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    The Game Staff of MassiveCraft have been working towards a brand new KITPVP world rework! While some previous features of KitPVP will be staying the same, Game Staff are unveiling brand new features as well as brand new custom fighting arenas!

    Fights in the KitPVP world will now be scheduled through a queue system, so the old style of jumping down into a world and fighting is being done away with to make way for the new style of KitPVP!

    After the release of the new KitPVP world, the current map will then be utilized as one of the 16 maps that you are able to fight on, so no need to say goodbye to the familiar map.​

    Brand New features:
    • Play as any level 4 race/vampire. This includes the ability to reset your ultimate ability in the lobby.
    • Fight on 16 new battlegrounds. From cramped close quarters 1v1 style maps to large sprawling 10 player free for alls. From the streets of Regalia to the deserts of Hadaria.
      • The new maps are a joint effort from staff and players, as well as contributions from World Staff who let Game pick from storage builds, so you might see some familiar builds!
    • No more interrupting fights, all matches take place in their own arenas.
    • The ability to customize your kit and save your preferred load out.
    • You can play ranked matches and gain ELO as you win.
    • Participants can bet Regals on 1v1 duels.
    • Anybody can spectate matches.
    Players will also be able to submit their own arenas for staff to review, if chosen your custom map could be featured as a new arena in the KitPVP world. Much like the competition here, players will see their maps fully utilized.

    The new KitPVP world is aiming to debut on Friday, April 16th! When the world is released, KitPVP will be down for a few hours as the new KitPVP world is brought it, and as always, if there are bugs please ticket them!

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