Aloria Story Progression Logs And Men, Thrown With Divine Will

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    (( A short progression with quick writing, I am behind on some paperwork))

    House Rosendahl investigates the du Pont and Ravenstad blockade in the Brissiaud strait, finding rather that there are no such ships left. Du Pont's navy had seemingly already stood down, and much of the Ravenstad fleet either disbanded or returned to port some time ago, leaving the entire strait empty. Christopher Black meanwhile spent another 1000 Regals on rebuilding in his ravaged Narlas. It became pretty obvious, when the money only covered renovations on a few houses, that House Black was going to need some serious financial or foreign investment. Curiously even further, a looming shadow was cast over the Narlas reconstruction, quite literally. As Christopher Black moved around Narlas to oversee reconstruction and help the locals, above him at all times and between him and the sun stood Hengest Harhold's airship, casting a permanent shadow on Christopher Black. Wherever Christopher went, the airship maneuvered in place to deny him direct sunlight, and whenever Black looked up, all he could see was Hengest Harhold staring down at him with a spyglass. This continued on until sundown, when the airship finally veered off.

    Genevieve Howlester attempted a charm offensive towards the Etosians, but despite the lavish musical and artistic gifting, the event was overshadowed by the Etosians feeling cross with recent developments in Regalia. The Etosian Patriarch had agreed to merge back into the unified Unionist body with the provision that the Emperor would acknowledge living Herons. Now that there was no more Emperor, the unification provision had essentially dissolved, and the Etosians could feel little appreciation for gifts and music with their religious ideals up for question.

    Some underfunded attempts also played out. Everhardt tried to rally their men with discipline and morale but provided no funds, sweet words alone. Without the necessary funds to put their ruler's work into action by hiring drill masters, nothing came of their attempt to improve cohesion. Furthermore, house Morgann sent 10 regals worth of gifts to house di Alan. Upon discovering that 10 regals could only buy 3 loaves of bread, the di Alan family was enraged with the cheap gifts and threw house Morgan out on the street. Du Pont's attempts to woo house di Alan were far more successful. A 3000 Regal costing military fanfare and parade in the du Pont capital, presided by the di Alan family not only impressed them, but also greatly improved relations between du Pont and di Alan. Finally, House Drache attempted to fund Hadrian's wall with 200 regals, finding it could barely produce the necessary pre-logging work required to clear the terrain. That being said, it did show at least one lord was interested in creating Hadrian's wall, and the idea was once more getting steam among the Calemberger lords, with the Typhonus Family promising to invest in the future should momentum keep up.

    House d'Ortonnaise funded an expedition to Arlora to investigate Isldar movements. This time, their contact with the Isldar proved more fruitful, though their discoveries were surprising. As opposed to having some sort of sinister goal or plan in mind, the Isldar were seemingly simply invested in acquiring new lands, as the wastes of Ellador started becoming less usable to their increasing population. Increased tension between the Url and the Isldar in the west of Ellador caused the Isldar to move further east. Despite their military superiority, the Url recovery speed and constant forceful recruitment of Humans from the southern coast settlements proved them to be an unending tide. The Isldar also brought news of the Url organizing in some sort of War-Herds with unseen-before cohesion. Apparently the Url had developed a structure of command through respect gained in Horn Challenges. Now that the Url were more organized, they suddenly started invading lands all around them in Jorrhildr and Ellador, and the Isldar feared a losing battle in the long run. The Ortonnaise party found that the Isldar in Arlora had a far more positive predisposition to Humans than the ones met in Ellador. Despite being of the same race and state, the ones settling in Arlora had decided that pragmatism with the Regalian Empire, especially since they had heard the rumors of it being ruled by a Dragon, had proved to be more fruitful for their continued existence than constantly chasing and fighting everything.

    House d'Vaud also buys some Dwarven beverages from Belegost.

    House Carwell tried to impose a draft on the immigrant Old Rebels, which was resisted at first, but then supported en masse. The irony was that it seriously increased the size of the Carwell army, but the downside was that this was the intention of the Old Rebels. With the draft in effect, Carwell's native Anglian soldiers were outnumbered 3 to 1 by Dragenthaler Old Rebels, and as such, Carwell effectively lost control over his own army. The new conscripts started saturating the officer ranks and eventually deciding military conduct for themselves, having the army position itself without overhand orders.

    House Kehlen arranged a marriage between the Duke's daughter, and the brother of the ruler of the Barlowe lands. With this marriage between close relatives created, a formal military alliance was agreed upon between House Barlowe and Kehlen, vowing to assist each other in both offensive and defensive wars.

    House Valeur attempted to start a diplomatic mission to the Elven lands, however the frugal ruler pulled out no finances to support this mission, and his relatives failed to even leave their homeland without getting their transports and supplies paid for.

    Father Bohdan, along with several missionaries and sailors attempted to brave the Maelstrom of Mirnoye, only to find the same fate that so many had suffered, losing control of the vessel and it smashing on the rocks in front of the giant face statues with glowing white eyes. The entire expedition perished from official records, though some drifters were able to survive and be picked up by Nordskag fisshers later ((leaving it open whether Bohdan died or not to the player.))

    Finally, the Gallovian Highland games were held in Gallovia with many foreign participants. Five disciplines were set out, of which the first one was log hurling. The competition was stiff in the upper levels, but many people who were physically unsuitable for log throwing participated also. This meant that a few ranked at the top performed great feats of strength, while some of the middle and bottom strata failed to even lift a log up. Claude du Pont won the log throwing competition with the furthest hurl, with Duncan Kade being the runner up. The second Wrestling was also won by Claude du Pont who crushed the untrained competition, and win the final match against the runner up, the Sa-Allar Azzidi. The next discipline boulder climbing was won by Valbrand Haagenvig, with Aedarhon Jouhari as the runner up. A Zastorzy won the barrel swimming competition, with many of the Regalians who had signed up suffering near hypothermia from the cold Gallovian springwaters that they were not used to. Finally, Garth Viduggla won the mountain hike, with Brynjar Sorenvik only just barely a few feet behind him, the two of them beating out the competition by far. With the completion of the Gallovian Games, local spirits were mixed. While it was a fun engagement for the Gallovians, the fact that not a single Gallovian had taken a prize, and that most of the contestants were foreigners caused some contention.
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    GAASSSSSPPPP @KiddingAround The first Allar I know which made it into a progression xD
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    A gloved hand clenched at the end of a chair's arm, the lord coated in his black ringmail glanced to a map of Aloria, moving a few wooden carvings of trees next to grey sparrows in his small region of the Veers "They will fall in line. Or pay the price."

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