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    Character Information

    Full Name:
    Khala Pramkha
    Heritage / Culture: Ailor.
    Age: (Minimum 17) : 18.
    Gender / Pronouns: Male, he/him/they/them.
    Religion: Baskarr.
    Occult: God Magic
    Character Occupation: Khala is a former cleric, having worked under a church for many of years.
    Appearance Information: Khala wears more classy stuff, maybe a bit much for his taste but he can occasionally have different clothing.
    Eye Color: He has pale blue eyes.
    Skin Color: Khala is mostly pale with some areas being a bit more tan than others.
    Hair: White like a cloud.
    Height: 5'4
    Body Type: Khala has a more small "delicate" frame and bone structure, skinnier and thinner than what would be considered normal.
    Additional Features: A large scar under his left eye leading up to his forehead.

    Skill Information

    Hobbies: Khala's favorite hobby is reading, loving to learn new things means he has a high affinity with books due to having so much information readily available at just the flip of a page. Other than reading, he usually tries to learn more about healing others and tries to train his body due to being much more frail than some of his colleagues.
    (Medical Hobby)
    He has a high talent for healing, working as a medic for the church rather than a fighter of sorts. Other than healing he puts in hard work to learn other things.
    (Cleric Talent)
    Ailor Mechanics
    Languages: Common, Sign.

    ATK STAT = Faith
    DEF STAT = Wisdom

    Combat Proficiencies and Abilities

    Proficiency Points:
    Strength: 1

    Force Toss <Athletic>

    Constitution: 0
    Familiar Disrupt <Ailor>

    Intelligence: 2
    Hook Shot <Tech>
    Tech Charge <Tech>

    Wisdom: 6
    Medical Stance <Medical>
    Medical Rescue <Medical>
    Medical Barrier <Medical>
    Medical Revive <Medical>
    Medical Resist <Medical>
    Medical Buff <Medical>
    Chem Bang <Chem>

    Dexterity: 0

    Faith: 4
    Sacred Healing <Cleric>
    Sacred Revive <Cleric>
    Sacred Martyr <Cleric>
    Sacred Circle <Cleric>

    Magic: 1
    Magic Smog <Magic>
    Magic Trip <Magic>
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    - General changes to design
    - Lore still TBD, currently building it IG
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