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    As the thread title implies, this thread is posted to inform the players of massive impending reconstruction efforts in the west of Regalia that may come as a controversial surprise to players. Over the past years, the separation of the Sewers and the Surface Roleplayers has steadibly become more extreme, up to the point where both universes seem almost completely separate, with minimal to no interaction between the two. One could argue a direct connection could solve that problem, but after successive meetings, we've come to the conclusion that the problem is far more deep-rooted than just a lacking instant teleport connection, these are the problems we found:
    • The population has shifted, while Regalia is much larger, it contains only 40% of the roleplaying population while the other 60% is in the Sewers. This goes against our ethos, that we want all our roleplayers to be centrally located in one world, not split between two.
    • The population originally "exiled" to the sewers was sent there because of rampant powergaming and god roleplay. We are now more equipped to handle those things on the surface level, and believe that sending them down into an ill law enforced world, where powergaming eventually became the norm, was a mistake.
    • Because of the departure of the sewer manager from staff, we no longer have a centralized organ of management for the Sewers as a whole.
    This is, in the simplest of terms what we are going to do about it:
    • We are going to slowly phase the Sewer world out of existence.
    • To replace the Sewer world, we will build a large slum/poor district west of the centre of Regalia.
    What will be the benefits of this?
    • Allowing direct movement between the districts allows for passive RP to form, to allow you to find roleplaying mobs more easily.
    • Allowing direct movement between the districts will allow for actual Crime-rp to take place in the surface, and then run through the streets to the Slum district.
    • Sewer Roleplayers wont lose any of their freedoms that they had in the sewers, and will infact gain the ability to directly interface with the rest of the city, if they walk beyond the road area.
    • By redoing the park, we are going to actually produce a park instead of just a silly ringroad around an artificial lake. Over the years, the park has suffered a lot of extra buildings that made the greenery area less, and the builded area more. We want to bring back some of the old grass fields and flower fields that were present in the Regalian park of Regalia V1.
    • By playing more with height, we can make some more interesting structures in the slum district. Some of them will still be underground, but we can also work with the verticality of for example building wooden scaffold housing up against aquaducts, or putting houses in dried up riverbeds.
    To achieve this, we are doing the following:
    • Evicting large numbers of houses to accomodate a new road network leading to this district for easy access. The goal is a straight road from the Regalian tavern to the front gate of the slum district.
    • Complete reconstruction of the Regalian Park to turn it back into an actual park instead of the busy packed housing district it is now. Image larger flower fields and grass areas for picnics and more larger trees.
    Obviously, one might thing losing the sewers is a big deal, but it won't be:
    • We will issue a full free new base with 2 months for free for all current base holders. Additionally, these bases will be either the same size, or up to twice as large!
    • We will additionally build another 15 bases which will be claimable in a similar manner as those that were claimed before, for a grand total of 30 bases.
    • We will rebuild a large number of houses, currently there are about 100 small rental properties in the Sewers. The slum will likely not have that many, but certainly approaching 70. We assume most people won't mind too much losing their 5x5 house rental, and all players who are evicted will receive their entire rental period + 2 months on top as a refund.
    • A new central "Sewer Tavern" will be built in an underground area in this slum, but it will be in the same world as Regalia proper.
    • All facilities, like a black market and Maiar waterways will be built in the slums also to ensure that all services currently offered by the Sewers will also be present in the slums.
    • Additional tunnels will connect all areas that have sunlight to allow Vampires to skulk around in the darkness.
    • Guards will be barred from ever entering this slum district, meaning it will essentially function 100% like the sewers, but be less filled with poop and have some more fresh air.
    What happens to the people who have houses that will be evicted above ground?
    • There are currently 4 stages described as: Stage one, the priority One park housing, Stage two, the Second stage Park housing, Stage three, the Old Gods district housing and the final stage, The Sewer eviction.
    • Stage One will feature some of the priority housing. These players get to choose either a free new house in a similar area, or a refund equal to total months rent + 2 months for free.
    • Stage Two will feature some of the second priority housing. These players get to similarly choose either a free new house or a refund equal to total months rent + 2 months for free. We may however have only limited housing available for the second priority housing section in the park district, so we may have to to do a lottery who gets a house refund if too many people ask for a free house return, and send the leftovers to the South river district for a free house when we run out of them.
    • Stage Three will feature the Old Gods District housing. The people owning these houses may additionally ask for a house refund or a refund equal to the total months rent + 2 months for free. The limited availability of housing replacement in this district may similarly result in some house owners being asked to move into housing in the south river district instead, which has a roughly similar walking distance to the Tavern from the Old Gods District.
    • Stage Four is when the Sewers are shut off and the Sewer bases are immediately refunded with a free new base (for 2 months) and 15 new bases going on sale on the forum through a claiming system. We will refund all Sewer house owners with a full refund + 2 months of rentals, but we will not offer them a free new house due to the size of those houses.
    We will commence Stage one in exactly 2 weeks, meaning evictions will start on the 15th of May. Players must clear their belongings from their housing by that time, or the content will be deleted. Players also have until that time to indicate that they wish to claim a new house, otherwise all refunds will default to a Regal Cash refund of full months rent + 2 months.

