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    Host faction

    Event Host

    Who is welcome?
    Any players are welcome!

    May 30th, 2020

    1pm MST - 2pm MST

    - Five members of Magnanimus, TBD, will be set loose in the wilderness at 12:50pm MST - Their starting point will be up to them to eliminate any cheating from other players. At 1:00 PM The prey will be revealed on the Dynmap and the hunters will be released.

    - The goal? Hunt and kill your prey of course!

    - All of the 'prey' will be in a permanent PvP tag, meaning no Elytra, invisibility potions, no teleport, or anything that would make this challenge too... challenging.

    - PvP between the hunters will be allowed, and is encouraged!

    - Hunters will have 1 hours to successfully hunt their prey, If the prey is successful at keeping their life, they will keep all of the pool money.

    - Your admission money will be put into a money pool for your designated prey.

    - If a hunter successfully kills their prey, they will receive 3 things from the prey's inventory the prey's head, a signed book by the event host stating you deserve the money pool from said prey, and a certificate of success signed by the prey.

    - Hunters will have the option to donate an extra 60r to the person they are hunting for them to announce their location in general chat. When they donate the regals to their prey, they MUST announce it in general chat.

    How to sign up
    - Hunter positions per prey will be limited to 8, if there are 8 players signed up to hunt one person, your request to hunt them will be denied.

    - Admission is 50r per hunter. /Msg me in-game @cjann, comment on this thread, or message me on discord @cjann#1609 to sign up.

    - Please do not pay me when I am not online or without initiating me first

    Rules for Hunters
    - You may use any means of killing your prey, as long as they abide by the Massive Craft rules.
    - If 2 players kill the prey, whoever picks up the book will receive the cash prize
    - Hunter will be limited to 48 firework tier 3 fireworks.
    - Players who did not pay admission should not interfere with the prey.

    Rules for the Prey
    - No travel in the ocean surrounding the world of Essalonia.
    - No use of portals or locked doors.

    Players who prefer to build or Roleplay can also take part in this event! If you /Msg me in game @cjann, comment on this thread, or message me on discord @cjann#1609 we can set up a specific amount of regals you would like to place on any of these bets

    - Who will get killed first?
    - Who will live?
    - Who will kill said player

    I am open to any suggestions you have on bidding and am flexible on the amount of money you'd like to bet!

    I will be commenting the Prey this Saturday, May 23rd. In the meantime, happy hunting!
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    Fun idea, I'll have to see if I can attend on the 30th!
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    I'll try to come it sounds like fun

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