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    • Basic Information
      • Full Name: Lathlaeril Ethlandayn Genzeiros Aekalyn
        • Nicknames: Lath, Lathie
        • Aliases: TBA
      • Age: 112
        • Visual Age: Early Thirties
        • Birthday: October 31st
        • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
      • Gender: Male
      • Race: Half-Model Kathar
        • Sub-race: Shenathar/Wolathar
        • Affliction: Dorkarth Brood
      • Sexuality: Bisexual
      • Preferred Weapon: Swords
    • Skill Information
      • Core Proficiencies
        • +20 Sword Combat
        • +5 Fist Combat
      • Talent Proficiencies
        • +10 Stealth Rogue (+5 Racial Bonus)
        • +5 Conning Rogue
      • Hobby Proficiencies
        • +5 Dancing Art
        • +5 Needlework Art
      • Point-Buy Abilities
        • +16 Sorcery
        • +9 Metallurgy
    • Body Shape
      • 32 Physical Stat. (Cap 25)
      • Muscular Body Shape
      • Average Body Fat
    • Languages
      • Kathar Altalar (Native Tongue)
      • Common (Adopted Language)
    • Special Traits/Abilities/Spells
    • -=INACTIVE=- Vampirism: Dorkarth Bloodline
      • Dorkarth Ability Kits (Will do Form later on when infected/have an idea for it)
    • -=ACTIVE=- Racial Abilities:
      • Dread Rebirth
        • A ritual requiring 3 Kathar, performed on a Nelfin or Half-Elf, allowing them to transform the person into a Kathar. The transformation is temporary for 3 days, and if the target was unwilling, it will revert after 3 days. Players who are consenting however may also make it permanent. This Ability can be reused on those who have had it used once on them already, but it can never be used on Manathar.
      • Dread Binding
        • A less intense version of the Dread Rebirth, requiring only one Kathar. This ritual allows the Kathar to produce a 7 day lasting Target Curse totem (which can be an object of any kind that can be worn or kept on a person) that when accepted by a person as a gift (or forced on a person), gives them visual similarities to the Kathar who gifted them the totem (skin, hair color, eye color, Body Build). They can additionally also graft mentality changes onto the gift receiver, particularly making them more favorable to the Kathar for the duration of the totem’s effects. After the effects wear off, a new totem can be applied. Additionally, the Curse also gives the target loyalty to the Kathar who made the totem.
      • Dread Tampering
        • A ritual allowing a Kathar to infuse a piece of jewelry or decorative accessory with a specific feeling. If the item is accepted as a gift by the (unsuspecting) receiver, it will cause their character’s personality to change with the change imparted on the item for 5 days. For example, a ring can cause a person to become more slothful, or to become less kind, or to become more lustful. After the time is over, the item becomes mundane. Items infested by Dread Tampering are considered an Object Curse.
      • Dread Linking
        • Any Kathar can target another person and touch them, giving them (and themselves) a Target Curse of Dread Linking. This Curse causes any physical sensation felt by either person to be also copied and transferred to the other. This is not only limited to pleasant feelings (such as the mouth-watering in anticipation of good food, or the butterfly stomach feeling of a passionate kiss) but also unpleasant feelings such as pain from being struck with a weapon. This Curse can be removed any time by the caster, or broken with any Exorcism or Possession removing Ability on the victim. Only one Curse can be active for the caster, and after it has broken, this Ability goes on a 24 hour cooldown, and the target cannot be re-cursed for another week.
      • Dread Pact
        • Two or more Kathar can make a binding agreement with each other, which can be a goal, set of goals, actions, or clear tasks to be fulfilled. The first person to break the pact is punished directly via Lore Staff. Multiple pacts can be active at the same time, and Pacts must be created on Server, and cannot be backstory’d.
