Lucyio’n Ashieron

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    Lucyio'n Ashieron

    Basic Information (Required):

    • Full Name: Lucyio’n Ashieron
    • Nicknames: Lucy, Lulu
    • Age: 35
    • Gender: Female
    • Race: Clan Käyth Disciple Shenath Kathar
    • Sexuality: Bisexual

    Basic Information (Expansion):

    Main Ambition: To protect her family and live a new happy life compared to her childhood.

    Position in Regalia: Lucy, being a Kathar, is in a rather low class. Her kind are hardly ever tolerated, and even if they are tolerated, they are barely above a peasant.

    Upbringing/Birthplace: Lucy was born and grew up in the Dread Empire until she was moved away and taught a whole new way of life (more in Backstory).

    Secondary Ambitions: Prove to many that she is a good person and that not all Kathar are bad is Lucy’s secondary ambitions. She also wishes to avoid turning to the Kathar lifestyle which most if not all Kathar “belong” to.

    Skill Information (Required):

    Total Points = 35

    • +30 Magical Knowledge (+10 From Race Boost, +20 From Points)
    • +10 Fast Blade Combat Skill (+10 From Race Boost)
    • +5 Perception Knowledge (+5 From Points)
    • +5 Athletic Training (+5 From Points)
    • +5 Unarmed Combat Skill (+5 From Points)

    Body Shape:

    • 5 Combat Points + (5 Athletic Points x 2) = 15 Physical Stat
    • Body Shape = Athletic Body Shape
    • Body Fat = Low Body Fat

    Language Learned: Total = 3

    • Common
    • Modern Elven
    • She’llaq

    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations

    • Afflicthism Info (+5 Magical Knowledge)
    • Arkenism Info (+5 Magical Knowledge)
    • Artifactism Info (+5 Magical Knowledge)
    • Dimenthism Info (+5 Magical Knowledge)
    • Eventism Info (+5 Magical Knowledge)
    • Sanguinology Info (+5 Magical Knowledge)

    Visual Information (Required):

    • Eye Color: Icy Blue
    • Hair Color: White
    • Hair Style: Long, naturally very wavy to curly
    • Skin Color: Light gray
    • Clothing: Light clothing, often Rogue outfits (some have hoods and masks) in dark colors like blue or black
    • Height: 6’5”

    Personality and Abilities (Required):

    • “Why are you talking to me?” Observer Perception: Lucyio’n appears to be cold, untrusting, and angry often. When someone even tries to say hello to her as a stranger, Lucyio’n will often act cold towards that person, often asking “What do you want from me” or “Why are you talking to me”. Though there are other times where she will simply ignore the person and keep going on her business. Though towards guards and nobles, she acts somewhat respectable, since she knows that if she acts rude towards them, she will be in huge trouble. She appears to be an uncaring person, though this is not entirely true.

    • “Past Experiences shape me into who I am today.” Inner Thoughts: Lucyio’n is usually calm and appreciative of the paths and challenges she went through. As she says, “they shape me into who I am today”. Her thoughts are clear and concise, often desiring to help any innocents if possible, though that definition can change depending on the situation. She is also very protective, near obsessive in protecting those she loves. There are times however, where Lucyio’n does have regrets about her past, and at those times, she wishes she can change them for the better.

    • Relationship Handling:
    • KIN: To Lucyio’n, there are some Kathar she respects, and there are some she wishes would have never existed in the first place. To her, Kathar is more so of a “grey area” in which to try and classify them as either “good” or “evil”. She acts with some respect towards some Kathar, though there are times where she hates some Kathar to the bone where she wishes they were cursed for an eternity.

    • FRIENDS: When you have the courage to try and befriend Lucy, she will slowly begin to respect you. This is due to that even Lucy herself views herself as a cold person, yet to her, this is all a test to test to see if she is truly worth their time, and that she can trust them. Despite this, she is still rather untrusting, though less so around strangers.

    • FAMILY: Family is an important aspect to someone’s life, if they treated the person right. That’s what Lucy believes. When it comes to Lucy, she is extremely protective of the ones she considers to be family. So protective, that she may not let anyone who she knows can get hurt out of her sights unless told otherwise. Despite this, Lucy acts quite caring towards them, more so than anyone else and trusts them with almost all her heart, though not entirely.

    • GUARDS/NOBLES: While in Lucy’s eyes Nobles and Guards are different in terms of status, Lucy also sees that they can often act the same. In truth, Lucy is indifferent about them, not usually having a care about them. Though she does secretly admire the Guards for the strength and courage, but at the same time despises some that are stuck up and attack anything they consider “inferior”.

    • ENEMIES: Lucy, if you have the guts to become her enemy, is ruthless and often unforgiving, depending on the severity of the “wrong” she considers against a person. If you attack someone she loves, she will come after you, wishing death upon the person who did such or justice. As such, Lucy is rather angry when this happens, and is quite vengeful.

    • Morality: Lucy’s morals lie in the True Neutral zone. There are times where Lucy helps the innocent, but there are times where she acts for her own or her family’s needs. To Lucy, family is the number one priority that Lucy seeks to protect. That and other outcasts in society who were thrown away without being given a chance (mainly children), that is her second priority. She always sees children as innocents, no matter their background, though this can change depending on how the child acts, who have yet to develop.

