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    Character Information
    Full Name: Marian Susanna Hale
    Race: Ailor - Heartland Ceardian
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Blue

    Core Concept
    Marian is a gentle, mild young woman, working as a baker and brewer. She is a caring soul with seemingly endless love to give, bright as a sunflower.

    Strength: 0
    Constitution: 3
    • Wood Craft Pack
    • Thread Craft Pack
    • Earthenware Craft Pack
    Wisdom: 4
    • Hoterie Wisdom Pack
    • Common Alchemy Pack
    • Morphing Alchemy Pack
    • Healing Alchemy Pack
    Dexterity: 2
    • Backup Pack
    • Knocking Shot
    Magic: 0
    Charisma: 5
    • Empire Linguist Pack
    • Pet Husbandry Pack
      A Calemberger Dobs named 'Sunshine', gifted to Marian by her former employer after she had remarked on how much she adored a visiting noble's Dobs.​
    • Mount Husbandry Pack
      A white Cheval du Ciel by the name of Amoure, her too a gift from her previous employer.​


    Appearance Information
    Marian is a plump, short woman with long auburn hair that falls into natural waves, not quite curls. She typically tames it into a low bun to keep it out of the way while she bakes, and often wears silk hairwraps, bands, and the like. She has a round face with large eyes, and her face is quite cherubic and sweet-looking.

    Life Story
    > Marian was born to Lucy and George Hale in a small town in Steerland by the name of Henford, the second daughter following her sister Judith. Their mother suffered complications in her birth, and the pair were unable to have further children. However, they were perfectly happy with their three children and doted upon them endlessly.​

    > Marian was very young when her parents died, and she was sent to live with her uncle, Gregory, and his wife at his Celerie. He was a Celate of Unionism, and harsh with the two girls. Marian strived to be the perfect Heartland Ceardian girl, submissive and sweet, gentle always.​

    > As a teen and approaching adulthood, Marian left her uncle’s home to attend a culinary academy in Ithania, where she learned baking, pastry making, as well as candy. She also began to learn to brew wine after spending a year in Douverne. She returned to Ithania for a time, employed by a noblewoman’s household, where she studied alchemy between work.​

    > Marian was contacted by her sister Judith about coming to Regalia with her, and with regals saved up, Marian decided that Regalia was the perfect place to start her bakery business and gain employment as a trained baker and patisserie.​
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