      • Shenathar Passion Dance (Secondary)
        • The Shenathar is able to, in mockery of the creators, turn their body hair into red or black Void Fire. This fire does not produce light or heat, but does obey gravity and the movements of the Shenathar. In addition, they can "set fire to" any mundane or magical Tattoos they have, causing them to flicker and smolder with Void Fire, though still not producing light or heat. While Passion Dance is active, the Shenathar’s nails turn black and extend more like claws, capable of shredding skin and with repeated strikes, even metal. There is no upper limit to how long this Ability can be active, though while it is active, weapons cannot be wielded.
      • Wolathar Beast Warp (Primary)
        • The Wolathar can summon an extra set of functional arms (normal Wolathar arms, or furred beastly arms) that appear directly under their normal arms. These arms operate at the same Proficiency levels as their normal arms. They are also able to sacrifice these arms for four Void Tendrils appear from their back. These tendrils each operate at 25% of the user’s Proficiencies, rounded down, but are prehensile, and about 1.5 times as long as their normal arms.
    • -=ACTIVE=- Sorcery Abilities:
      • True Path I
        • The user is able to begin a charge or running speed in a particular direction. Once reaching a particular block, they may activate TruePath I to scatter their body into a large cloud of non-harmful smaller objects, or flora, or critters, and continue traveling in the same direction as they were running. This allows them to continue moving for up to 10 blocks at sprinting speed, allowing them to pass through any hole, crack or opening. This can be to for example, float through a guard formation, a door, a wall of spikes, etc. After traveling 10 blocks, the character re-manifests, this Ability cannot be ended early, unless met with a solid wall without openings. This Ability has a 15 minute cooldown.
      • Element Brand III
        • This Ability allows the user to Enchant their melee weapon with a Fire or Storm enchant that makes the weapon either ablaze, or giving off sparks of lightning while appearing white-hot from the forge. Hits with this Enchant do additional harm to the target, causing greater pain, such as searing edges and longer lasting sharp pain that can compound to make combat more difficult, though it does not actually do more damage. This Enchant also cannot set anything on fire and feels cold to the touch to the user. The Enchant lasts for 30 minutes and can only be used by the user, if they hand the weapon off or attempt to Enchant anyone else’s weapon, the Ability simply does not work. This Ability has no Cooldown.
      • Element Brand IV
        • This Ability allows the user to Enchant their melee weapon with an Earth or Magma enchant that makes the weapon either out of stone, or dripping magma. Firstly, while this Enchant is active, the user is immune to any Ability that would remove their weapon from their hand, or displace it. Additionally, the weapon may be wielded from a distance of 3 blocks to slash and shoot a hail or pebbles or magma pumice at a person, which does a fraction of the damage of an actual hit, but is still painful and causing various cuts to exposed skin like a hail of razor blades would. The Enchant lasts for 30 minutes and can only be used by the user, if they hand the weapon off or attempt to Enchant anyone else’s weapon, the Ability simply does not work. This Ability has no Cooldown.
      • Element Brand V
        • This Ability allows the user to Enchant their melee weapon with a Metal or Flesh enchant that makes the weapon either have small shards of metal floating around it, or made of flesh and meat. Deflecting, Blocking or Parrying any attack made by a weapon with this Enchant unless done with a Shield, becomes less effective. When Deflected, Blocked or Parried, this weapon causes a hail or metal shards or flesh tendrils whipping out at the target, thus doing a small amount of damage each time an actual hit fails to land. Full hits however do normal damage. The Enchant lasts for 30 minutes and can only be used by the user, if they hand the weapon off or attempt to Enchant anyone else’s weapon, the Ability simply does not work. This Ability has no Cooldown.
