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    Basic Information

    • Malik Sabah is a 36 year old male Half Ailor-Half Qadir

    • Malik was born to Captain Sahlib “The Serpent” Sabah, his father who currently lives as a pile of bones on the ocean floor (He is deceased). And Malik was birthed from his mother, Anneliese Sabah, age 56, currently living in a small Farah’deen port town. Malik was born in the small port town along the southeastern Farah’deen coast by the name of Jāfarābād.

    • Malik currently resides in Regalia with his crew, owning a small home a little ways of the main street.

    • Maliks current goals in life are currently as straightforward as making a name for himself through both stories of grandeur and actual actions/feats. When he is whispered of by those he passes by he will be satisfied, but if he is to have an air of fame or infamy is yet to be seen

    Visual Information

    Body Description

    • Malik comes in at 6’2” and a solid 211 pounds (Real life example using Seahawks player Ricardo Lockette who has the same height and weight. Though Malik’s Ab’s are even less defined than his), he has an athletic build. The majority of his muscle is formed around his shoulders, chest and triceps, coming from a majority of a life pushing, pulling and lifting on a ship at sea. The most notable portion of fat on his body is built up around his stomach/midriff, gained from his notable amount of drinking. He doesn’t have a beer belly however the build does smudge out what could otherwise be well defined abdominals.

    • Malik is a on the lighter tone of Qadir skin due to the fact that he is part Ailor, he comes in at a 28 on the Character Skin Tone chart. He has a few thin, long scars on his chest and stomach-area from scuffles and misadventures in his past. He also has a tennis ball sized(with spidering “cracks”) burn scar on his upper back when he was struck by lightning at sea whilst attempting to draw power from a storm in his early 20’s. Two small scars adorn the right side of his neck from a run in with a vampires scraping teeth. He has a large tribal style tattoo that encompasses his right shoulder blade area and comes up and over his shoulder and down his upper arm. And finally he has his mage brand tattoo from the Azure Order around his neck, its permanent appearance an everlasting reminder of his greatest fear.

    • Malik’s arms and legs are covered in a thin layer of thick dark-brown hairs along with a patch that spreads from right above his sternum and covers a small area in the center of his chest. The same hairs also circle his naval and run up his stomach in a strip to connect with his chest hair, he also has a bit of hair on his lower stomach beneath his naval.

    • Malik art done by some lovely people

    Head Description

    • Malik has a triangular shaped face with large, close set and upturned honey brown eyes. He also has thick lips that commonly frame a grin of some sort. Malik has an aquiline nose with wide slightly upturned nostrils, though the bridge is slightly crooked due to it having been broken more than once.

    • His eyes are a light honey brown, close in color to one of the light brown ales he might drown his thirst in. These large eyes are often bright to match his usual jolly mood however they will usually reflect and/or enhance any emotions he may be feeling, often betraying any feelings he may try to suppress.

    • Malik’s hair is naturally thick, dark brown and tightly curled however Malik keeps it in cornrow style braids that fall down to a little less than the point where his neck meets his body. Though he keeps the braids in for so long they often became frayed/messy and have hairs just jutting out at points.

    • Malik has two shiny gold bands in his left ear and also usually sports a rough stubble along his chin and up the sides of his face since he tries to keep his beard shaved down from actually forming any sort of visible facial feature. Malik naturally finds it hard to grow much hair on his upper lip so handling what little mustache he grows and keeping his upper lip shaven is rather simple for him. Malik also retains all of his teeth.

    Clothing and Accessories

    • Malik’s most notable piece of clothing is his Captains Coat, trailing down to his feet, made of black leather with a bright red trim and a steel pauldron has been attached to the left shoulder. The coat also has gold trim abouts the wrist cuffs and handful of golden buttons lining up the front to close it. It is uncommon for Malik to wear anything under this coat though in the past during cold months he has preferred a ratty old white cloth shirt. Malik always wears thick black linen pants which match well with his coat which are held up by a black leather belt with a golden buckle. On his feet he wears a old pair of black, heavy leather boots with golden buckles. And finally, while in Regalia Malik wears a golden collar studded with lapis to mark him as an Azure approved mage.

    • Malik’s only excess accessories include two golden rings on his right hand, one on his ring finger the other on his index, and one golden ring of a similar look on his left middle finger. They are plain golden bands and have little significant value to him other than to be gaudy and display wealth.

    Behavior Information

    Personality Traits

    • Laid back- Unless his relatively thick skin has been worn down, Malik is quite the laid back individual. A trait developed after the example his father lead, Malik's father had a very relaxed demeanor and a go with the flow attitude and the young Malik picked up on it. This sort of lifestyle only became stronger as he himself went to sea and captained his own crew, being able to do what he wanted and go where he wanted when he wanted only had Malik taking this for granted and fully embracing it. It isn’t common for Malik to get angry or upset, more one to stay upbeat and jovial, things always seem to have a way of working out so why waste life being upset over them. He is also not one to go out of his way to do much of anything, he prefers to take the easy way into things.

    • Crude- Malik is a rather crude individual, not one to hold back on jokes or comments at anothers expense. Another trait picked up in his youth and only nurtured by his scoundrel filled environment. Though he does have something of a filter it isn’t enough to stop him, atop his already poor way of speech this trait could be enough to push others away.

    • Humorous- One thing Malik has a lot of is sense of humor, it isn’t rare to hear him releasing a boisterous cacophony wherever he goes. Malik has always enjoyed making others laugh, comedy is not only a good way to draw in companions but also a good cover for ones feelings. Hard to be sad if you’re too busy laughing, right? Finding the ability to joke even in hard times, Malik is a humorous individual and anyone that speaks to him will usually get a wisecrack or two.

    • Obnoxious- Loud, boisterous, riotous, all good words to describe Malik’s general attitude. Allowed to run abouts with little rules as a child, and being Captain of his own ship in wide open waters, Malik never came to be much corrected for his attitude. Malik usually speaks in a rather booming, cacophonous voice, if he’s about its often not hard to notice and he’s prone to making sure you do.

    • Flirtatious- “Malik ain’ b’ bein’un t’ disappoint a lass, aye?” A bottomless pit of compliments, winks and cliche similes/metaphors is implanted deep in Malik's soul. As soon as Malik took interest in women he was one to flirt. A joke here, a sly grin there, he almost does it subconsciously at times but when push comes to shove Malik likes to keep his options of attractive women open, and the potential companionship that results from it prevents Malik from dreaded loneliness.

    • Sociable- A trait derived from his dislike of being alone, Malik likes to socialize. Often putting himself into conversations or joining groups of peoples with disregard for them wanting his presence or not. Pairs well with his humorous and obnoxious attitude, as he’s no shame of forcing his boisterous voice into a chat and does his best to keep himself welcomed with his joking.

