tandem with the marketplace. The market will be useful for bulk orders, but novelty items not so much. I only ever used the market for buying logs, ores, wool, and clay(terracotta). I use the auction house for everything else, because I never need more than a stack.
      I don't see the harm in keeping the plugin around as a secondary option for players who want a little knickknack.
    16. Sephite
      @derpadillo @FireFan96

      The /ah plugin will be removed for the following reasons:
      • It's not UUID Safe (you lose access to your things when you change your name)
      • It's prone to game-breaking bugs
      • The risk of items or funds being lost in transactions due to bugs is too high
      • It's not Shard-safe
      • It's extremely outdated (and will be even more so once 1.13 is out)
      • It requires a lot of tech input just to upkeep it, because it has minimal (as in none available for in game use) administrative tools for it, meaning game staff can more often than not just inform tech staff of issues instead of straight away helping the player
    17. Jalapeno690
      Will staff have a monopoly of the “large shops” again???
    18. Zacatero
      Well the staff that generally abused that are banned now.. so probably not tbh
    19. Jalapeno690
      Former staff also held these stalls, right up to the day of reset, levers especially despite his long inactivity and not refilling the shop
    20. MonMarty
      Despite what those partying on the corpse of AH want to make you believe, the only reason we made this implementation is because the AH plugin is garbage. It worked out of the box when implemented, but soon after there were compatibility issues with MassiveVanilla, our in-house inventory management. Essentially, every world added caused a duplication problem where players could take items out of AH while paying for them, but the items would also still remain in the AH, meaning it created its own duplication bug.

      I'm in agreeing, AH is far superior to market. But all AH plugins are garbage, or break because of bad coding. All our coding effort is on 1.13 and 1.14 right now so this seemed like the most painless form of implementation.

      I think there's a thing or two to be said about inflating the negative connotation of market monopoly for being staff, while that's silly when you look at the numbers. It's true that a lot (not even the majority) of the shops were hogged by staff, but at the same time, they didn't use any commands or shortcuts to get those ships besides paying for them just like any other player. Staff members also happen to be some of our most active players, so it only makes sense they run shops on the side to make money off of all that time spent doing stuff on the server.

      I will say, we have additional security in place to prevent even the slighest scenario of staff unfairly getting a region. Staff accounts have AS override, which even when adhering a countdown, can result in a staff member buying a rental a few milliseconds before a player can. I just solved this problem by telling staff they aren't allowed to use staff accounts to rent shops, only their alts, or ask a friend to rent one for them and then transfer it to their main account afterwards.
    21. Sephite
      To add to what Marty said:

      The stall I held the last time I bought for 15k regals, but the new layout of the market should help against "large shops" as we knew them.
    22. Zacatero
      How in particular will that happen? Because without seeing the market in person I only see that picture in the thread, and it looks like the same market but instead of going further away, the ones closer up top will be less visited. Like the ones on the bottom will be equivilant to "Large Shop"
    23. CnocBride
      All the shops in the center are exactly the same size, the one through the center archways are actually bigger. I guess you could call them the 'wings' of the market. They have larger shops but are further away from the spawn point of the market.
    24. Jalapeno690
      Sadly tonight’s my night to drink, so I will miss this glorious occasion
    25. Zacatero
      My point was that (once again since I haven't seen it all have is the picture) it would appear that those at the spawn point in the middle that are 3 high like they are... Even though those are all the same size, I would bet that the ones on the ground level are still the equivalent of the large shops of the old market. Meaning those will inherently be frequented more.
    26. BlueChaos
      Lets wait and see. :)
    27. Gumee
      That’s exactly what’ll happen, because some people don’t learn from their mistakes and won’t take constructive criticism as anything more than a personal attack on themselves and their personal ideology. :’(
    28. Zacatero
      So the market opened last night and my statement you quoted is actually totally wrong given how it's set up. It looks good tbh
    29. Gumee
      Just give it some time my guy. :(

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