    Here is a link to the rough deadline for Stage One to commence.

    You can find out whether your current house qualifies for Stage One, Two or Three below. We ask that if you are a PVP'er or a Faction survivalist who does not need their house for roleplay, to please just ask for a Regal refund instead of a House refund. Additionally if you didn't need the house that is being evicted below, also please ask for a Regal refund. We would like to focus on the players who need their housing for roleplay:

    Stage One
    Stage Two
    Stage Three:
    If your name was mentioned above, please simply post to this thread if you want a free 2 month house rental refund. Note, you will not get to choose where this house will be, but we will try to place it as close as possible to where the old one used to be, or place it within an equal walking distance to the tavern as the old one was. This service is only available as long as supply lasts, so we may have to place some people some houses further away from these places than anticipated but generally speaking the new houses should be better and larger.

    More Information on the Sewer evictions will follow separately at a later stage.

    So I currently own a sewer house/base, what should I do?
    • Continue Roleplaying! The actual evictions for the sewers may well be beyond a month away, if not even more.
    • A 2 week notice will be posted on the forum when it's time to start worrying about clearing your belongings.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, May 1, 2017.

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    1. MonMarty
      I really dont understand your question.
    2. Vivamente
      Well, with staff having spent their tokens on bases within the sewers, will these be returned to the staff team when the sewer is removed?
    3. MonMarty
      To my knowledge there is currently one base that was handed out on staff token. This base was revoked as soon as the staff member left, but in theory, yes: if a staff member vacates a region that was built for them the token returns itself and can be re-spent. These tokens cannot be spent on regular player regions though. Staff have special regions built for them and only when they fit the criteria of working effort.
    4. Vivamente
      Thank you for the information and help, this puts my mind at ease to know that a Staff Member's hard work has not gone to waste. <3
    5. ezalB
      You know at first I thought this was a bad idea, but as I continued to read I realized that this is exactly what I had been hoping for for a looong time. What made old Regalia great is that the sewer, and the surface weren't separate worlds, but instead just the same world. There wasn't a divide, and if this works like I think it will, I imagine it will dramatically improve the Roleplay experience!

      I had also greatly missed a real park, not just a small alley of trees like it is now. I'll be very happy to see a true park again!

      Thank you for this, staffos.

      Plus y'know, if Reglaia is supposed to have a couple million people on the crown isle it makes sense there is something like this :p
      Last edited: May 1, 2017
    6. Conflee
      Agreed 100%, I was skeptical at first but the more I considered it sounds like a solid move.
    7. Beetletoes
      *disclaimer* not actually scared i just love posting this pic
    8. mayino
      I'd like to claim a free new house. (Currently in Parkroad10)
    9. Hutydan
      Allow me to voice my opinion...