    • Regretful- Descending from his gung ho attitude and his preference for lies, Malik often goes into things without much thought on the consequences or sometimes even moral justification leaving him feeling regret after the acts. This regret has trailed him ever since he was young and ties in with his repression of his feelings as he must do so to keep his regret from overtaking him. Malik feels remorse for many things he does in his life but these feelings often only seep out whilst he is drunk or during one of his emotional explosions.

    • Gung Ho- Malik is a very gung-ho individual and always has been so since a child, preferring to go head first into situations, usually with whatever his first idea to come to mind was. This enthusiasm can often blind him from thought and needed concern for situations he gets himself into and will often lead to regretting his decision or poor endings for himself and those involved with him. Though this eager jumping into action doesn’t always turn out negative and quick thinking and processions can help him get the drop on others or come out on top of the moment at hand.

    • Uncomplaining- Not much of one to gripe or complain, even in harsh situations, Malik is quite uncomplaining. It is very rare to hear him whine, as a child even Malik usually kept his concerns or complaints to himself, outwardly jovial, apathetic or humorous at most times. From day to day this leaves him as an individual who seems apathetic or breezy at most times and about most situations, though this goes to the wind if his emotional scale is tipped and he finds himself in a frenzy of anger or strife.


    • Sailing- Malik’s profession being that of a Captain it’s not too surprising to find he enjoys sailing. He loves the freedom, the smell, the sights everything that comes with sailing the open seas. Rain or shine, storm or calm, he loves traversing Aloria’s waters.

    • His Crew- No matter how many he’s been through, Malik always respects and protects his crew. Every crew Malik has had he considers some degree of family and he doesn’t tolerate others harming or spiteing them, going out of his way to get them reparations. He might sometimes argue with them, or come to butt heads with them but they’re still his crew.

    • Talking- Malik loves to speak, whether it come to flirting, telling his wild tales or just a bit of friendly chit-chat. He is one to speak his mind, and with his boisterous voice he doesn’t much mind who hears.

    • Showing off- Malik loves to show off, whether it be to impress a woman he’s taken a fancy to or even telling a tall tale of imaginary exploits just to leave a lot of tavern goers in awe.

    • Drinking- A fix all elixir to Malik, whether you want to improve a gathering of friends or to drown out your worries and melancholy. Malik enjoys his liquor, and though he might groan and gripe over what Regalia has to offer, he’ll drink it down the same as his favorite brew.


    • Being Lonely- After his best friend as a child, his father, died and left him alone with his mother, Malik has hated the idea of being alone. This dislike was only strengthened from his time spent locked up in the Azure Order headquarters during his “Re-education”. Due to this Malik enjoys having company whether it be that of his crew or just some stranger he runs across, it also was a factor in his jovial demeanor because who wants to hang abouts a sad-sack, right?

    • Those who attack his crew- In correlation with his favoring of those who serve on his ship, he can’t stand anyone doing them wrong. Malik is even willing to go further for his crew than he’d do for himself, if any of his men, from the lowest deck slave to his first mate, we’re to be stolen from, assaulted or grieved by another he’d take the stage to assist.

    • Harming women- One of Malik’s most held onto morals is disallowing himself from hurting women to the best of his ability. Whilst he might not step up to defend them, he himself will do all in his power to avoid fighting, damaging or harming any member of the fairer sex. Of course however if one comes at him in an attempt to kill, maim or otherwise severely damage him he won’t just stand idly by, though breaking the nose of a lass would leave quite the sour taste in his mouth.

    • Azure Order- Malik loathes the Azure Order of Regalia after he was kept by them for an extended period of time for his magical abilities. Although he’d likely never act out against them as he has a devastating fear of the organization and it’s members. He even found himself freezing up and at a loss for words many months after his time amongst them when he came into the presence of one of their members in his service of Freya Lo.

    • Mutiny- If there’s a quick way to get on Malik's bad side, its betraying him as a member of his crew. Mutiny is the downfall of a vessel and more importantly its captain so it is not only his biggest fear but any crew member who attempts this act or what he perceives as such will ignite a smoldering hatred in Malik's heart un-towards them. Ironic seeing how he only came to Captain the Maelstrom by such an act.

    • Opium- Malik has only partaken of the stuff a few times but he has a strong willed distaste for the substance. While many he considers acquaintances have questioned him as to why (seeing how he still partakes in drinking) he usually just brushes off their questioning. The truth is even though alcohol leaves one less than lucid, he finds smoking leaves those that participate in an even worse state than one might be in after a few drinks and he’d prefer to have some sort of wit about him. Not to mention he’s met a few opium addicts in his travels, and the side effects they’ve suffered, only putting him more off the stuff.

    Abilities and Disabilities


    • Mage Level Lightning Shock- The most useful skill in Malik’s arsenal, having trained this craft for many years he has become quite the proficient lightning mage. In most situations where fighting is needed this is where he will turn first, especially with the laws against weapons within Regalia. At full strength Malik can fire three bolts of lightning, with a fourth leaving him on the brink of unconsciousness or unconscious.

    • Hearty- Malik is more often than not a boisterous, cheerful, fun-loving guy and this trait makes it rather easy for him to involve himself with others or for them to approach him.

    • Deceitful- Malik has no qualms against lying and he exercises such an ability frequently. He lies of accomplishments, misdeeds, anything to make himself sound better or innocent of crimes. He also often lies about his true feelings, not often one to show anger or sadness in-front of others especially if he is being goaded into such emotions.

    • Unpredictable- At most all times Malik will outwardly seem quite jovial, all grins and laughs, because of this it can be quite hard to tell what he is thinking or planning. He might be joking and laughing one moment and leaning across the table to give you a death glare the next. This is used to his advantage by keeping those he speaks to on their toes. But it can also be a negative since his company never knowing if he is truly happy or upset could leave them awkwardly stepping on eggshells, or skeptical of anything he says or does.


    • Poor Posture- Being a pirate, Malik is anything but high class. He often walks, sits and general exists with a bit of a natural slouch in his upper back. While he has little physical issues resulting from it currently, he will likely develop back issues later on in life.

    • Diction- Malik has a very thick, poor spoken accent which influences all of his speech. As such it can sometimes be hard for others to understand him or for him to get his ideas or comments out in an understandable manner.

    • Magical Endurance- One of Maliks biggest physical flaws is his endurance but specifically during combat. Maliks main form of aggression is his magic, however he quickly tires from this. At full strength, with all his energy he can cast four times with the fifth leaving him too exhausted to even stand if not leaving him fading to unconsciousness.

    • Represses Feelings- Malik isn’t usually one to openly express negative feelings. While it isn’t non-existent, he usually pushes down frustration, anger, sadness, etc down deep into himself causing it often to all spill out in one large mixture of it all.

    • No combat training- Beyond his magic, Malik is rather clueless in combat. Though he’s been in his fair share of scraps he knows no form of combat style, relying on clumsy/random punches, kicks and swings of whatever weapon he might have his hands on (though usually one of his cutlasses). This leaves him at an obvious disadvantage in any form of close quarters combat with an actually trained opponent, whether it come to fisticuffs or crossing swords. Yet another reason he favors magic in a fight.

