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    As the thread title implies, this thread is posted to inform the players of massive impending reconstruction efforts in the west of Regalia that may come as a controversial surprise to players. Over the past years, the separation of the Sewers and the Surface Roleplayers has steadibly become more extreme, up to the point where both universes seem almost completely separate, with minimal to no interaction between the two. One could argue a direct connection could solve that problem, but after successive meetings, we've come to the conclusion that the problem is far more deep-rooted than just a lacking instant teleport connection, these are the problems we found:
    • The population has shifted, while Regalia is much larger, it contains only 40% of the roleplaying population while the other 60% is in the Sewers. This goes against our ethos, that we want all our roleplayers to be centrally located in one world, not split between two.
    • The population originally "exiled" to the sewers was sent there because of rampant powergaming and god roleplay. We are now more equipped to handle those things on the surface level, and believe that sending them down into an ill law enforced world, where powergaming eventually became the norm, was a mistake.
    • Because of the departure of the sewer manager from staff, we no longer have a centralized organ of management for the Sewers as a whole.
    This is, in the simplest of terms what we are going to do about it:
    • We are going to slowly phase the Sewer world out of existence.
    • To replace the Sewer world, we will build a large slum/poor district west of the centre of Regalia.
    What will be the benefits of this?
    • Allowing direct movement between the districts allows for passive RP to form, to allow you to find roleplaying mobs more easily.
    • Allowing direct movement between the districts will allow for actual Crime-rp to take place in the surface, and then run through the streets to the Slum district.
    • Sewer Roleplayers wont lose any of their freedoms that they had in the sewers, and will infact gain the ability to directly interface with the rest of the city, if they walk beyond the road area.
    • By redoing the park, we are going to actually produce a park instead of just a silly ringroad around an artificial lake. Over the years, the park has suffered a lot of extra buildings that made the greenery area less, and the builded area more. We want to bring back some of the old grass fields and flower fields that were present in the Regalian park of Regalia V1.
    • By playing more with height, we can make some more interesting structures in the slum district. Some of them will still be underground, but we can also work with the verticality of for example building wooden scaffold housing up against aquaducts, or putting houses in dried up riverbeds.
    To achieve this, we are doing the following:
    • Evicting large numbers of houses to accomodate a new road network leading to this district for easy access. The goal is a straight road from the Regalian tavern to the front gate of the slum district.
    • Complete reconstruction of the Regalian Park to turn it back into an actual park instead of the busy packed housing district it is now. Image larger flower fields and grass areas for picnics and more larger trees.
    Obviously, one might thing losing the sewers is a big deal, but it won't be:
    • We will issue a full free new base with 2 months for free for all current base holders. Additionally, these bases will be either the same size, or up to twice as large!
    • We will additionally build another 15 bases which will be claimable in a similar manner as those that were claimed before, for a grand total of 30 bases.
    • We will rebuild a large number of houses, currently there are about 100 small rental properties in the Sewers. The slum will likely not have that many, but certainly approaching 70. We assume most people won't mind too much losing their 5x5 house rental, and all players who are evicted will receive their entire rental period + 2 months on top as a refund.
    • A new central "Sewer Tavern" will be built in an underground area in this slum, but it will be in the same world as Regalia proper.
    • All facilities, like a black market and Maiar waterways will be built in the slums also to ensure that all services currently offered by the Sewers will also be present in the slums.
    • Additional tunnels will connect all areas that have sunlight to allow Vampires to skulk around in the darkness.
    • Guards will be barred from ever entering this slum district, meaning it will essentially function 100% like the sewers, but be less filled with poop and have some more fresh air.
    What happens to the people who have houses that will be evicted above ground?
    • There are currently 4 stages described as: Stage one, the priority One park housing, Stage two, the Second stage Park housing, Stage three, the Old Gods district housing and the final stage, The Sewer eviction.
    • Stage One will feature some of the priority housing. These players get to choose either a free new house in a similar area, or a refund equal to total months rent + 2 months for free.
    • Stage Two will feature some of the second priority housing. These players get to similarly choose either a free new house or a refund equal to total months rent + 2 months for free. We may however have only limited housing available for the second priority housing section in the park district, so we may have to to do a lottery who gets a house refund if too many people ask for a free house return, and send the leftovers to the South river district for a free house when we run out of them.
    • Stage Three will feature the Old Gods District housing. The people owning these houses may additionally ask for a house refund or a refund equal to the total months rent + 2 months for free. The limited availability of housing replacement in this district may similarly result in some house owners being asked to move into housing in the south river district instead, which has a roughly similar walking distance to the Tavern from the Old Gods District.
    • Stage Four is when the Sewers are shut off and the Sewer bases are immediately refunded with a free new base (for 2 months) and 15 new bases going on sale on the forum through a claiming system. We will refund all Sewer house owners with a full refund + 2 months of rentals, but we will not offer them a free new house due to the size of those houses.
    We will commence Stage one in exactly 2 weeks, meaning evictions will start on the 15th of May. Players must clear their belongings from their housing by that time, or the content will be deleted. Players also have until that time to indicate that they wish to claim a new house, otherwise all refunds will default to a Regal Cash refund of full months rent + 2 months.

