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    -Basic Information-

    • Full Name: Maleigha

    • Nicknames: Mal

    • Age: 56 (Looks 20-22)

    • Gender: Female

    • Race: El-Maraya

    • Sexuality: Pansexaul
    • Preferred Weapon: War Fans
    • Religion: Estel 8/10

    (Normal Themes)

    (Mantis Form)

    -Skill Information-

    50 (Age)+10 (Hobby) + 10 Talent = 70

    Fan Combat: 15

    Fist Combat: 15

    Ritalisuam: 12

    Body Care: 10 (Talent)

    Theatre Arts : 5

    Dancing Arts: 5 (Hobby)

    Circus Arts: 5 (Hobby)

    Linguistic Science: 3

    -Body Shape-

    • Physical Stat: 25

    • Sculpted Shape

    • Low Body Fat

    • Common

    • Shalota (Mother Tongue)

    • Faraddi (Free Tongue)

    • Modern Altalar (Linguistic Points)
    -Special Traits/Mutations/Racial/Spell-



    • Crystalline Constructs

    • Bracing Crystal

    • Inscription Crystal

    • Cleansing Crystal

    • Resin Weave

    • Protective Crystal

    • El-Maraya Limb



    • Ritualist Projection

    • Ritualist Counter

    • Ritualist Uprooting

    • Ritualist Weapon Spite


    • Ritualist Shine

    • Exist Mutationism

    • Ritualist Spotlight

    • Ritualist Clothweave


    • Exist Flow

    • Exist Purify

    • Exist Bite

    • Exist Carry (Pink Orchid)

    • Exist Touch

    • Exist Ocular (Blue)
    • Exist Tears (Glowing)


    • Burrowing of Scorrio
    • Claws of Mantis
    • Sting of the Wasp
    • Flutter of the Butterfly
    -Visual Information-

    • Eyes Color: Silver (Blue Tint, Exist Ocular)

    • Hair Color: Bubblegum Pink

    • Hair Style: Long, Straight, Silky

    • Skin Color:Burnt Pink

    • Clothing: Puffy, Flowy, Form Fitting.

    • Height: 5’8

    -Life Story-


    Maleigha and her sister Raelii were born into show business well at least slightly. Adopted by a ring leading Qadir they always lived life on the road! Maleigha was very young before her sister was born. She lived a very short part of her life on the outskirts of the Qadir city of Mooriye. With their parents Sarafina and Isaac two poor and rather downtrodden El-Maraya who took refuge in the city. Having been such a small child herself Maleigha has very sparse memories of their parents. However upon the birth of Raelii their parents made a life changing choice; knowing they couldn’t care for their daughters they abandoned them at the touring show in town...where they met the ring leader they now considered their father. From Mooriye they travelled across the great Qadir cities.

    Maleigha and her sister were always close, always rehearsing together even at a young age and their adopted father knew these Maraya sisters would be the perfect Road Show Duo! Maleigha always seemed to wonder about their parents where they came from and why they had left them in this forgien place but truly Mal never had time to think for herself. Each day was a new gig which ment each night was more training; so the young girl shoved the wandering thoughts to the back of her mind for later happy just to have been placed with her sister.


    Truly one couldn’t say they grew up preppy; however they could have been said to have grown up well taken care of in the sense of fashion! Mal herself always preferred the more airy and poofy like clothes while her sister much preferred the long and flowy. This theme helps a lot to show the sisters apart in their shows and allowed for others to look in awe of their talents.

    Once again the thoughts started the creep into Mal’s mind. “Is this all my life will be...a show?” “Will me and Rae ever get out of here?” “When will we see the real world and not just the stage”. Mal didn’t push them back this time. No instead she started to slowly steal money from the ring leader as the years went on. She wasn't going to let herself be underpaid and she wasn't going to let her and her sister just be a show for others to guack at their entire life.


    She kept to their daily life, trained by night, perform by day. She worked hard and her body showed it truly. During this time she explored more into herself in the realm of Exist and it’s properties delving herself into it wholly and slowly but surely gaining enough power for ritualist practice and mutations! She made herself perfect, if the ring leader wanted the best duo he would have them. He never did take notice to her thievery and nearly Maleigha was at the goal mark to finish the tour and also get her and her sister out of there safely.


