Pending Review Make Unarmed Somewhat Viable Again By Bringing Back Iron Arm

Discussion in 'PVP' started by Lorkan, Mar 16, 2020.

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    I'm not sure when this change was made, but I've managed to get to level 400 in unarmed after what is likely over 100 hours of grinding and I still haven't unlocked Iron Arm.

    Iron Arm is the core ability of unarmed and is what makes it do any real damage whatsoever. Even with berserk and unarmed at level 400 I'm still doing less damage than a level 1 sword/axe player with a wooden sword/axe. Both berserk, Iron Arm, and unarmed as a form of combat are all obsolete due to its removal/high level cap.

    Not having Iron Arm also reduces the rate of unarmed XP gain since xp is based on how much damage you do. The leveling and xp requirements were designed around unarmed doing more than 1/2 a heart of damage, as you level xp requirements go up, but your damage doesn't.

    I could understand disarming being limited/disabled but getting rid of unarmed's ability to do any extra damage period is a ridiculous nerf.
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    Very little that can be done about this. Even at the lowest rank of Iron Arm Style, it gives +4 unarmed damage. When combined with a strength 2 potion of +6, and the fact that most people run UnarmedVulnerable in PvP, Unarmed emerges as superior in damage to both god axes and god swords. This creates a situation where Unarmed basically has to be nerfed into the ground, otherwise it's overpowered.
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    Punching is fun

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