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    The world is ending and all you did was enter this competition?!

    Ever wondered what Regalia would be like if the Orcs came and smashed their way through the city?

    Ever had the thought of buildings burning and rubble being kicked up with every step you take?

    Well now you can envision it!

    In order to make this come true, this competition wants to see how you think your character would look in post-apocalyptic Regalia.

    But you say; “I’m no good at drawing!”

    Have no fear! All it takes is a little creativity and it counts!

    The Rules: One drawing per entry, give a small description of the picture and tell us your character's name. Submit original art for this competition, along with a description.

    This competition ends July 5th, 2017!

    1st Place: 500 Regals and a lore item.

    2nd Place: 400 Regals and a lore item.

    3rd Place: 300 Regals and a lore item.


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