    • Metallurgy Packs
      • Weapon Metallurgy
      • Armor Metallurgy
      • Iron Family Metallurgy
    • Aesthetic Mutations
      • Void Threlwar
        • Void Horns
        • Void Eye
        • Void Claws
        • Void Scale
        • Void Mark
        • Void Beast
        • Void Tears
      • Pagan Marvash
        • Pagan Maw
        • Pagan Sight
        • Pagan Spring
    • Visual Information
      • Eye Color: Crimson Red with black eye whites
      • Hair Color: White
      • Hair Style: Flows to the lower back, usually in a bun or ponytail
      • Skin Color: Light Grey
      • Clothing: Anything that is comfortable
      • Height: 6'6
    • Personality
      • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
      • Personality: Commander and/or Architect
      • Religion: Void Worship (7/10)
        • Arken Worship (5/10)
    • Backstory
      • Childhood
        • Lathaeril was born in the Dread Isles to a father named Jharrinq and a mother named Neisaln, having multiple siblings. His father was a fighter and his mother was a Priest, dedicated to preach about the Dark Ancients and the Arkens who granted the Kathar society many abilities and blessings. It was easy to get adjusted to learning the religion at a younger age, as well as learning techniques with a blade from his father.
        • During his childhood years, his education was average, being extroverted and making many friends though was your average trouble maker. To get better with a blade, he challenged other kids on the streets to duels, getting hurt at least a few times a week. His father had no issue with it though his mother did, worried for Lath getting hurt but did nothing about it, only scolding now and then but accepted the fact he would not stop.
        • Nearing his eleventh birthday, before hitting adolescence years, his mother applied Void and Pagan mutations to embrace the Void, though the Pagan mutations were because Lath hung around a bit of the woods that were mutating him to some extent anyways, not heavily, but there were a few things that he gained from hanging around a few Wolathar and Wylathar.
      • Adolescence
        • He continued working with a sword, in fact, with Wolathar Beast Warp, he trained with multiple swords, challenging older kids to learn from them even when getting beaten down. Alongside this, Lath also got a few side jobs to gain money, bones, a few food items for the household. When working one day, he met a Shenathar by the name of Virlkayn. They grew quite close in a little amount of time, finding interest in the same chaos they both craved.
        • The boys soon enough started climbing roofs together with a bag of random items, trash, bone bits, scrape metals, throwing all of it down onto passer-bys and laughing with each person's reaction.
      • Early Adulthood
        • Nothing further happened within Lath's adolescence, however when adulthood had hit, many things were changing for him. His mother and father encouraged him to join the Dread Empire, which he did as a soldier and protector. Him and Virlkayn had split ways because of his enrollment, which made Lath a bit sad on loosing a good friend, but hoped to see them again someday.
        • As days, weeks, months passed in working in the Dread Empire, going on smaller missions with groups and such, Lathlaeril was confident, though craved more power. He learned a few Sorcery spells, practicing as much as he could whenever having free time and using these as advantages during battle.
        • There were also times when Lath infected himself with the Dorkarth bloodline for the same benefit, though part of the reason for that was also embracing the gifts of the Void in another way.
      • Adulthood
        • Lath continued his services within the Dread Empire, however, there was a time when one of the smiths grew ill for quite some time off and on, and it cut off some of the weapon and armor supplies. He offered to learn a thing or two, claiming he was a fast learner to take up the job until the blacksmith was ready to work once again.
        • He ended up qualifying for it, there was nothing to lose in trying. So, Lath started to work with metals, specifically steel and blacksteel, forging weapons and armor for his teem and for Dread Empire members in general. He did end up finding joy in it, but did not work with any other metals than those, as those were the most common and easiest to get to some extent.
      • Present
        • After serving in the Dread Empire for multiple years, Lathlaeril ended up retiring and wanting to move somewhere else outside the Isles. He traveled when he was 108 years old, though ended up in Regalia sometime after that. He found purpose in the city, after the Hierarchy fell, that was his time to shine. He started up a deal business, granting people what they wanted in exchange for their services within his group. It worked quite well for months, almost a year even. Unfortunately, a few events unspoken of led up to Lath's Coven falling to pieces, the Desprince himself wanting to take a break and cope with the fall of his achievements. He had went back to the Dread Isles but is now returning to start over again. More friends to make, more allies to assist, this time he will try harder and not fall so easily, so he claims.
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