    Here is a link to the rough deadline for Stage One to commence.

    You can find out whether your current house qualifies for Stage One, Two or Three below. We ask that if you are a PVP'er or a Faction survivalist who does not need their house for roleplay, to please just ask for a Regal refund instead of a House refund. Additionally if you didn't need the house that is being evicted below, also please ask for a Regal refund. We would like to focus on the players who need their housing for roleplay:

    Stage One
    Stage Two
    Stage Three:
    If your name was mentioned above, please simply post to this thread if you want a free 2 month house rental refund. Note, you will not get to choose where this house will be, but we will try to place it as close as possible to where the old one used to be, or place it within an equal walking distance to the tavern as the old one was. This service is only available as long as supply lasts, so we may have to place some people some houses further away from these places than anticipated but generally speaking the new houses should be better and larger.

    More Information on the Sewer evictions will follow separately at a later stage.

    So I currently own a sewer house/base, what should I do?
    • Continue Roleplaying! The actual evictions for the sewers may well be beyond a month away, if not even more.
    • A 2 week notice will be posted on the forum when it's time to start worrying about clearing your belongings.
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    1. MonMarty
      Additional Notes:
      Your houses will not be evicted, but your houses may change a bit. We are evicting the houses around your houses, which will result in your houses suddenly becoming larger, or gaining extra windows. You dont need to do anything or remove any interior, will take care of it all.
      Your houses will not be evicted, but we may need to swap the orientation of your houses a bit. They overhang on the west street a bit too much, so we may shorten the houses on the south side, and extend them a few blocks into the western direction. You dont need to do anything or remove any interior, will take care of it all.
    2. AtticCat
      I'm okay with this
    3. TalkChat
      I agree with this.
    4. HodlinG
      I'd like the refund.
    5. Nixces
      I would like a refund on my house- ^~^
    6. MonMarty
      Please specify if you want a refund on a new house, or a refund in Regals. These messages are unclear.
    7. Chrome_Eevee
      I would like a regal refund on one (Westwallroad11) and a house refund on the other (Westwallroad19).
    8. CptSilvyrall
    9. _Grimmy_
      This works fine from an ooc point of view, but ic you couldn't really do much of the stuff you can in the sewers like massive magical shows of shock and awe simply because it's easily detectable and it's in the actual city not the maze like crap tunnels filled with scum.