    Combat Styles

    • Underhanded and Aggressive - Maliks combat style involves a mix of deceitful trickery and being on the offensive to get the advantage over his opponent. Lies, ambushes, throwing some dirt in your opponents eyes, Malik will perform any sort of action to get himself ahead in a fight, caring very little for honor or anything of the sort as long as he wins.
    Weapons of Choice

    • Cutlass - Although untrained, when knowing there is a fight to be had Malik is known to carry one of his two cutlass swords. Even without knowing how to properly wield them, an unarmed man is often more willing to surrender or flee from an armed one, and swinging about a sharp edge is usually more effective in dealing damage than ones fists.

    • Lightning Shock Magic - Malik’s most useful weapon in combat, his magic. Usually he finds hitting someone with a bolt of lightning is enough to end a fight and as such he is quick to jump to it in an actual fight.
    Magical abilities
    • School of Magic: Lightning
    • Sub School: Lightning Shock
    • Skill Level: Mage
    • Casting form: Malik only practices only two spells, he has perfected the motions for himself for the first, but the second is much more difficult. Before casting Malik will often steady his breath and focus on his target, readying himself as to avoid sloppy mistakes.
      1.For his first he then starts by bringing his hands to his hips, his fingers clenched into fists and held with his knuckles facing up. Then after a moment he will take a step forward whilst bringing both his arms up and then to his right side. He will pull them back a little before punching both his fists out before him, knuckles turned in to face one another as he shouts his casting word in Faraddi: "Strike!". As his cast comes to a complete he harnesses the static in the air about's him magically as lightning magic does, the sparks jumping a bit between his hands before arcing off from him towards his target. The whole casting process takes anywhere from 3-7 seconds, depending on how much power he puts behind it the time he concentrates/steadies himself will be longer but produce more potent results.
      2. The second "Spell" Malik practices is not something he does often but involves the process of re-harnessing the energy from a natural lightning bolt. While the finishing process is the same as the first, the beginning has changes and the whole process is much longer and more delicate. Malik would start with his hands open palmed and pressed together before him, from here he will bring them apart and raise them to the sky. He then clasps his hands shut and pulls them down, as if he is tearing something from the sky, then the process continues as it did with the first type of casting. This is much more dangerous however as this spell attempts to bring a lightning strike near Malik so he may harness its static electricity, if successful it brings powerful results, however if done incorrectly, or too quickly the lightning could just strike Malik and not give him a chance to redirect it at all. And even when the spell succeeds the lightning will still pass quickly through Malik's arms and out towards it's target, still electrocuting him and bringing him pain until it leaves through the strike. Due to these reasons this is not something Malik does often, usually held for only important battles such as when trying to sink a ship in one blow. The whole process takes anywhere from 12-15 seconds.


    ~Crew Members~
    • Shahrokh Vahahid (@Green_Hood ) - Shahrokh is Malik’s current first mate of over a year and his most trusted friend. This is mostly do to the fact that the man does and goes along with whatever Malik says to or does himself. He is loyal to a fault, which Malik appreciates but he also finds the man’s personality a bit dry, he is quite short of words and answers most questions with a “Yes Captain”. A good first mate, and useful in a fight but not Maliks first choice when it comes to joking about or partying.

    • Jaheem Imari (@Teddie000 ) - Jaheem is Malik’s Efendi, his head slave of a few months. Given to him as a gift by his first mate Shahrokh, he is Malik’s second most trusted shipmate. While Malik does give Jaheem orders and jobs to do, he is more like another member of the crew, a /very loyal/ member of the crew. Malik actually does as well enjoy the mans company if not finding him a bit nervous and jumpy (though he realizes why this might be so). After a recent moment of anger, Malik beat the slave rather horridly and since he has felt quite regretful and walking a bit on eggshells about him.

    • Nijad Al-Assar (@Plecy ) - Nijad Al-Assar, a serpent of a hex mage. Nijad is one of the few Qadir he picked up before his return to Regalia and wrangled into being a part of his crew. However unlike most of the others, Nijad and Malik have often butted heads. Nijad seems quite set on defying what authority Malik has, and his independent and argumentative attitude leaves Malik’s patience thin. The final straw for Malik was his protection of Elizabeth Mahina, the woman who bit Malik twice, an argument they had over the woman had left Malik speculative and wary of the hex mage. But these feelings have smoldered into a low burning hatred of the man after learning he was alongside Elizabeth when she bit Jaheem, and even previously insults and belittling towards and of Maliks leadership and his qualifications to be Captain.

    • Hadiyya Al-Layali (@Ryciera ) - Shadow mage and a key piece in one of the groups previous business operations. Malik has mixed feelings over the woman but he trusts her less than he used to after her making it quite clear she puts her chips in with Nijad. Malik met her when he and Shahrokh attempted to enslave Hadi, however her quick escape eventually lead to talks which allowed for her freedom and a pass into Regalia with the crew. He dislikes her frequent use of opium and her closeness with Nijad felt like a betrayal of himself even if he barely knew the woman. He hasn’t spoken to her since he’d had vampires smash her store in attempt to prove Nijad incompetent and his opinions and plans terrible. However he hopes with a few lies he could bring her to find his leadership better than the white haired Hex mages, if not he will still consider her joining of Nijad mutinee.

    • Nassim (@TheBioverse ) - Being a fire mage priest of Shambala, Malik was slightly wary of bringing the man on board his ship (due to Maliks disregard of most of the religion) but he brought him along on the crews way to Regalia. Malik has had little interactions with the man since they made port, Nassim seemingly disappearing for days at a time to “convert the locals” and whatever other business he found important to himself. Malik has no ill will towards him nor much in the way of overly positive thoughts.

    • Yusrah Samara (@Finn_Ish) - A fellow Lightning mage, another tag along on Maliks return to The Holy City that Malik hasn’t had the most interaction with. He takes interest in the woman’s shared knowledge of Lightning shock, but her quiet, seemingly reclusive demeanor hasn’t given him much of a chance to speak with her. Not to mention she seems almost as lacking in presence as Nassim. She however helped Malik in his exploration of the sewers for Willem and his vampires and stood her ground to help fight, earning more than a little respect from Malik (even if they still gotten beaten in the end).

    ~Positive Relationships~
    • Runi Lacosta (@Eliza_Nightly ) - A currently missing love interest, Malik met Runi at the top of the Golden Willow alongside an Elf he had been speaking with. He met with Runi a few times after and while she was quite the looker, he also was drawn in by her apparent skill in sailing and shared love of the ocean. His feelings for her went deeper than for most women and he vied for her affection with gifts, flirting and attention. Though not much came of it and he has seen little of her in the last few months, he still still thinks of her every now and again.