    It was nearly time now, their shows were close to finish and she had just enough money hidden away. That is when he came into her life five years ago from the day she came to Regalia. Folen. What a blessing that would be to her; he saw her perform and he knew then her skills for thievery were strong and her potential to join his hive was at its peak. So after the show he kindly pulled her to the side and told her of this ritual, one that would transform her into something more. She accepted not truly knowing what she was getting into and thus after drinking a half chalice of his blood and waiting the three days she was changed into a Scorrico of his hive. He stayed with her for a few days so she could get use to her powers before they made a promise. After her tour she would find him again in Regalia where she would rejoin the pack and be safe.

    However before she did such she knew what she had to do. So after a show Maleigha came forward to her sister offering to change her as well. After some discussion and another half-chalice of blood both Rae and Maleigha were both Scorrico! Once their tour was finally finished they made their way to Regalia to rejoin the pack.


    (If you would like your Character added please comment below and @ me!)

    Pink: Romantic
    Purple: Family
    Blue: Trusted
    Green: Friends
    Cyan: Unsure
    Yellow: Wary
    Orange: Disliked
    Red: Hated
    Gray: Enemy

    Raelii @BeaneyBaby : “Let’s dance!” Rae, my sister, my other half. The one person I will always adore no matter what. I love you, and hope one day you return.

    Folen @Timetotalk : “I guess you’re right…” Folen, such a strong man, and smart leader. I worry about you sometimes, like me you never take a break, never let yourself breathe without needing it to be a show of self worth. Will you truly ever have time for yourself; and why am I so selfish to want you to give me your time?

    Bubbles @BeaneyBaby : “Hey there, I got you don’t worry!” My dear Bubbles, I grow prouder of you each day, I know with time you will become the strongest person The Hive has ever seen. You matter so much to me, and if anything is to happen to you there will be Void to pay for the culprit.

    Scorpia @xJ54x : “I can be your family” When I found you that day I didn’t think it was possible to care for someone so much, as a member of this family I will protect you with everything I can.

    Rysika @Murmurations : “Can we be splinters together?” I think I love you, but I’m unsure what love even is. My life is always moving, never a chance to stop and just breath, are either of us ready?

    Charles: @Wumpatron "Sounds good to me Partner." I promised to you alot, and you did the same. We are equals, and you're the first person to ever have me be as such. I think I did learn when to learn someone; I hope you feel the same.
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    Claiming for staff review!
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    My Review

    Basic Information & Religion
    • Exist: 'Exist' is not a religion. As well as the Maraya follow the religion of Tohn Sona, which is also known as the Great Purpose. This is rather a sort of religion of race superiority and the belief that they shape their own fates rather than believe in powerful higherpowers and deities. I recommend reviewing the following: Maraya Religion Wiki Page. Although if they were raised by Qadir, I would recommend looking into Qadir religions that they most likely would've been raised in.
    • Weapon Recommendation: Maraya actually favor the use of whips! I would recommend a change to this, however it is not neccessary. The term Tessen is also not lore compliant, I would recommend another chosen name rather than Japanese weapon fans (ie. War fan, weaponized fan, bladed fan).
    Proficiency Points & Bodyshape
    • Physical Stat: First, you mispelled Physical Stat. Your stat total is also off, please review the Physical Stat Calculation on the Proficiency page (Aka Melee Combat is whole point, both Fist and Fan combat falls under Melee, although be wary of the El-Maraya cap for phusical stat as well.)
    • Language: In order to have Faraddi you will have to put down a geographic location to where they grew up.
    • "Ling-Science": Please use the terms "Invested Points" or "Linguistic Points".
    Life Story
    • Parents/Backstory/Locations:
      • Please detail where they were born, geological locations rather than "On the road."
      • Even though your character may not be familiar with their parents does not mean that they're excluded from their application. The reasoning to why they ended up abandoned or without family would help to flesh out the character deisgn as well. Furthermore, where did these shows take place?
    Tag me with these changes when you're done!
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    Hi finnally did it! All changes are in Pink @Katiesc
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    Updated the werebeast stuff per the update! All changes are in Purple @Katiesc
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