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    After many tireless nights of tweaking KOTH, Game Staff are finally ready to host it more regularly for the players!

    With this the staff bring new items that can be won! We’re talking top of the line lore items that have never been seen before, never been won before, and are just itching to find it’s way to your pockets...should you win.​


    To unlock these new rewards that Game staff have worked to create, there are just a few requirements that groups have to have!
    • Less than 15 fighters, no reward!
    • 15-34 Congratulations the winner can now win three Tier 1 items! Tier 1 items consist of god items, with a custom name!
    • 35-50 Wow! The winners can now receive 3 Tier 2 items! These items will be yellow named god-tier tools, armour, weapons will all max enchants/many of all kinds!
    • 50+ Amazing! You’ve unlocked the final reward tier! Tier 3 items are truly special, pink named lore items, with many enchants, mending, and impossible enchantment combinations!
    So get all of your friends together and come fight to unlock those Tier 3 items and see what you could win!

    -Another updated KOTH feature is that there are now different timed KOTH rounds! That’s right! You can have KOTH on a 30 second, 1 minute, 2 minute, or 5 minute timer!

    -If after the first round of KOTH, another round is played, a faction or player can upgrade their Tier of item if they win twice in a row! So say Shoinskoywins KOTH at Tier 1 twice in a row (surprising, I know!) he would be able to trade his two items in for a Tier 2 item!

    Game staff have worked on these updates for the players and hope to see all the Factions coming together for Massive(™) KOTH battles that quench the players thirst for blood!

    With all that being said, the next KOTH will be hosted Saturday June 27th at 9pm CEST(12pm PDT, 3pm EDT). See you there!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by seoulmate, Jun 21, 2020.

    1. Ninja124r
      Where in the holy mother of Jesus and all things holy are we gonna find 50 players, let Alone 25

      there aren’t even 50 players on everyday
    2. gioem
      wdym Massive Has Around 600-800 Daily players. Granted Most Of The player base are Roleplayers we still probs have enough survivalist to have good koths. and 50 is because its a max tier event with super uber rare rewards.
    3. CreeperGirl769
      you dumb?
    4. CreeperGirl769
      fix pots to do that
    5. hardname12
      not gonna work but good try never gonna get more than 30 players at the koth and idk about the rest of the pvpers but im not gonna go risk my life for one god item with a custom name and even if its more than one not worth the amount of items im gonna drop fighting congrats u guys somehow fucked it up again
    6. hardname12
      i hope your trolling
    7. Miracle678
      I appreciate the attempts @staff and I look forward to participating. Of course could use some work and the numbers definitely need reworking but content is content .
    8. BornAsEpic
      What drugs are you on? 50 people? In prime days there wasn't a 50 people fight. Wtf xd
    9. gioem
      i think you guys are thinking at the same time. i mean over a whole day that's usually how many people log on.
    10. hardname12
      I knew what you meant and still 50 people at one koth WILL NEVER happen maybe 30 MAYBE
    11. TakeDown__
      With 50 people we'll be handing out the most rare items, so yes of course it's going to be a challenge to get that many people. It's an incentive to have people come to these events. Ask friends to come, allies, enemies etc.
    12. hardname12
      even if I asked friends and allies we still couldnt get 50 people thats the whole point even if we try we cant
    13. Miracle678
      I think the growth is the goal , not saying wether or not it’s achievable but I think the aim is to make it achievable .

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