    • Nevan Qual (@Squint_1 ) - Originally a hired thug of Hadi’s but Malik would like to think of their Qadir group he won the man’s loyalty. A competent employee and a trustworthy individual, Malik has nothing but respect for Ailor. Willing to spy, lie and stay amongst vampires to leak Malik information and keep tabs on them. On top of which he followed the Half-Qadir Captain into the sewers to help deal with said vampire grouping and even helped smash up one of their houses in revenge. Malik has nothing but a positive opinion of Nevan and will continue to hire his services when he needs them.

    • Lithiel Losseniel (@Lithiel ) - The Elven healer who treated Maliks vampire bites after his first encounter with Elizabeth Mahina. The woman seemed reasonable enough and he does owe her a debt of gratitude for her use of light magic in trying times. Although he inevitably broke the promise he made to the woman after receiving her help, Malik’d hope to one day repay her services in a more fitting manner.

    • Rafiq Nazari - Recently arrived contortionist friend of Jaheem Imari, and a seemingly upbeat, interesting individual. Malik has had nothing but positive experiences with the man, and being an old friend of Jaheem’s and an advocate of parties didn’t hurt his first impression. Malik considers him a good acquaintance if not a friend.

    • Narien Talvanil (@Jadee ) - The friendly Shendar, Malik originally mistook the grey Elf for one of Freya’s old cohorts, Umon. After ironing out that Narien was indeed not him nor related in any manner the two have had a few decent conversations leading Malik to taking a shining to the Shendar. These positive feelings have only increased after recently Narien took Malik into his home and fed him what he had and provided him a bed during the food shortage and removal of the Qadir occupants from Regalia. Malik would consider Narien a good friend, and be willing to pay him back for his generosity.

    • Reisa (@babayonce ) - Another former employee of the late Freya Lo towards the end of Maliks service to her. Perhaps being one of the few other Qadir abouts during the time lead Malik to being drawn to her, or perhaps he just couldn’t help himself abouts a new female Lo employee. Either way, during his time of knowing the red haired lass, Malik flirted quite frequently with her and though always shot down the denial of his affections didn’t hinder him. Gifts and nicknames were met with insults and scoffs, and when he got a bit too handsy perhaps even a few slaps and kicks but Malik couldn’t help but find his interactions with her amusing. Malik had perhaps started to grow some feelings for Reisa but almost as soon as they sprouted she was nowhere to be found, popping back up a few more times during his time in Regalia but ultimately seemingly disappearing for good. A recent argument with Jaak Keppkuula left the memories of Reisa bittersweet in Maliks head and he hopes to run into her again one day if at to prove Jaak’s claims of her death false and rid himself of the guilt the Northerne man planted in his head.

    • Shoryu Gha’dari (@BuffyCreepSlayer ) - A young half Shendar Malik has taken a liking to in recent days. Their first encounter is hazy to Malik but happened many months back, consisting of a short conversation. But when Malik ran acrossed the She-Elf in the present his time with her has been much more substantial. Malik thoroughly enjoys her sense of humor and running across yet another woman who shares his passion of sailing sealed the deal. Consistently flirting with, flustering and hanging abouts Shoryu has been common in the past month. Malik thinks of her as more than just another conquest, developing strong feelings for her and caring for her well-being especially in these hectic times. Malik was only more ecstatic when Shoryu arrived at his house during his hiding even after knowing she was told not to associate with him and even more so that she was unharmed. He took her arrival as a sign that if anything she must care about him in some manner, whether just friendship or something more is yet to be seen.

    • Tabari of the Etcetera (@Shuikenai )- Sky Pirating, belly dancing, eccentric extraordinaire. Malik recently met yet another person whom claims ships that float through the air are not but a fiction of their imagination. Tabari is quite the amusing individual, boisterous, flamboyant and in your face. While Malik still is skeptical of his claims of airships(still yet to see one with his own eyes), he finds the tan-skinned man’s company to be enjoyable and his seemingly erratic behavior and potentially endless titles humorless in the least.

    • Flynn Sinclair (@Green_Hood )- The mad tailor. Maliks knowing of Flynn goes way back to the Captains early days in the streets of Regalia, attempting to help the tan Elf retrieve a necklace a certain plant woman had apparently stolen from him, and subsequently helping said two to a fire after they nearly froze half to death in Regalia’s wintertime ocean. He thought of Flynn as a seemingly capable tailor, if not a bit of an oddball but more recently he is a bit more curious of the man and his apparent interest in splashing people with liquid and Willem and his eye coloring. Finding perhaps he is less crazy than he seems. And as the father of Shoryu, he hopes to keep on the Elf’s good graces, with Shoryu’s apparent respect of her adoptive father and his word. Thinking perhaps it will help with the Shoryu and his relationship.
    ~Neutral Relationships~
    • Cecily Lo (@Ryciera ) - Malik met Cecily under the service of her sister, and they had rather positive relations. That is until Freya and Cecily had a bit of a falling out and Malik was ordered to bring Cecily in for Freya to… do her thing. He felt remorse for standing idly by whilst the Lo was put under the knife but he tried to push it from his head, the fact they didn’t speak or interact much after the incident helped the Pirate Captain to ignore the issue but not forever. Once Freya died Malik grew increasingly anxious, not knowing her current power in Regalia and worried Cecily might rat out his involvement in Freya Lo’s schemes he attempted to make some amends for his actions or more so inactions in the past. Little came of this however as he soon once more skipped town and. His next encounter with the woman would relieve some of his stress as Cecily stated she had come to forgive Malik for the past but their conversation was short lived. A mixture of regret and mild fear still nibbles at him deep in his mind, for now he believes her testimony but he remains wary of her return to Regalia.

    • Freya Lo [Deceased] (@Shuikenai ) - Freya Lo, probably the most memorable person Malik has come across in his lifetime. One of the first people he met after being released from the Azure’s clutches and one whom would guide much of his time spent in grand city of Regalia. He and his crew were quickly hired on as Lo employee’s and the rest is history, Malik stood loyally (most of the time) by Freya’s side throughout her reign as Lo house Matriarch and through to her time as senator. He had, and still does have, a reverence for her ability to get things done and to achieve what she wished, there was no denying the power and the ability she possessed at least to Malik. However fear also guided his loyalty to the woman, the woman willing to even put her own sister under the knife when she grew to be a problem. As she grew more.. eccentric towards the end of her life, Malik took a bit of a well needed break, unfortunately during so news of her death would eventually reach his ears. The announcement came as a bit of confusing news to Malik, he felt a mixture of sadness, relief and an underlying worry of what was to come without the service to the noblewoman. Today, Malik keeps hold of his memories of the Noblewoman, her image respected but also feared by the Captain. His time with her would likely never be forgotten as many of the actions he enacted under her leadership still way on the back of his mind, like anchors to the past. An employer, and at times.. perhaps even a friend, Lady Freya Lo.