      This is a dumb idea.
    10. ChensSpaghetti
      You could always elaborate instead of just saying "this is stupid".
    11. Hutydan
      There's a reason surface rp has been dropping: In simple terms, it sucks.
    12. Gabauchi
      more specifically. can't get the succ amirite
    13. Suzzie
      It sucks, or you can't go around casting magic willy-nilly?
    14. Hutydan
      Personally, I don't make use of magic in roleplay that often, so no, that's not what I meant.

      What I meant was, sewer roleplay is (ironically enough) more friendly than surface roleplay, in my opinion... Why get rid of a safe spot for anxiety-filled roleplayers?
    15. Parz1vol
    16. kudzzy
      This is going to sound extremely rude, but doesen't this mean you guys spent however long working on the new sewers, finally getting the houses done and the like, before deciding "nah, we,'re scrapping it"?

      Sounds absolutely amazing imo, but I'm mostly just worried that it'll end up with something completely different taking over
    17. LeafMC
      I think that is part of the issue. Diverse races, magic, and alternate religions all feel borderline-illegal in Regalia. A huge chunk of the lore can't really be RPed anywhere but the sewers, so people who want to use that part of the lore have to go there.

      Regalia is certainly a realistic military state, but roleplaying in a regime like that isn't necessarily fun for everyone. Based on the number of people in the sewers, it's probably not very fun for a majority of the player base.
    18. Suzzie
      I would claim the contrary. The sewers is not a good first impression, as it can lead to misconceptions, mostly that powergaming is okay. Let's be real here, the main reason people enjoy the sewers is because of the lax rule enforcement, and the 'lawlessness'. That isn't a good environment. And also, as someone who was extremely shy to roleplay from the start, the sewers isn't any better than the surface nerve wise.

      It was really intended as a shut down for the 'it's stupid' arguement. I get your point though. I'd also like to point out how there are areas where law isn't as enforced. People just do so in the wrong areas. The slums will fill that gap of the sewers to fuel the lawlessness area-niche. Think of the old poor district and how guards would never patrol there.
    19. kudzzy
      NO GUARDS IN THE POOR DISTRICT.NONE.NOOOOOONE.Your average Regalians will probably never go there for fear of being robbed, so none but vigilantes will be there, so such races and magic will probably flourish. The only reason I rped in the sewers was because one of my main characters is a non-human pickpocket who very much enjoys having his limbs still attached and left most of his stealing to places where large swarms of trained armored hummies wouldn't be able to hack his limbs off after an unfair trial
    20. kudzzy
    21. GoodDreamer
      The Staff has stated that the improved Slums District will be off limits to the Guard. There is no reason that the enviroment would be any more hostile IC or OOC towards mages, non-humans, or heretics of any sort. It just allows for the surface Rpers to interact with us Sewer rats, and for the Sewer rats who are afraid of Surface RP will find that many of their insecurities can be easily put to rest. While IC this does seem to play with logic, OOC we find ourselves having a fantastic opportunity for both Crime RP and any other RP.
    22. Hutydan
      This, completely agreed, thank you
    23. kudzzy
      Please scroll up.6 or 7 posts
    24. Parz1vol
      Good thing all of the points in that statement were rebutted completely by the fact that there will be no guards in the new slums area. Ever.

      So. You get sewers with the sunshine. That's good. Not bad. Did you read the entire post? (Honest question, not being demeaning).
    25. kudzzy
      And before they say vampires, Imma mention the underground bits they said there would be.And night.
    26. Hutydan
      Yes, but I still felt like saying something, not to worry.
    27. Parz1vol
      Thank you. You handsome sniper you.
    28. Parz1vol
      Okay, so then why is it stupid? If your points have no standing then why would you try and share an opinion that's baseless?
    29. LeafMC
      There are certainly areas where the law isn't enforced. But when most of the lore can only be role-played without severe consequence in those areas, it sends an odd message. Anyone who wants to play something other than a human unionist is, in essence, playing a criminal character. Lore-wise, this makes sense. Regalia doesn't tolerate other religions or races.

