Lifeguard Decree Of July 5, 309 A.c.: House Guard Registry

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    The Lifeguard Executive publishes this brief degree to the legal authorities of the city noting all registered house guards. House guards who have not been registered by letter with the Lifeguard Executive are stripped of rights to bear arms and armaments in service to nobles, and are furthermore barred from entering noble areas until they are duly registered, per the Lifeguard Decree of June 26, 309 A.C.

    The current list of registered house guards with legal rights to perform their duty in the capitol:
    House guards may be hired and fired at the discretion of the nobility, but their legal status will not change until the nobility registers or unregisters them with the government. A fired noble house guard will continue to retain all rights to weapons and armaments until communique is sent to the Lifeguard Executive of their removal; and a house guard has no legal standing to perform their duties until they are registered with the Regalian Government.

    Letters ((please please please by forum DMs) should be sent to the Duke von Schwarzkrau by noble titleholders to register house guards. Expect a delay of 48-72 hours for registration to be processed.
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