    • Naushe Kearney (@Eliza_Nightly ) - Ex-Guardsmen and more known to Malik as his ex-slave. Bought in an attempted double cross deal from Willem de Blouscheur, he starred as Maliks most prized piece of living property, his top pit fighter, whilst in chains. Their relationship was quite rocky if not flat out awful, mainly for Kearney, upon first acquiring the peg legged man Malik dished him out a number of beatings, emasculations and public embarrassments. Though as his time under Malik progressed the half Qadir Captain came to slowly treat the man less like his personal stress ball and more like the person he was, offering him handfuls of bargains and deals despite the fact that he was technically Maliks property. He even eventually came to confide his own regrets and shame’s during a drunken spell. Soon after the latter, Naushe came to “escape” Malik’s ownership which after it all came as a relief to Malik. As of today he isn’t sure where the peglegged man currently resides, and he doesn’t much care. He holds in memory a certain respect for Naushe’s concerns as a father and his rarely faltering, stubborn, willfulness. And more importantly he fosters a suppressed regret for his handling of the ex-guard, although he would likely not let him know as such... again.

    • Amber Averill (Blouscheur now I think?) (@Natkanino ) - When Malik first met the woman she seemed friendly enough, ex-Radiant Gauntlet and offered Malik and Jaheem free food and drink. But his relationship has been up and down with the woman, she claimed to be against Willem de Blouscheur and associates whilst Malik and his maintained a feud with the group, but then the next moment she seemed to be with them. Of current he has an unsteady trust of the woman, and of her group as a whole. The most recent reasoning being the fact they seemingly failed to deal with Elizabeth Mahina in the way he had prescribed.

    • Willem de Blouscheur and associates (@CuteSebby_ and others of whom I am not exactly sure on sorry D: ) - Leader of a seemingly large vampire coven, and thorn in Maliks side for many a week. The relationship with the blonde haired man started quite negatively, with him trying to cheat Malik in a deal and then attempting to besmirch him and his crew. A feud ensued involving acts of vandalism, attempted kidnappings and finally what could perhaps be described as a gang battle in the sewers resulting in an eventual truce. Malik begrudgingly dropped his issues with the group, avoiding them until he found use for their services himself. Though they apparently botched the job he hired them for, they seem trustworthy enough if given incentive or pay.. if not seeming to be slightly incompetent. He currently holds no ill will towards the man or his followers, but not much positive either as he remembers the man’s “crimes” against him and his own.

    • Piper Pim Duchamp (@Ryciera ) - The dirty, poor speaking, redheaded woman. Malik first ran into Piper during her time as a bartender at the Golden Willow Tavern, while back then most of their conversations were quite tame and revolved abouts the existence or lack there of of Airships. But since the Qadir invasion Malik and Piper have been on less than positive terms, her whole hearted disgust with slavery and Malik’s self centered support of the act created a rift between the two. Their last few encounters have ended in aggression, whether physical or verbal, and the gingers berating of his involvement in slavery added to a pile of self doubt within the Captain over his actions. He doesn’t hate the woman as much as she seemingly is currently disgusted by him, and in fact holds no ill will against her though for the time he has set aside any possible rekindling of acquaintanceship. Though he wouldn’t be opposed to mending their falling out in the future after the situation has settled.
    ~Negative Relationships~
    • Elizabeth Mahina (@Ryciera ) - Perhaps the one person in Regalia who of current sends shivers up Maliks spine. The sickly vampiric woman was first involved with Malik when she posed as a customer interested in acquiring slaves from Malik. This meeting quickly turned south when she bit him, multiple times, and was quickly made a slave herself. Malik quickly came to regret this decision, finding something.. everything, about Elizabeth unsettling, she struck a terror deep inside him he’d yet to feel since his time amongst the Azure Order.. or perhaps Freya. He banished the woman from the winehouse where they had taken up residence and attempts to avoid contact with her at all costs. Even going so far as to attempt to have her kidnapped and whisked away to the sewers where he’d hopefully never seen her again. Recently he has learned from Jaheem that this is indeed not the case, and her knowing of his residence as only unsettled him all the more. The woman’s ominous whisperings and demeanor leave Malik hoping she will stay as far away from him as he attempts to from her.

    • Jaak Keppkuula (@Green_Hood ) - One of the few Malik has come to have putrid distaste for. Malik first met Jaak many months previous, though then his idle tauntings and insults left Malik laughing, not giving much mind to the mans pointless words. But of more recent meetings the tall blonde ensures Malik of Reisa’s death and Maliks apparent fault in its happening. His constant berating of Malik as having abandoned the redheaded Qadir to death and similarly toned tales eventually lead Malik to attacking Jaak with an underhanded display of magic. Malik is still quite smug over his triumphing moment as Jaak got to his feet and left in seeming defeat, but the Half Qadir Captain still holds a smoldering hatred for the man and deeply hopes his words to be lies.
    ~Life Story~
    Early Life

    Malik was born in the same town he spent most of his life into young adulthood, Jāfarābād. A small port town built alongside the South-Eastern Farah’deen coast, the place fronted itself as a shipping and fishing town though at its bowels it was much less clean. The place was a haven to rogues, pirates and ne’erdowells of all sorts, gambling dens and black market dealings were common beneath houses and in the backrooms of businesses. This seedy environment would come to help shape Malik into the man he is today. Malik’s parents were Sahlib Sabah, a full blooded Mansuriya pirate Captain and brigand of little notoriety whom would come to be Malik’s role-model in, and Annelise Sabah, fair skinned, red headed Elladorian mother. Wooed and stolen away from the frozen wastes by Maliks father, Annelise would come to be a teacher of the practical for Malik, and an emotional rock.

    From the time he could walk and talk, Malik was fascinated with his father. Tales of grandeur and stories of fantasy filled the young half-breed eyes with stars. While his mother often attempted to keep Malik from the dangerous path of his father, Sahlib and his crew’s telling’s of freedom on the open waters, valuables ripe for the picking and the recognition and respect that came from ruling the sea’s only dragged the boy into the life. His exposure to the privateering lifestyle influenced much of Malik, including his poor manner of speaking common and his admiration of the female form. Finally as Malik came to the age of ten his father found it fitting to teach him of ships of sailing, while some things Sahlib could teach his son on the dry land, other times he would find it needed to take him out onto the seas. During this time he learned the ins and outs of the ship, not only that but he worked as well, he not only worked as a swabbie but under tutelage from the ship’s boatswain and sailing master. Though these trips and service aboard the ship were few and usually weeks if not months between, Malik studied what he’d learned over the years and took any chance he could get to improve his nautical knowledge.