      But from an OOC perspective, a totalitarian regime isn't really a fun thing to pretend to be a part of. For some people, I'm sure it is, but once again, if the majority of people are in the sewers, the overworld can't be very fun for them.

      In some respects, Regalia feels like an ice-cream parlor with a big menu, but if you order something other than vanilla, you have to eat it in the corner, away from everyone else. This begs the question why you have things besides vanilla on the menu to begin with.
    30. LeafMC
      I think you missed the point of my post. It's not an objection to the removal of the sewers at all. Rather, it's an objection to the fact that this chunk of RP is just being moved from one lawless area to another, without addressing why so much of it has to (from an OOC perspective) be illegal in the first place.
    31. Parz1vol
      It has to be illegal OOC in certain areas because of the lore reasons, which is good, which is reasonable. It's the only reason we need. There are guards, those guards protect the law, etc. You aren't forced to break the law in the Sewers or in the Slums. As someone who has broken the law outside of the sewers and gotten away with it in a big way, it's easy to break the law outside of the slums or sewers. People just don't have the motivation and don't know how to do it right. The slums are more realistic than the sewers anyway. A city as big as Regalia is bound to have slums that are just kind of "Ex-nay"-ed by the guards. Sewers were kinda silly.
    32. The Golem
      The Golem
      rip terror man-eating fish that instantly decimated anyone who stuck a toe in the water

      also really nice, me gusta
    33. LeafMC
      My question though, is in a nutshell "Why did we decide that worshipping Estel, or Dragons, etc, is going to be illegal in our fictional universe?". I understand all the lore reasons why. I want to know why that lore is the way it is, from a completely out of character game-design perspective. I personally feel, as a longtime roleplayer, that some of these decisions are not conducive to fun RP for everyone.
    34. Parz1vol
      That's a good question. I kind of enjoy the world as it's currently built, so I don't have any quarrels or queries, so I'll shrug that question onward.
    35. MonMarty
      Because it creates conflict that isn't optional.

      This is a subject matter unrelated to the work being done here, and the conversation is not particularly constructive on this thread. If you want to do this in a more productive manner, make a thread about it in the Roleplay Information section and dedicate the narrative to its own thread instead of making it harder for me to gather information on this thread pertaining to the refunds, Please.
    36. sonofthestars
      I lovelovelovelovelove this. Thank you, staff, for being so smart.

      As for the trolls:
    37. Beetletoes
      Trolls, or people expressing their thoughts?
    38. LeafMC
      Sorry. Wasn't my intention to derail.
    39. MonMarty
      This will go for others also. I need to use this thread to record the refund requests. Any further speculation or discussion should ideally take place on a new thread in the Information section, unless it concerns super burning questions pertinent to the four stages.
    40. soapboxstage
      My major concern is the gang aspect that the sewers had. I also find it ironic that you are slowly deleting the sewers only a few months after they have been done but heh, irony is good. But, again the gang aspect is an issue. We won't be able to really have those vampire gangs and orc war clans, wulong gangs, or maiar masses. I think it will be very difficult for magics and such to take place just because we are too close to the city. The main reason mentioned above why you are getting rid of the sewers is to make the surface and the sewer more connected, while, this is just going to limit the heresy. One might see a fire mage or a vampire attack from the city walls looking into the poor district. It is going to be a lot more difficult to pull off any sort of heresy even though guards can't come. We have little sections like this on the surface already like near fong's castle just left of spawn, but nobody uses it. The guards already don't come to anything on the surface. I don't know, I'm rambling off on a tangent here. I just feel that the sewers and the surface are going to be far too close which is going to severely hinder heretical roleplay. To compare, when you were little, you probably stole a cookie from the cookie jar. Then, you would run off and hide somewhere, let's say in your room, and eat it. Now imagine you stole a cookie, and you just sat there just behind your parents sight and ate that cookie, right next to the cookie jar, a bit harder to pull off, right? This may seem like the crazy idea of a madman but I think it has logic.

      ALSO! can we make sure the slums has a dueling pit? Those are always fun...
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