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    Basic Information
    • Lucius Lerove is a 43 year old Ailor-Talar

    • Son of Marie Eckhart, an Ailor, and Andreas Lerove, a Talar. His father fought with the Regalians in the Chrysant War. Born in Daenshore

    • Has recently moved to Regalia, and thus has no home

    • Lucius is a proficient and cunning vampire hunter who’s only desire is to rid the world of the diseased creatures by any means. He also wants to dissect and study the vampires so he can give other hunters more information on them
    Visual Information

    Body Description
    • Lucius is tall man, and well muscled due to years of combat training with his father

    • His skin is moderately pale, with no defining marks other than a scar down his right arm, from elbow to wrist, that is covered by his clothes

    • He has little body hair, all of it easily covered by his clothes
    Head Description
    • Lucius has rather large eyes, an average sized head, and a slightly pointed jaw. His nose is slightly pointed

    • He has green eyes. He always has a smirk on his face

    • He has no facial hair, only the brown hair on the top of his head
    Clothing and Accessories
    • Lucius wears brown pants and boots, and a white and brown robe with gold trim

    • He has a special sheath inside his robes for his katar that places the weapon over his heart, which would normally block a sudden attack
    Behavior Information

    Personality Traits
    • Sadistic: He doesn’t know exactly when he became a sadist, but what he does know is that for quite some time he has enjoyed torturing his vampiric prey right up until the moment they die

    • Cunning: Lucius is a clever man, long used to thinking outside the box and coming up with battle plans on the spot, and uses this often when hunting vampires

    • Aggressive: When angered, though not before, Lucius will respond to any insult with one of his own, and any blow with the same

    • Just: Though sadistic, Lucius will not hurt anyone he considers innocent

    • Obsessive: Lucius is obsessed with eradicating vampires, and will focus only on that even when people are in danger

    • Manipulative: He will do a lot to get his way, including using his talents in combat and interrogation (torture)

    • Protective: Lucius has always had a desire to protect what is his, be they physical objects, friends, or family

    • Polite: Despite his faults, Lucius always speaks in a polite, well mannered tone
    • Well mannered people are his favorite sort of people, as it makes it easier for him actually meet them or get to know them

    • Lucius enjoys reading a well written book, especially those that contain information on the vampires he hunts

    • He enjoys torturing his enemies and experimenting on them with various chemicals or even live dissection

    • He enjoys getting the drop on his enemies, either sneaking up behind them with his katar, or shooting them from above with his crossbow
    • He absolutely loathes vampires, seeing them as disease ridden animals and monsters that must be put down

    • Absolutely hates losing his target, and will act aggressive towards anyone who might have caused it

    • He doesn’t like cake. He just can’t stand the texture of it

    • Lucius dislikes orcs, mostly because he thinks of them as violent and clumsy oafs
    Abilities and Disabilities

    • Expert in the use of crossbows and short bladed weapons like katar and daggers, Lucius is also agile and swift, capable of dodging many attacks

    • Incredibly determined to hunt down every vampire he can before he becomes too old for it

    • Lucius is an expert tracker of both beast and man, and given the time and resources, could track down anyone he wanted to
    • Intimidating posture and speech patterns, along with the tendency to make unintentional threats

    • Easily distracted by the possibility of a vampire being near. He will drop anything he is doing to track down even the slightest glimpse of one of the sanguine

    • No skill with diplomatic speech, being a rather blunt and antisocial person
    Combat Styles
    • Harsh offense, typically attacking with quick and plentiful stabs and slashes with his katar or aiming directly for a vital spot if far enough away to use his crossbow. If he at all manages to disable his enemy without killing them right away, he will begin to torture his enemy by stabbing non-vital spots and removing limbs until they beg for death or simply die of blood loss

    Weapons of Choice
    • A steel Katar with gold inlays and a guard that covers the top of his hand when wielded

    • A medium sized crossbow with arms capable of folding in so it can be stowed away easier, coming with relatively well crafted bolts made by Lucius himself

