January 2021 Roleplay Population Analysis

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    It's ya girl. Back at it again. Statistical analysis is a heavy personal interest of mine, so I did some. 30 entries were performed by @yamiya, who helped me out. Process timestamped to 7 hours of work.

    What is in this thread?

    All 'active' characters, grouped by race and Ability possession (possession of unique mechanics).

    What makes a character 'active'?
    They must have an Approved, Re-Review, Needs Reviewer, or Review-in-Progress Application.
    They must have been played within the last 2 weeks, with 1-5 days leeway granted to known cases.
    There are ~1100 approved character applications. After everything, alt removal as well, this was reduced to 412 applications.

    What makes an 'alt' for reduction?
    I was more strict this time. Massive has actually gained players since my unpublished surveys with Scott in October and December, but the total surveyed count is less. This is because I went through the effort of actually using NameMC to check the last used date on skins for every single relevant situation. That said, the rule is 1 character (that which was most recently played / can be quantifiably proven as most active) per person, with a 2nd being available under these stipulations:
    System Character + Active Alt
    Active Character + New Character
    Active Character + Iconic Character

    Examples of 'alt' rule:
    If I play a Duke, and I have a Dorkarth Vampire who has been played in the last 2 weeks, I get the Vampire too.
    If I play an Allar actively, and I made an Asha yesterday because I loved the update, I get the Asha too.
    Iconic character was a very specific case that I exercised for very few people with truly ancient non-main characters (BillytheScroofy on William, AlphaInsomnia on Hannah, MantaRey on Ania, SupremeCripple on Tristan). Do not be offended if I missed you. It's okay.

    How did you gather this information?
    I used the subforum filter to reduce Character Applications to Approved, Re-Review, Needs Reviewer, or Review-in-Progress Applications.
    From there, I manually cross-verified each username with /seen to cross out inactives.
    From there, I used NameMC, forum posts, and memory to order alts in order of priority.
    Some slight margin of error is to be expected, but nothing excessive.
    What's interesting about the Race graph?
    Asha have boomed following their update, in a larger percentile than normal. The rework was well received.
    -> The Asha population tabulated is approximately 1:1 Half-Asha:Asha. Take that as you will.
    Isldar have become much more popular, almost doubling between last survey and this one. Not sure why.
    Altalar have decreased in popularity by another percent, putting them well (2%) below their all-time high.
    -> 39% of Altalar are the product of an Elf mix or a Race Change from Kathar or Manathar.
    -> 24% of Altalar are Vampires or Werebeasts, compared to 28% of Kathar, and 15% of Ailor.
    Cielothar have the exact same population percentile as the last survey. I just think that's neat.
    The percentage of Ailor slowly decreases every single time I do this survey.
    -> Last 3 Values: 42.7%, 44.3%, 45.5%.
    Approximately 35% of the Kathar population has chosen a Half-Model or Subrace that would give them Secret Masks.
    -> This makes Secret Masks the overwhelmingly numerically popular Ability pick.

    What's interesting about the Culture graph?
    Common culture is defined as "born in the Crown City", or other sorts of mixes that lack any sort of identifiable tag. This graph is only for Ailor.
    New Regalians have fallen off a lot. What happened?
    -> There are a lot of Half-Ithanians who count as Ithanian but don't present as Ithanian. So a New Regalian might feel in the streets that the presence is equal, but they lose out largely on technicality. Also. House Cadieux. They multiply like rabbits. Good lord.
    -> Velheim is a liberal culture, and people like playing Vikings. That superiority of presence probably is entirely genuine.
    I didn't do non-Ailor because they're boring. Cultures = Subraces. And that means nothing because their societies are so unified.

    What's interesting about the Abilities graph?
    Draconic is Dragon Wardens, Archblood, Primal Mages and Lineages, and Dragonblood together.
    -> I did this because they are ideologically unified and serve the same end mission.
    A plus next to an Aberrancy means it is that main Aberrancy, plus powerstacking.
    -> For example, Draconic+ means Draconic & Ritualism, Werebeast+ means Werebeast & Sorcerer or & Ritualist, etc.
    You can safely assume that the littlest slivers on this graph are the non-powerstacked versions of small Aberrancies like Magic.
    Why did you separate Puretek from Mundane?
    -> Because I want to know how many guys with shutdown guns to kneecap sparkly people exist at any given moment.
    Only 40% of the population is Mundane, non-Ritualist. 50% if Ritualism is included.
    Afflictions are down (very slightly), despite having grown stronger. I am curious as to why.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    If your culture/race/etc is not on here, that's because it's too small to get a title on the chart.
    Of course there are inaccuracies. I'm one person. But it should be in the end below 5-10% inaccuracy.

    Why do I care about this?
    Because it's interesting, and it shows the trajectory of rise and fall.

    In closing:
    Feel free to discuss any meaning you may derive from this post in the thread, or contact me in DMs for a conversation.
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    Vladno 1.1%
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    Ok so the 4 Qadir in Regalia don’t get a mention?? W/e oka...

    nice stats!! I love reading these
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    F in chat for Qadir
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    They are too small to appear on the chart. Google Sheets is finicky.
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    Woo! Höglander 1.7 let's go!
    And it's nice to see the Sihai at 2.2.
    Thank you for the fun data, Oka!
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    This is very poggers- not gonna lie.

    Just more of a reason for people to play Songaski and Qadir :O

    reading stats are cool. I applaud you for the 7 hours of work you put in.
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    It seems that with each of these, Slizzar seem to grow! That's super neat!
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    now imagine if half the population had to wear those funky government-ordained slave collars from 2019
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    More Highlanders, yes! Looks like there are a few more Cielos about as well, which is also fun!
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    Very very epic! Thank you, Oka.
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    Interesting. Is there a chart showing total active characters month over month, or total active players with characters? It'd be nice to see how active as a whole the RP community is.

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