Lifeguard Decree Of May 12, 309 A.c.: On Palestry

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    On May 11, 309 A.C., Ducal-Minister Bancroft of Draakenrust appointed Sergeant Howland of the Viridian Order to the position of Lifeguard Executive.

    On Palestry:
    Palestry is the act of a noble and a “palest” swearing themselves to be one for life. The noble provides every expense for the palest, who is elevated to a status of eternal companionship to that noble. Palests most often fulfill a protectionary role, but many choose to serve their “charges,” or bound noble, as sagely mentors or shadow advisors.

    Palestry is the most prestigious position a commoner may hold outside of knighthood, government and court positions. Furthermore, having access to a noble’s connections and wealth is a benefit few commoners enjoy.

    Meanwhile, nobility who take on palests benefit from advice, companionship, and most importantly of all, a commoner or fellow peer willing to lay down their life for them. Palestry is a phenomena of trust and respect between the noble and palest. It is among the greatest forms of platonic love.

    The actions of noble and palest alike reflect, both positively and negatively, on one another. For all intents and purposes, a palest is an adoptive member of a noble house who does not share the noble’s name, blood, status or privilege. A noble committing a high crime is equivalent to the palest committing the same crime, while a palest who violates Conduces before a procession of lords and ladies is seen as doing so on the noble’s behalf.

    The Lifeguard Executive sets the following obligations and expectations for nobles and palests:

    Obligations of the palest:
    • To offer protection, mentorship and comfort to their noble charge at every turn, at the cost of their own life.
    • To sustain oneself yet not take advantage of their noble charge’s wealth.
    • To adequately accompany their noble charge when said charge leaves the comfort of home.
    • To keep no secret from their noble charge. Exception granted to confidential state business.
    • To never speak against their noble charge in public, or undermine them in their public life.
    • To report any violation or misconduct within palestry to the Lifeguard Executive.
    Obligations of the noble:
    • To meet the basic needs of a palest with a comfortable yet not excessive amount of food, water, shelter and clothing.
    • To invest in the physical and intellectual development of the palest.
    • To keep confidence with their palest, and involve said palest in house business. Exception granted to confidential state business.
    • To listen to and carefully consider the wisdom and advice of a palest.
    • To report any violation of Palestry to the Lifeguard Executive.
    The Lifeguard Executive shares the sentiments of many of the peerage that palestry has become a gratuitous trophy bestowed, forgotten, and revoked at the drop of the hat. The Lifeguard Executive also shares the sentiment that rapid palest turnover is inexcusable and undermines the prestige and honor of the position. Finally, the Lifeguard Executive is disappointed so-few palests are seen accompanying their charges.

    Nobles are not obligated to have a palest and should not seek one purely for the sake of having one. A palest is not a silent and stationary guard. A palest is not an occupation to hire and fire at will as one might a servant, attendant or house guard.

    Palestry is an obligation between a palest and noble that raises each to new heights in their perpetual duty to serve the Imperial Spirit. Nobles and their palests encourage one another to be better versions of themselves. Both benefit from the relationship and both are damaged by a lack of commitment or conduct.

    The Lifeguard Executive, with the blessing of the Ducal-Minister Bancroft of Draakenrust, will issue statements discussing palestry in the coming days and weeks. For now, the Lifeguard Executive encourages the nobility and their palests ponder the above words as they fulfill their oaths to one-another.

    Additionally, the Lifeguard Executive encourages noble and palest pairings interested in being involved in palestry reform to seek him out for a meeting at their convenience.

    A word once spoken cannot be unspoken, and a man or woman is only as good as his or her word.
    The Oath of Palestry: To be announced at a later date.
    Rewards within palestry: To be announced at a later date.
    Disciplinary action within palestry: To be announced at a later date.
    Termination of palestry: To be announced at a later date.
    Upcoming palestry events: To be announced at a later date.
    On House Guards: To be announced at a later date.

    Oratorio Ode.

    Sergeant Howland
    Viridian Order
    Lifeguard Executive


    OOC: It’s time to breathe some life into palestry! An event is in the early stages of planning for palests and their nobles, with more on the way. There will be plenty of palest-specific interactions and IC rewards to earn, in addition to a new way of swearing-in palests and letting nobles and palests tailor the palest experience to themselves and their Roleplay. All of this will be filled with "lip-quivering uwu so sincere" Roleplay that transcends a single line in the progression pings chat on Discord.

    For now, I ask all nobles families to put a hold on appointing/dismissing palests before more information on palestry oaths is announced. Also, if you have ideas or innovations to add on, please shoot me a message/mail a letter to Howland! Howland wants to create some accountability within the role IC, but I want to get creative with providing unique, sincere and intimate interactions between characters.
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