Just Two Quick Questions About Cielothar

Discussion in 'Help Central' started by TheBogWitch, Jan 4, 2022.

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    So, this is my first time playing on here in a really long time and I am attempting to make a new character, but I was wondering if it is at all possible for a Cielothar to be born with black hair? Either naturally, or say they were conceived by a parent who dealt with the void, would that be allowed? Or is that a complete impossibility?

    Secondly, if a Cielothar was raised by a different race, would they still get a subrace as well as keep their animal familiar?
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    To my understanding, no Cielothar is ever born with black hair. It might happen if they were born a vampire brood, but you'd have to ticket that one.

    To the latter, I would it would probably depend on whether or not they had their Trial at fifteen, since that's what determines their Circle. My interpretation would be that, for example, an orphaned Cielo raised by Ailor would have the Cielothar base kit, but only have their Circle abilities if they went through the Trial at some point. But that may also be more based on older lore, so might also want to ask staff to be sure. The Ta'raths are with them from birth, though, so all of them should at least have that.
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