Kyra Vorisul

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    Basic Information
    • Full Name: Kyra Vorisul
    • Age: 122
    • Gender: Female
    • Race: Saivalathar Kathar
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Skill Information

    Total Points: 70 = +50 proficiency points, +10 hobby points, +10 Alais boost

    • +24 Roguery (from proficiency points)
    • +3 Artifact Knowledge (from proficiency points)
    • +3 Essence Knowledge (from proficiency points)
    • +5 Needlework Art (from proficiency points)
    • +5 Fabric Art (from proficiency points)
    • +5 Leather Art (from proficiency points)
    • +5 Fineweave Art (from proficiency points)
    • +10 Theatre Art (+5 from hobby points, +5 from Alais boost)
    • +10 Dancing Art (+5 from hobby points, +5 from Alais boost)
    Body Shape
    • Physical Stat: 10
    • Body shape: slim
    • Body fat: extreme low fat
    • Common
    • Kathar Altalar
    • Modern Altalar
    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    • Saivalathar Kathar:
      • Common Kathar Abilities
      • Saivalathar Tribe Abilities
      • Age Control 1 (Kathar Ability Pool)
      • Vile Vine 1 (Kathar Ability Pool)
    • Roguery:
      • Rogue Gift 3
      • Rogue Gift 5
      • Honed Skill 4
      • Burglary Pack
      • Government Forgery Pack
      • Guard Forgery Pack
      • Art Forgery Pack
      • Sleight of Hand Pack
    • Vampirism:
      • Alais Base Kit
      • Alais Bloodline Kit
      • Crimson Form: A bony crimson goblin with its skin hanging off its ribs and an insatiable hunger for its next precious meal or treasure. Beady red eyes bulged from its sockets. Drool and blood pooled in its mouth behind a set of gleaming white teeth. It had long clawed nails and a sharp hooked nose.
    Visual Information
    • Eye Color: steel-blue
    • Hair Color: bone-white
    • Hair Style: criss-cross braided bun woven like a basket
    • Skin Color: sickly white; one might wonder if she were ill
    • Clothing: expensive wolf furs, silken robes, and a dark violet cloak
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Character Alignment
      • Neutral Evil.
    • Personality Type
      • ESFP, the Entertainer.
    • Character's Religion
      • None. Kyra is anti-religious.
    • Vain
    • Envious
    • Hedonistic
    • Manipulative
    Life Story
    Kyra was born to a Saivalathar Tribe that sought to climb the political ladder in the Dread Empire. She was taught Kathar Altalar and Modern Altalar, as was the tradition in their strict household. Ambition, knowledge, and cruelty were highly valued in her upbringing. She was praised for displaying ruthless decision-making. She was punished for being weak-willed and merciful. In essence, if you didn't get what you wanted, it meant you weren't ruthless enough.

    Like her brother, Kivruss, she sought to help her family's goals and learned skills in forging documents, art, and high-level theft. For eight years, she assisted with their schemes, but grew impatient with how little progress her family made, so she set out to make her own fortune, believing that the reason for her family's stagnancy was their lack of power and wealth. It was a dull life and if she didn't get what she wanted through family, she would do it herself.

    First, she sought to sharpen her skills in forgery. She sought out the best mentors in threading, weaving, and fabric arts, who were often struggling craftsmen trying to get by, and blackmailed them into teaching her their prized skills. Many years were spent practicing and threatening mentor after mentor. At one point, she went through a dozen mentors in three months until she realized it was inefficient to keep scaring them off. She spent too much time hunting them down as opposed to practicing and it irked her.

    It was during this time that she met an Alais vampire who she could not manipulate. Every time she tried, she failed. This angered her and she grew jealous of how calculating the man was. A part of her hated him. A part of her admired him. Torn apart between her emotions, the vampire took full advantage of this and taught her about his gifts, even going so far as to offer it to her. Kyra took the gift and became infected with the Alais bloodline, joining in the pleasures of debauchery and elitist living.

    After many years of traveling with the man, even becoming lovers for a time until they realized they were better as partners that shared the gift than as romantic interests, they split apart and went their separate ways. The man continued indulging in his hedonistic pleasures. Kyra left to build a fortune and succeed where her family could not.
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