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    Character Information
    Full Name:
    Mahuizo Tlalolin
    Race: Maquixtl - Huactl
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Blue-green

    Core Concept
    Mahuizo desires for every being to see the whole world through her eyes. Everything has beauty, and articles that don’t? They can be molded and rehabilitated to fit into Mahu’s concept of perfection. Traditional and pedantic, Mahu is incredibly devout and strives to plant the seeds of her ideologies everywhere she travels.

    Polearm Pack

    Constitution: 1
    Physique Pack

    Wisdom: 6
    Dimenthist Wisdom Pack
    Hôterie Wisdom Pack
    Healing Alchemy Pack
    Common Alchemy Pack
    Engineered Weapons Pack - Hallowtech
    Obstructive Alchemy Pack

    Dexterity: 1
    Knocking Pack

    Magic: 0

    Charisma: 5
    Husbandry Pack (free) - Ithanian Minque
    West Linguist Pack
    Ancient Speech Pack
    State Diplomat Pack
    Mount Husbandry Pack

    Common (Free)
    Saan (Native)
    West Linguist Pack (Point Buy)

    Appearance Information
    Mahuizo is devoid of any mutations.

    Standing at 5’7”, Mahuizo prides herself on her appearance. Whilst her excessive accessorizing seems cluttered at first glance, upon further inspection it’s evident that each piece of jewelry, clothing, and even the baby’s breath weaved into the bun she keeps her dusty blonde hair in, has been meticulously placed as though her body was the canvas for her masterpiece. She regularly changes her body paint to fit her clothing and is almost always a stark white to contrast her tanned skin.

    Life Story

    • In the summer of 286AC, Mahuizo was born into a large family in the Guldar countryside. Her Avantl mother and Xieloth father nurtured their family on a homestead and Mahu ended up being one of the only Huactl her lineage had produced so far.
    • As an adorably chatty child, Mahu spent most of her time bossing around her siblings, learning, and doing chores. She had a remarkably unremarkable childhood but she’s admittedly rather grateful for the normative upbringing she’d had. She was a keen reader and alchemist and flat rejected any magic practice her mother tried to imbue into her, deciding on her near unwavering principles at a relatively young age.
    • It was no mistake Mahu wasn’t a homebird in the slightest. Her innate curiosity and desire to manage and direct often took her away from her agricultural familial basics and sent her into unchartered territory for the Tlalolin’s. Like an itch that couldn’t be scratched, leaving Guldar was a huge decision but one she never came to regret. One she only embarked on after her Totonal Avarr ritual had been completed. Mahu skirted the Allorn Empire as best she could as she traveled the West coast, dipping her toes into administrative positions and gentle suggestions to peers of her own religion in several locations occupied by the Suvial and Ailor, particularly Ithania which she is quite fond of.
    • Regalia is simply another huge landmark city for Mahuizo to check off her list of important destinations to visit. If there is nothing for her here, there is no doubt in her mind that she shall leave.
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