    Maliks youth wasn’t just full of sailing and roguish mischief under the watchful eye of his father and pirates, Malik’s mother cared very much for him and as such taught him what she knew to help improve his life. Mostly this came down to reading and writing common and helping the young half-Qadir improve his Faraddi and Qadiriq whilst learning it herself. Due to this Malik was raised up trilingual though for the young, energetic sailor’s son the lesson’s would often become distractions for more interesting activities. As a result of this short attention and the influence on his dialect by his father and his mates, his common developed less than perfectly, his knowledge of the language isn’t near complete and it comes out quite broken from his mouth. Though more than anything Anneliese provided her son with someone to confide in, she more than anyone took on what little griping or issues arrised in his life and helped him settle them as she still attempts to do today when he visits home.

    Overall much of Maliks youth was quite laid back and enjoyable, an easy life with little to considered troubling which would transfer over into how Malik viewed most of life in the years to come. He had most of what he could ask for, though his father could often be gone for long periods of time whenever he returned he always brought fascinating tales of the world and his travels and his parents always provided him with plenty of freedom’s. Things went quite swimmingly for the young adorer of the ocean, and his life went without much in the way of tragedy till his later teen years.

    ~Adolescence and young adulthood~

    Malik’s early teenage years were filled with much of the same compared to his childhood, sailing and related teachings from his father, common from his mother, and the rest of his free time he spent hanging around down by the docks or lazing about in the sun. But during the summer of Malik’s 16th year, a heavy blow befell him. A small number of Sahlib’s crew came ashore in a small paddleboat, seeing how they had left on their grand vessel this was more than worrying to those that knew the crew. But the now young man that was Malik was only excited as he heard news of the return of his fathers crew, not paying much attention to the details as he ran to the docks only to be met by the poor face of a defeated and worn out quartermaster. Before even questioning the man Malik’s gaze darted quickly about, concern written across his usually jovial expression.

    But his fears were realized when he was told of his father’s demise at sea, a run of the mill smuggling run turned sour quickly when off the southern coast of Farah’deen they ran into a few of unfamiliar ships. Sahlib’s vessel couldn’t outrun them, wind mages fueling their sails on a relatively calm sea. The quartermaster came to explain how the three unidentified ships would eventually come aboard, taking their plundered goods back aboard one of their own ships before opening fire upon the cooperating pirate crew. They didn’t even have a chance to fire back as their hull was torn apart by cannon fire from two sides. As the cannon smoke cleared and the privateering vessels came to depart, the few who had survived managed to find an overturned paddle boat, though part of its side was torn off, it’s bottom was whole and wouldn’t take on water. Sahlib was nowhere in sight. All the was left of the ship in their possession, a torn bit of flag.

    Malik couldn’t believe his ears, his expression filled with despair as the story went on. Filled to the brim with emotion the half-Qadir could take it no longer and turned on his heel, pushing himself through a formed crowd and running his way back home as he fought to hold back tears. Malik barged through his home, making his way to his room without so much as a word to his mother. He was overcome by so many feelings, anger towards his father’s apparent killers, grief over his lose. It was the first time he ever exploded, in a rage he smashed furniture, tore apart hanging maps, ripped pages out of books before tossing them across the room. He only came to stop his rampage as his mother rushed into the room at the loud clattering. Malik would come to embrace his mother, weeping openly into her shoulder. In the following week he left his room very little, spending most of his time mourning in the dark of his second floor room.

    When he finally emerged, Malik oddly seemed no different than he had before the tragedy. Perhaps one would come to terms with the death of a loved one but Malik’s father was the star of his life, and yet to all he spoke to he seemed wholly apathetic to the situation. Malik returned to spending most of his days down by the docks and he still continued his short lessons in common and Qadirriq, so outwardly he seemed fine. But on the inside his hatred and burning frustration had only been doused for the moment, his days on the docks now spent asking around the many crews that stopped into port for a place onboard their ship.

    However over the next few weeks he only came up empty handed as all these vessels already had their own navigators, with much more experience than a sixteen year old boy, and Malik knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere as an underrated swabbie. Not anyplace he planned on heading anyhow. The fact of the matter was he just wasn’t an asset, there were plenty about the port town looking for work, older, stronger, more knowledgeable than the young Malik. He needed a way to stand himself out from the crowd.

    At first Malik thought perhaps with a bit more experience as a navigator… wait, he needed to be on a ship first to do that and no one would take him on at current, and to rise through the ranks of a ship could take years, if he didn’t end up dead first. He continued his jovial meandering abouts town as inwardly he grew increasingly annoyed at his quickly dwindling options. That is, until he ran across Asadel Syed. An older Mansuriya whom Malik had seen many times before, though he just figured him an aging man come into town to stop by the market. But as he attempted to bargain with another Captain who had dropped anchor in town, he overheard a conversation from a stall behind him.

    In the late afternoon the market was relatively empty, but a few packing up merchants were quite clearly speaking of the old man, Syed. One spoke of the strange choice of the man to live so far outside of the town, having set up a shack by the sea shore a few miles up the coast. The second of the group spoke up that he had heard rumors the man was wanted by the Sultanate for crimes against the state, a third had said he was in self imposed exile, murdered his family in a blind rage and was never the same after. But the last merchant present quickly cleared the air of these stories, he explained Asadel was just an old man trying to live out his life in peace, /but/ through talks with Syed he had come to find the man was indeed a caster of magics. This peaked Malik’s interest greatly and he abandoned his distracted conversation with the Captain.

    That night when he returned home he contemplated the conversation from earlier that day, the merchants had gone on about the man for a bit more time after Malik had drew closer to them. Eventually he learned the man came from north of town, but the merchants had very little other information on the subject. He mulled the idea over in his head as he laid in bed, magic. It could be the answer he was looking for, mages were treated well enough in the sands, and he’d heard plenty of tales of fantastical magical displays (whether fact or fiction). He decided in his mind before he drifted off to sleep that magic is how he’d get his edge, he’d dig out his place onboard a ship with arcane ability others couldn’t or wouldn’t grasp for themselves.

    He spent little time the next day gathering a few things in preparation for his journey and telling his mother he’d be back soon, giving her little answer to her questions of his sudden trip. His march through the desert was long and swelteringly hot, his only solace in the fact that he could walk his sandal clad feet through the ocean’s tides as he ascended the shore. Though his trip was not in vain, a handful of hours into his journey he stumbled across a small abode, built facing towards the sea, Malik’s eyes gleamed with excitement at the sight. Though his high hopes were quickly brought to earth when his knocking upon the door was met with a long silence before a string of Faraddi shouted for him to go away. But Malik would not be turned away, he questioned the voice through the closed door for it’s name and he explained his wishes to learn, but he was only met with the same reply over and over.

    Frustrated, and tired eventually Malik decided to instead wait for the man’s exit, surely he couldn’t stay locked within his home forever. So Malik sat upon the assumed Asadel Syed’s porch, his head supported by his hand as he waited, watching the front door for any signs of opening. Minutes turned to hours and the sun slowly waned in the sky above as the day slipped into the afternoon. What little food Malik had brought with him had began to dwindle down with his waiting and as the day grew dimmer Malik came upon the worry of freezing out in the cold of the desert. Momentarily defeated, the teenager got to his feet, he shouted to the closed building and the resident within that he wouldn’t stop returning till the man came to speak with him. With that final outburst he made the long trek home.

