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    General info
    Full Name: Marion Lockheart
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Ailor/ Akkadian
    Sexuality: Straight
    Preferred Weapon: Has none. but can learn in rp.

    Copper Necklace
    This necklace is Copper and small, and on closer inspection, it has a rose marking on it and Marion's name in the back. It is also opens up to show her and her 8 year old brother

    Bloody Axe
    She don't know where she got it from. But she cleaned the blood away and kept it. Is a bit heavy for her and it looks like it's usually used to cut wood with.

    Skill Information
    27 Core Points | 10 Talent Points | 10 Hobby Points | 5 Racial Points
    10 points to learn in RP
    Core Group Proficiencies
    +10 Medical Science [Core and racial boost]

    Talent Group Proficiencies
    +5 Perception Training [Talent]
    +5 Vocal Singing [Talent]

    Hobby Group Proficiencies
    +7 Gardening Art [Hobby]
    +3 Baking Art [Hobby]

    Other Proficiencies
    +12 Sorcery [Core]
    +0 Arcanology [Purchased from Arcane Studies]

    Body Type
    - Physical Stat: 3,5 [Akkadian Ailor Capped at 30]

    - x0,5 Gardening
    - 3,5 Gardening
    - 3,5
    - 3,5 = 3,5

    - Body Shape: Slim Body Shape
    - Body Fat: Average Body Fat

    Common [Mother tongue]
    Skodje [Fluent]

    Special Traits

    Ailor Akkadian Traits

    Akkadian Ailor is uniquely well-studied, and are more inclined to be involved in knowledge related studies. Akkadian Ailor can ‘purchase’ two Arcanology Pack at 0 Proficiency cost.
    Akkadian Ailor have excellent memories for text, owed to their training and experience with books and literature. The Akkadian Ailor can recall, with perfect accuracy, anything they have read in text before. This Ability does not apply to languages, ciphers, or text that the Akkadian Ailor cannot understand or comprehend.
    Akkadian Ailor are prone to brief bouts of inspiration, allowing them to hyper-focus on hobbies or tasks for a period of time. The Akkadian Ailor gains a +5 boost to certain Proficiencies for each week of the month, but only if they already have 5 points invested into that Proficiency already. If they do not, they gain no benefit that week. If the Akkadian Ailor has 0 points invested into any of the Proficiencies, they can instead ‘purchase’ one Arcanology Pack at 0 Proficiency Cost. The first week of the month boost is: Medical Science. The second week of the month boost is: Alchemy Science. The third week of the month boost is: Metallurgy Science. The fourth week of the month (and any leftover days) is: Finecraft Science. It is not necessary to add these boosts to a Character Application. These boosts do not break Proficiency Limits, and do not contribute Physical Stat.

    Sorcery Abilities

    This Ability only affects Werebeasts, Exist Mages, Exist Sorcerers, Exist Silven, and Capradeim. The user is able to hold up one hand with the palm facing a person, causing an agonizing eye-pain when gazing at the user and cacophony of agony screams to erupt on the Target. This has two effects. Firstly, the Target can only Slow-walk towards the user. They can still run back, or sideways, but moving towards the user becomes a struggle. Secondly, they cannot physically see the user because of the pain in their eyes, thus any Ability that requires line of sight of the Target cannot be used on them. The user also cannot run, but can use their other arm and the rest of their body to do any action, as only the single hand must be upheld. This Ability has no Cooldown, though if knocked out of it by being knocked over, gains a 10 second Cooldown.
    While within Direct Touch, the user can heal wounds on a target through a Magic Spell that counts as a Immobile Channel, using healing light. Surface tissue wounds like cuts and bruises can be fixed within 30 seconds of continued channeling with the target standing still, while deeper cuts and gashes take up to two minutes. Greater wounds like internal damage or severe bleeding require the target to be laying down, with the user healing deeper wounds over the timespan of 15 minutes. This Ability cannot be used on self.
    The user can perform the cleansing ritual on any person, lasting 5 minutes, causing any Target Curse or Target Illusion that is actively affecting them to disappear. Once cleansed, a target cannot be re-cleansed for another 10 minutes. This process is painless, but the target may still be confused or hostile. The target leaving Emote Distance cancels this Power. This Ability goes through immunity to Control Powers.

    Arcanology Abilities

    Grants the Character the Ability to destroy 1 Ability Ward of any type (Mage, Archblood, Vampire, etc., except if it specifically has a no-counter rule) by using a mundane mixture of Magestone dust, Holy Water, and some other secret ingredients written from ancient books. When having this Ability, the Character is permitted to always carry one pouch with this mixture around which is enough to destroy one ward. The pouch refills 24 hours after use.

    The Character has an in-depth understanding of Vampire and Werebeast curing, able to acquire the materials for the curing and apply it in person. There is a limitation to this pack however. In order to choose this specific Knowledge pack, the Character must have 10 Medical Science Proficiency, otherwise they are not allowed to choose it.

    Visual Information

    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown hair
    Hair Style: Short wavy hair
    Skin: brown
    Height: 5ft

    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Personality Type: Mediator
    Religion: Non-religion

    Life Story
    Marion lived a peaceful life with her parents and her little brother, Learning most of her core skills from her Parents (The mom being the sorcerer and her father being a doctor). While she was living with her family she used most of her time working in the garden, So that when they got home, they got home to a pretty view. While she was Working in the garden, she would sing to herself to help spend some time.

    She also was babysitting her brother Jonathan. He was a kind boy who she cared a lot about, and wanted the best for him.

    However...One night in the full moon, vampires came over and tried to do a murder attempt on the family, because the parents were a huge problem to them, as they were curing vampires and were beasts.

    To make sure Marion and her little brother were safe. They managed to Let them leave through the backdoor. Marion ran as fast as she could. However, At some point, she hidden Her dear little brother away and kept running. Hoping that the vampire would follow her. And after a little time of sprinting, She used an axe from a cabin she found, to slash onto the vampire multiple times.

    Due to this horrific event, it made it so Marion got amnesia. As the event was so horrific, her brain made it so she would rather forget all than none. This made Marion really scared for others and pretty silent when talking to them.

    The same night, she was brought outside of the city, and in the next morning she went in all scared and nervous. Hoping things will go well for her.

    While she is in the city. she met some people who helped her pretty well. She got her affliction knowledge from Biriqhoteph. A man who was working in nooks cranny and helped her until she got her own place. She also got her ambition to help others by him.

    She also used some time learning about baking as well, when Solaine Kreiburg told her a compliment of her baking skills, which made her wanna try baking as well.

    However. She found a secret basement in her house and there she found a mage book. With this book she learned a bit more on magic and also Learned more about Curing Knowledge. However, she keeps it to herself that she knows about magic.
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    @Noova_Art Claimed for review! Expect a response in time.
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    - Currently Gold is a metal reserved for nobles, it might be good to swap that out for somethin' else.
    - I might encourage you to flesh out Marion's life story just a smidgen, although it's a decent length for a 22 year old.
    Mark changes made in Green, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! @Noova_Art
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    @Ded Jok There we go c: I also added one more Personal item which is an axe.
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