    • World View (Optional): Lucy’s view on the world is rather…complicated in a sense. She knows little of what goes on in the world, but the two nations she often pays attention to and is careful around is Regalia and the Dread Empire. Regalia is where Lucy resides now, though she often wishes to know of rumors and occurrences to protect her family from all harm she can. While the Dread Empire, she completely despises, at least in most aspects. She hates how barbaric and cruel the Kathar can be when they want to get what they want, yet she also can understand that they difference that she doesn’t mind, such as religion (though she doesn’t follow the religion herself and would rather her family didn’t follow such either). Though in truth, she supports Regalia more so than the Dread Empire, and would rather see the Dread Empire fall than Regalia.

    Weaknesses (Optional):

    • Untrusting: When it comes to Lucy, trust is very hard to gain and must be earned. Even then, it’s hard to gain Lucy’s trust because she is so closed off from anyone except the ones she loves. In other words, you will have to prove you are worth her time, or you will be ignored completely.

    • Vengeful: When Lucy gets mad, she often seeks revenge against the person who caused her to be mad. Depending on the severity of it, can depend on the severity of the punishment Lucy gives out. When she is extremely mad, she will focus on that person and try to harm and/or kill them and it often takes either some hard convincing or physically hold her back for her to calm down.

    • Family/Loved ones: When it comes to her loved ones, it’s probably one of Lucy’s greatest weakness. If her family is taken away from her in any way, she will seek out to rescue them, if not then according to Lucy, she will be nothing without them (and probably go on a blood thirsty rampage). As such, when she goes out to rescue them, she will often pay attention to them only, and not of any of the traps set nearby, which can hurt or capture her easily if so.

    • Experimentation: When it comes to experiments, on animals or humanoid beings, Lucy has a huge fear of it. This is due to the horrifying past she had as a child, in which caused her to have horrifying nightmares and a huge fear of such. From needles to mysterious chemicals, Lucy will often back away to a safe distance before even getting touched.


    Personality and Abilities (Expansion):

    Quirks: When Lucy gets excited or angry, her voice gets louder in volume, which can sometimes be annoying and make other people angry because she can sometimes basically yell in their ears. Though she often likes to be heard, and as such, developed this during her childhood to be heard by others.


    Music (Singing or Violin)


    Drinking Alcoholic Drinks Too Much
    Loud, Sudden Noise
    People who look down on her by Appearance


    Pink = Lovers
    Blue = Family
    Green = Friends
    Black = Acquaintances
    Red = Enemies

    Will update soon!


    Life Story:

    • Lucy was born 275 A.C. in the Dread Empire to an unknown couple which Lucy seemed to have not remembered since she was born. To her, her story starts a year afterward. At age one, Lucy was taken away from her parents and given to a group of Kathar Void Mages, only for them to begin to experiment on her. Lucy was not the only one however. Many groups of kids were taken away from their families and were thrown away to the Mages to be fixed. Anywhere from ages one to seventeen, they were taken away and once they turned eighteen, they were released as “perfect followers of the Void”. As Lucy remembers, they sought to “fix” anyone who did not follow the Void. However, Lucy was only one at the time, so she didn’t do anything as far as she remembers. The only thing she could guess, was that her parents did something and the Void Mages sought revenge.

    • For many years, Lucy and many of the kids who grew up with her were experimented on. As far as Lucy knew, it seemed to be endless, with no way of escaping. She grew fond of the children who were with her, at least, the ones who have yet to be turned. It was thanks to them that Lucy had hope and kept going on, hoping to one day escape. Then, at the age of ten, Lucy finally had her chance. Lucy and her friends planned out an escape for three years, and one day, they set their little “operation” into action. But at a cost. As they tried to escape, her friends were either captured again for further punishment, or killed in the process, most of them killed. Lucy was the only one able to escape, much to her reluctance.

    • Lucy snuck onto a ship headed for Regalia at age fifteen, where there, she wandered the streets with no goal, no family, and little hope. One day, while she was wandering the streets, dirty, cold, and starving, she was approached by an older Kathar man. The man was named Xajo Allas. Xajo had watched the girl for a while, and finally approached her with a deal. He would give Lucy food, shelter, and a good living, but she must serve and protect the Allas family for as long as she may live unless told otherwise. At the time, Xajo was on the run from something, unfortunately Lucy doesn’t remember the details. Lucy accept with great reluctance, but to her, she had no other choice. If she had said no, she would have died.

    • As Lucy served the Allas family as a protector for the rest of her years, Lucy began to grow fond of the family, and later began to treat them as they were her own. Lucy, in her own eyes, finally found a family whom she grew to love and care for. She spent many years as a guardian to them. One day, while out on a trip to Daendroc as a vacation, Lucy received news from Nouveau Tempete, an old friend of Lucy’s and a member of the Allas family, that her family needs her once again, as new situations had raised to which put the Allas family in danger. Seeking to protect the Allas from harm, Lucy once again sets out for Regalia, where things have changed since she was last there.
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    Thank you for your patience.

    Having poured through this, I haven't found anything for you that requires your attention. As such, this application is approved.
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    Updated Special Traits section with Magical Knowledge to fit the Magical Knowledge Update!

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