    Malik kept to his word and everyday for the next week, he woke up and trudged out into the sands only to find himself sitting outside a home he wasn’t even sure belonged to the man he seeked. But eventually he caught his break, one day as Malik took up his sentry outside the front door, the clicking of unlocking shook Malik from his slowly fading attentiveness. The door opened to reveal the familiar sight of Asadel, exasperated eyes glared down at the seated Malik, seeming thoroughly unamused by the half-Qadir’s antics.

    “Leave, boy. I haven’t an interest in speaking to you, nor burying your dehydrated corpse after you’ve baked out in the sun. I’m an old man, let me live my life unburdened.” he uttered bluntly in the language of the nomadic peoples.

    But a shooing meant little to Malik, he made to stand and dusted himself off a bit before moving his hands to his hips, standing proudly as he replied “You don’t have to worry about Malik getting dried out, many have said my head is full of water, yes?” he cracked the joke with an unreturned smile before continuing on “I have heard rumor you are a mage, yes? Asadel Syed, master of magics? I wish to learn!”.

    “Well you have heard wrong, “Malik”, words are more plentiful than the sand, and just as bothersome. I am no mage, and I have nothing to teach.” he retorted before stepping inside and moving to shut his door once more. But the closing of the ratty wooden barrier was stopped by a barging Malik.

    “Malik has heard no such wrong! Please, the man at the market has said this to be true, Malik will do anything to learn. He has money as well. Malik will not leave until you agree to help him, he will wait on your porch until his hair is greyer than your own!”. He pleaded in his nomadic tongue as he shoved half his body into the home to stop himself from once more being locked out. Though the disturbance only seemed to annoy the potential mage all the more, his eyebrow twitching and his teeth gritting with the resisting body in his doorway.

    “You likely know nothing of magic nor its ways, you hardly seem to even have a grasp of your words. Why would I waste my time with yourself, with a rude child who barges into another man’s home uninvited?” He questioned Malik, his glare still upheld however he made to open the door fully once more. Malik cared little for the man’s insults, nor his questions, the action of the doors opening forcing a hopeful smile back onto his features.

    “Malik would think opening the door for him would mean you have invited him in, yes? I will work hard under your tutelage, you will not regret it, Asadel. Malik only wishes to learn.” He stated as he moved to enter the home, under some assumption it was now open to himself. Though this presumption was quickly put straight when the owner of the home stepped into the youthful invader’s way.

    “An open door does not make this your home, child. And it does not make me a teacher. I have told you to leave, I have nothing to offer that will sate what you desire. I will not say it again.” But the words still had as little effect as the oceans waves upon the cliffside and Malik stood strong before the man. Determination imbedded in his very being, he wouldn’t be turned away so easily.

    With stern features Malik would state “Malik will not leave. You /are/ a mage, and Malik will learn from you. If he must return every day for a year then he will, and you will hide every day for a year in your home until you decide to teach him.” The two Qadir locked their eyes for a few moments, both offering their own glare, one seemingly annoyed, the other resolved. But finally the elder of the two brought a hand to his forehead, uttering a soft sigh before he uttered “You will do as I say, when I say it, do I make myself clear? This is non-negotiable, one slip, one step out of line and you can sit outside all you want, my body will join the sands before I offer you a moment of my time again. Do you understand, boy?”. Malik’s serious features were slowly overtaken by a wide grin, his usual jovial demeanor overcoming him as he jumped forward to bring the man into a most unwanted embrace.

    And that’s how Malik came to start his training in lightning strike magic. Malik spent days at a time at the Asadel’s house, taking one or two a week to visit home, only to assure his mother he was still very much alive. But he had no idea it would be so much studying, speaking and reading when he set out, the man spent the first few weeks only explaining to Malik how magic was drawn, how it was used by its handler. He was made to read two different books Asadel had in his possession, cover to cover, multiple times. He was given what seemed an endless streams of lectures by the elder male but like he promised, he did it without complaint, at least not any he vocalized. While Malik found most of it boring, after the man showed him a few displays he knew it would all be worth it in the end, no matter how much reading the same text over and over seemed to melt his mind or how annoying the old mans constant droning could be.

    Eventually their practices would pick up, starting with slow performances of the basic steps of the spell’s Asadel came to show Malik. But as the years progressed eventually Malik had his chance to get his first taste of casting, though extremely tiring and quite unimpressive as a whole Malik couldn’t believe it, he was getting there. Though Malik still had to suffer on through stories of Asadel’s past, and a good ear chewing on safety and things to and not to do, he began to appreciate his tutor’s company. His presence coming to replace the hole the death of his father left, though he still remembered why he had come to train. With every successful spell, every drilling of his form, he knew what it was all for in the end, the description of the ship’s sails that burned his father’s own held tightly in the corners of his mind.

    Ten years, ten years of hard training under Asadel Syed’s watchful eye before Malik found himself ready to leave the man’s teaching’s. Though he might not have admitted it, Asadel himself might have been sad to see Malik go, he had grown quite a lot in the years under the man and as his only visitor in many years Asadel came to find he felt lonely without the companionship. But he said nothing of the sort as his student made his final trudge out away from the small housing and back to his home. Hopeful his newly honed skills would bring him easy access aboard a ship, but even more so that his father’s killers still sailed the seas after all these years.

    Within but a few short days back at his homeport Malik did indeed find himself a crew to join, a quick display of his powers on the boardwalk made him quite the potential asset amongst the sailors who’d dropped anchor. A lightning mage on stormy waters could give on quite the advantage in a battle. But of all those who propositioned him, Malik took to the crew of the Captain who offered him the highest position aboard his crew. So it was that Malik took to the Wailing Damsel, under Captain Haytham Abad as his immediate third mate. Apparently the Captain was rather.. small potatoes, and he believed a living weapon was just what he needed to carve his own corner out on the high seas, and Malik believed such a position would make it easy to have his requests heard.

    But Haytham seemed to care very little for Malik’s revenge fantasies, in-fact he seemed to care for very little at all beyond becoming rich. The man was relatively tall as one could expect from a Qadir, but he was quite lanky and a ratty looking face to boot. During Maliks few months under the Captain he came to found his crew was not rather fond of him, only sticking abouts in-fact because he had promised Malik’s abilities would bring the crew great fortune. Malik kept this in mind as he aided the Captain in plundering small merchant vessels within both the Great Middle and the Yellow Sea’s and smuggling goods from between Farah’deen, the Yang Tzu and once even all the way to Daenshore and back.

