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    Do you want to contribute to Massivecraft roleplay? Are you a creative person with lots of ideas for plotting and worldbuilding? The Lore Team has a few open positions and you could fit the role! To help you understand what to expect from someone who’s been through it, we asked Lore Staff member @Athelois about her time so far and how she got involved.

    What is a Lore Staff member?

    Athelois: Lore members are integral to staff in that they have many, many roles they fill. From the simple character app reviews to Player Progressions, the systems management, and even conflict resolution, Lore is always there. We've built the world and characters that our players know and love so much - and are constantly seeking to add new members to our team.

    What do you typically do each week?

    Athelois: My weekly schedule involves character reviews and the day-to-day maintenance of the new Crime System with (quite literal) partner-in-crime, Katiesc. I spend a lot of time engaging with the community to ensure any complaints they may have can be addressed and passed on to our Direction team.

    Why did you want to join Lore Staff?

    Athelois: I wanted to join the Lore team mainly for the crime system, but also because I wanted to give back to the community that introduced me to so many of my closest friends.

    What has been your favourite project so far?

    Athelois: My favourite project has absolutely been the crime system, I'm not even going to lie. It's been my baby since I started and I cannot wait to see what the players have in store for me to keep up with.

    What qualities are needed to be a member of the team?

    Athelois: I would definitely say you need to be a self-starter and not be afraid to put yourself out there to be part of Lore. A strong back-bone and a positive attitude are definitely something I'd suggest, as a Lore member is often very involved in the communities.

    How did you go about applying?

    Athelois: I just applied! I putzed around for a little bit because I was nervous that I wouldn't get accepted, but I would definitely suggest just putting yourself out there and being confident!

    If you find yourself interested in applying for the Lore Team, read this section here then post your application here.

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