    • Parents Andreas and Marie

    • Gregory: taught Lucius to hunt

    Life Story

    Born in Daenshore, Lucius was raised most by his mother, as his father worked as trader, bringing wood from the lumberyards to Regalia. Andreas,after Lucius turned 15, began teaching him combat techniques he had learned from fighting in the Chrysant war when he was younger. He taught Lucius much, from the use of swords and crossbows, to the use of more unorthodox weapons like katar, though Lucius only ever really kept to the katar and crossbow. A few years after his father taught him most of what he knew, the son of a survivor from the war, who recognized Andreas, killed him and Marie while Lucius was out, leaving a bloody mess behind.

    After this, with nothing really keeping him in Daenshore anymore, Lucius began to travel. As he traveled he met a vampire hunter named Gregory, who would, over another two years, teach Lucius how to track and kill both common animals and vampires. He and Gregory traveled to many towns and cities throughout Daendroc killing the vile creatures that plagued them, even after Gregory was done training Lucius.

    They later parted ways when Lucius decided to do his work in other lands, and proceeded to travel through both Fendarfell and Ithania before finally making his way into Regalia. When he arrived, however, he was shocked to learn that unless he joined the guard or something similar, he would not be allowed to perform what he sees as his duty to the world. He is currently staying in the tavern until he decides what his next move will be.
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    @Professor Clue


    Before I get into detail about the specific topics, I'd like to point out that I see punctuation errors through the application. (Most of them are just not putting periods at the ends of your sentences.)

    Basic Information
    • Is your character male or female? Please specify in the first bullet point of this section.
    • Are Lucius's parents still alive, and if so, where are they at the moment? Please specify in the second bullet point of this section.
    Body Description
    • How tall is Lucius and how much does he weigh? What parts of his body are stronger than others, his legs, his shoulders, etc.? Does he have any physical disabilities, like a broken limb or a badly healed shoulder? Please specify on these points in the first bullet point of this section.
    Head Description
    • Define an average-sized head. Is an average-sized head squarish in size or rounded? Please specify on this point in the first bullet point of this section.
    • You say Lucius always has a smirk on his face. Is this a happy smirk, as in he's always thinking happy thoughts, or is this an evil smirk, as if he were thinking of his foe's demise? Please specify on this point in the second bullet point of this section.
    • Does Lucius have his hair hang down towards his eyebrows? Does he have a bowl cut? What kind of hairstyle does he have? Please specify on this point in the third bullet point of this section.
    • You didn't include the fourth bullet point which talks about facial disabilities and facial accessories. Does he have any scars on his face? Does he have an piercings? Please specify on this point in the fourth bullet point of this section.
    Clothing Accessories
    • What kind of material is Lucius's robe made of? What kind of material is Lucius's shirt made of? Please specify on this point in the first bullet point of this section.
    • What's so special about the sheathe? Did he find it somewhere or was it given to him by a special individual? Please specify on this point in the second bullet point of this section.
    Personality Traits
    • Elaborate on your personality traits. How does this affect people around him? How do these traits affect his own actions? Please specify and make sure that each trait is at least a paragraph. (4 -5 sentences long.)
    • How did Lucius develop his likes and dislikes? What made him hate vampires? What made him like reading books? Please specify and make sure that each like/dislike is at least a paragraph. (4-5 sentences long.)

    • How did Lucius learn how to wield a crossbow? Why is he bad at socializing? Please specify and make sure that each strength/weakness is at least a paragraph. (4-5 sentences long.)

    These are the things that you need to address before you move onto Staff Review. Good luck and happy writing!
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    I've seen too many vampire hunters and not enough vampires, but I suppose that has nothing to do with your character app.
    I like the general idea of your character, but it isn't very descriptive. He seems too 'aimed' at vampires, and I feel like he should have another purpose.
    I like your character and I hope he doesn't get eaten too quickly by the vampires in the sewers.

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