    But eventually Malik saw his chance, unrest amongst the crew had been high and Malik had worked his way quickly up to second mate, his few successful bursts of magic having won the Captain’s favor. As they sailed back home towards Farah’deen, the crew having been freshly paid by the sinking remains of a ship some miles back, Malik turned his power on his own Captain. He didn’t even see it coming as the current shot through his body, the tensing muscles in his legs flinging him overboard into the deep blue below. And as Malik stood with heavy breath, his hands still extended from the finishing of his cast, he turned his head to see little retaliation from the those around him. In fact, soon an uproar would come to resound from the remaining crew, even the first mate seemed to be in resounding approval. Which is how Malik came to Captain his first crew and vessel, at the age of 26, put in charge by the rest of lot without one sigh nor groan.

    The next two years of Malik’s life were filled with not only brigandry across the local seas of his home continent, but a life of filled with drinking, women, a surprising large number of replacement crews and laid back ease. He did not relax too much however, for ever tavern filled with the sounds of laughter and clattering glasses there was a long night of studying maps, for every woman he slept with there was a man he questioned about the whereabouts of his father’s killers. But after nearly fifteen years, Malik finally found them. Off the northwestern coast of Farah’deen is where Malik ran across two of the ships, and he showed them no mercy. Cannon fire, the metal sound of sword on sword and bolts of lightning could be seen and heard in the ensuing battle. The clash finally came to a halt, but neither side seemed to come out on top, except to Malik. As he looked up from his place clung to an adrift section of hull, he set his eyes upon not one, not two but three smoldering remains of ships. He uttered an exponentially loudening laugh from his place in the water, even as one of the Wailing Damsel’s masts creaked and cracked before finding itself amongst the waters and debris. He took an overjoyed solace in the smoldering remains of the other two ships as they slowly took on water and fell apart on the sea.

    Clambering his way up onto his driftwood raft he finally calmed enough to realize the state of the aftermath, he was without ship, it seemed most of his crew were bloody and face down in the water, food for the sharks at this point, and he was relatively.. alone. He sat atop the raft for only but a few moments more, taking in the sight as he silently hoped this vengeance was more than redeeming of his father’s memory, before finding lifting a discarded oar from the waters and beginning to paddle. He knew he was far from the shore but he didn’t exactly want to stick around the corpses for when sharks inevitable showed their ugly teeth, he hadn’t come this far to end up as chum.

    A once in a lifetime luck befell Malik soon after he left the scene of the carnage, as a passing merchant vessel caught sight of him floating abouts and brought him onboard. As he rested on a bunk he came to find his shoulders less heavy than before, he hadn’t stopped smiling since, all he could think of was how he had avenged his father. He was ecstatic! That is until he thought back to not only his lack of ship, but his lack of crew. Dead or if miraculously alive, abandoned to the ocean.. but no he’d done what he wanted… hadn’t he? Malik shivered with the thought, his moment of victory soon felt much more hollow so he did what he had done so many times before, all the way back to his father’s death. He shoved yet another lost crews memories deep into the crevices of his thought and curled up to sleep off the day.

    ~Adult Life~

    In the next seven years of Malik’s life, he would come to acquire a new ship, The Maelstrom, smaller than what he’d had before but it got the job done. The Maelstrom would come to host a few more different crews under Malik’s leadership, and still sails Aloria’s vast oceans to this day. Though Malik knew three ships had attacked his father’s vessel, after he’d brought wreckoning to two he’d moved on passed his revenge, content with what he had done to honor his father’s death. His life, lost of obsession, became even more carefree than before. He flexed all the freedom’s his life as a pirate could bring him, stolen treasure’s, long nights in port and all the fresh salty air he could want, a perfect place for improving his magical abilities during his travels.

    It was during this time, at the ripe age of 35, Malik found himself yearning for more, something new, something exciting. This search eventually lead him to stopping at port within a place he thought he’d never be, the Holy Ailor Capital of Regalia. He had not special place in his heart for the endless stretches of sand that he was born upon, but he knew his kin’s state was little in the way of friendly with the Ailor empire. However a recently gained crew member had convinced him otherwise, told him the place was a grand sight to behold, and it was enough for Malik. Besides, he deserved a vacation.

    However during his time in port at the city he came to find the rules of Regalia differed very much from his home town. During a drunken stint, a display of magic used in attempt to impress a beautiful woman had caught the attention of a specific group of individuals who would come to strike a newfound fear into Maliks very soul. It wasn’t long before Malik was swept off the streets and taken to the Azure Spire. Due to his magical form and his racial status, Malik was a.. special case. His stay and re-education amongst the Azure Order and it’s Sentinels lasted several months and when he was finally released with a shiny new collar about his neck and a tattoo beneath something had changed inside him. The very mention of the place became enough to freeze the Half-Qadir’s heart, the sight of one of its agents more than plenty to have him shaking in his boots. This time of his life is perhaps the most heavily guarded piece of his own history, a grouping of memories he does his best to repress and never mentions to a soul.

    Malik was only lucky enough that while he had lost a part of himself within the Azure Spire, he had not lost his crew, or at least all of them. A handful of those loyal enough to Malik had stuck around with the Maelstrom, which Malik quickly stepped onboard of. He took a few days alone within his quarters before he even spoke more than a few words to his crew, though when he had emerged he was seemingly as good as new, at least as far as his men could tell.

    The following year and so many months, the time that lead up to the present, Malik would spend mostly within Regalia. During this time he was involved in a number of adventures and held a number of positions, including serving many months under the late Freya Lo, Matriarch of the house Lo as a bodyguard, privateer and doer of odd jobs. He even was awarded a small patch of land from his Noble employer before she decided to take it back, though Malik had little in the way of sour feelings over it. He and his crew did plenty of the woman’s dirty work, and committed and abetted a number of crimes under her leadership and protection. During his time in Regalia he would also come to assist in the apprehension of the Beauveret family, served as a bodyguard to the daughters of Alejandro Anahera as well as a general thug under his service, more recently he took up work as a slaver in the few months of Qadir occupation, and had involvement and presence in a many number of other events and occasions within the Holy City.

    As of current, Malik resides within a poor district warehouse he had refurbished, he currently attempts to gain or make up evidence to support himself in appealing the new laws against the Qadir for himself, and more importantly hopes to carve out a larger name for himself on the face of Aloria. “Malik Sabah, Captain’a th’ Maelstrom, Slayer’a Serpents, Savior’a Regalia an’ ex-baron, a’ ye service” War hero might add a nice ring to that, don’t ya think?
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    Alright, just posting this up since all I have really left to go is the revamped life story :3 Feel free to like review whats there if you feel like, or just look it over or whatever~ And if I forgot any seemingly important relationships let me know, I added a whole bunch minor and major and it was a lot so I may have forgotten someone. Oh also most of my formatting got messed up when I converted it from Google docs and I tried to fix it but I might not have gotten all of it... Oh and Im really bad with Spoilers so I think I messed them up a little cuz theres a bunch of blank ones and like bullet points in between them...

    Edit: I ended up removing the spoilers :P
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    We love you Malik <3

    Btw I love how the only negatives are vice demons. :B
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