      So my main concerns are restricting rp possibility or ending up with what is essentially metagaming in the sense chars will do unrealistic things like summon a blizzard in the middle of a street because the players knows they're safe ooc.
    10. CptSilvyrall
      I would like a house refund on lakeroad5.
      Last edited: May 1, 2017
    11. bxrnes
      I would like a refund for a new house on longwindroad9 please.
    12. Nixces
      Ah, sorry about that. I want to get a refund in a new house rent for Westwallroad1
    13. Tortellinis
    14. SlyChung
      I'd like a new house refund for my house templetonroad4 and for my lil' cave home cavesouth11
      Will the new house be roughly the same size and rental as my current, templetonroad4?

      i'll miss the sewers. yay more edge on the surface.
      Last edited: May 1, 2017
    15. fuithlug
    16. Sidereum
      I'd like a refund in regals.

      When exactly are the refunds and house erasures taking place, by the way? I've some materials I'd like to remove from both properties beforehabd, so I'd like a rough time to get that done by.
    17. Timisc
    18. RightChat
      I've always wanted a large slum for crime.
    19. HeyoBiggums
      I think this was very much needed. I looked at the Regalian tavern, empty, Sewer tavern, FLOWING WITH LIFE!!! I believe this is totally nessesary, and will force people back on the surface! And by removing the sewers, this makes people see noble families, and may grab their interest. Meaning! Noble families will spike up in a player population! I mean, I'm not saying everybody should be noble, then that would totally destroy the noble system (Which could easily be fixed with the return of High Nobility). Just my speculation, and comments. I personally love the idea! I had tears of joy run down my cheeks as I read this!!!
    20. Eccetra
      Guards will not be allowed in the slums district, period. It doesn't matter how great of a magical shitshow goes on there, there will be no restrictions other than what already existed in the sewers. Criminals have free roam and refuge to do essentially whatever they please with only minimal interference from the Black Hand, who already exist in the current sewers.
    21. Korgex12
    22. Peekaboop
      Refund with Regals on my Cavesouth12
    23. Borkwood
      --rates agree--
    24. CRASHIR
      Excited for this! I think it will work well <3
    25. Varisus
      Like a refund on a new house please. Westwallroad23
    26. BrammekeH
      I'd like a refund on a new house in exchange for Longwindroad1
    27. maddydaddyy
      Super excited for this! Can't wait!
    28. TalkChat
      Would it be illegal to go there? Frowned upon? Seems kinda weird for their to be a law against going there
    29. Leyrin
      Please can I have a new house refund for both westwallroad13 and petuniastreet7
    30. GoodDreamer
      I support.

    31. Moribundity
      Please may I have a refund on Westwallroad8?
    32. Femma
      I'd like a refund in regals, not a house if that's possible.
    33. Conflee
      Reminds me of the OLD OLD map that used to be on the website, with the Anarchy district marked. Always thought that was cool, but it was gone before I joined.

      Also, can I suggest we keep some kind of shored boat building in the new slums maybe? I love the boat in the Sewers. Maybe something a little like the one that makes the Silverwind Tavern.
    34. ASickRat
      This is going to be cool.
      Seeing all the rpers together, the sewer dwellers arguing with the Posh Nobles and wealthy commoners, The new crime runs through the city. Just everything about this seems cool.
    35. CrookedChrona
      All the Shendar and the illegal gays that got pushed into hiding, most of them in the sewers, are coming to the surface ya'll. Best be ready for a party!
    36. Erzly
      refund in regals, please, for Longwindroad7
    37. Conflee
      Another potential suggestion: Iv seen a lot of new hidden places underground in Regalia that were obviously intended to be entrances into the new sewers. Maybe some of those could be repurposed as fast travel points for criminals to sneak around across the city?
    38. Timisc
      Those were entrances into the old sewers but either way, we will likely not do that since we want people to actually be moving around the city and not escaping via TP points.
    39. Vivamente
      Loving the new idea Marty! - A small problem is that within the sewers, there were bases that were also acquired, and as I do have a lot of friends who are staff I would like to look out for them in any way possible. - Might I ask what will happen, if staff regain their tokens spent on these bases or otherwise?

      Please don't think I'm trying to upset you in any way with this post, I simply like to have answers to what's going on in both my mind and the city~
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